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Webb would like some resolution on starting job

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EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - J'Marcus Webb might not have officially won the starting left tackle job on Friday, but he definitely didn't lose it, either.
Now, Webb would admittedly like to hear from the coaching staff that a decision has finally been made for that starting spot, putting an end to the camp-long battle between him and Chris Williams.
Not that Webb would admit to that right away, following the 20-17 win over the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium. As a matter of fact, he was doing his best to downplay the situation by discussing his day away from the football field.
"I got a good nap in, and I'm feeling pretty good now,'' Webb said. "I have to look at the film, and in addition to the chicken, the shrimp and the pasta [I ate], it really made it a good night.
"Man, that pasta was ... nah, I'm kidding. I would like some resolution, but you know, that's not up to me. I feel like I keep working hard and playing the way I'm playing, and everything will work out on its own.''
Webb called it a "good night,'' but he might have been underestimating it a bit, with the tackle - as well as the entire first unit - not allowing a sack.
The only bad play that Webb will see on film was a handoff to Matt Forte in which Webb allowed Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora to simply step around him on the inside and blow up Forte for a loss of two yards.
"[No sacks] was definitely a good sign,'' Webb added. "You definitely want to move the ball up and down the field, work as a unit that feels good and strong, and then come out with the win.
"I think we did a solid job, but just got to look at the film. Can't give you anymore than that right now.''
But barring something unforeseen, Webb now seems to have that spot locked up.

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The resolution is that both he and Williams are bad...

Claiming any credit for no sacks is kind of like taking credit for the sun coming up in the east for this OL group. Cutler was firing the ball quickly, not settng his feet, and missing targets, because he could not trust his protection. Both Webb and Williams completely whiffed on several blocks, both in the pass game and the run game. They are marginal if not terrible at best.

Not sure what we do from here, but neither of them, nor Rachal or Spencer, have done anything to deserve the job on the left side. We need to do something different. Whether it is Carimi, or trading for Otah, or putting another guy on the roster over there to see what happens, we need to have some kind of plan. When the defender stays un-engaged at the snap, neither of them can manage to keep them out of Cutler's way. Hesitation moves, change of direction, bul rushes, and just plain body leans beat both of them consistently.

If Webb locked down the LT spot with that performance, we are in big, big trouble. We do not have a starting caliber LT on the roster, let alone a player we can count on...Emery has done a good job on several roster problems this offseason, but weill have our biggest problem glaring at us at the end of every game. If he manages to solve that before the season starts, he will deserve a medal..

PFF insight on the Oline during the Giants game.

"It didn’t start well. Gabe Carimi gave up a pressure on the first drive, and it seemed on every drive there was a player getting beat at some point in pass protection. That extended to when the left side backups of Chilo Rachal and Chris Williams came in and made you realize that whatever the Bears do (short of getting rid of the ball within two seconds on every play), they’re going to give up a lot of pressure."

"A bigger problem was how manhandled they were in the run game. They gave Matt Forte nothing to work with as the line seemed to lack harmony. Guys were getting passed-off and linebackers were being allowed to shoot gaps with no concern for who was picking them up. Throw in some shaky blocking and it could be a long year for this unit."

For me I thought Garza had a horrible night, he got beat he got no push and he was even screwing up on double teams.

Think about this the Giants were not playing at full speed, were not mixing it up much and did not have JPP. 2-3 seconds is about what they are giving. I said it last year and I still say it, the line gets no push, and the A and B gaps are nightmares. What did Forte have before the half 4 yards at .5 yards per carry? Louis is probably the only that guy does not deserve much blame, Larry Allen he is not, but he is not a disaster either.

Anyhow the whole team looked bad, Tillman is going to be a problem this year, and what has happened to McClellin? I did not see him getting much time on the field. I thought they loved this kid so much, shouldn't the first round rokkie pcik be getting a little more time in pre-season. I mean he is a sensation, didn't you see his first pre-season game?

JOE: I agree with you. These two are clownish.

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