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Stephen Paea ankle injury could sideline him up to two weeks

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Bears defensive tackle Stephen Paea, who was having one of the strongest training camps, had a setback Saturday, suffering a mid-ankle injury.

On Sunday, he didn't practice, while wearing a walking boot.

"I mean, you know, it is what it is, it's football," Paea said. "I wish I never got hurt, but just got to stay on top of it and come back."

Paea said the estimate is that he'll miss a week to two weeks.

"It's a competition everyday," said Paea, who was battling with Matt Toeaina to start. "As far as I see it, I come back and I've got to compete for it again.

"I just have to get my mind right. I've worked too hard for this, and it comes down to in camp you get hurt. I'll just play it by ear and see how it feels."

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This is a set back, and yes injuries are a part of football, I just hope this doesn't become the norm for Paea. I think he can be a special player for the Bears inside if he can just stay on the field. The good, thankfully Paea doesn't have the dreaded high ankle sprain *sigh of relief*, and Chicago has depth in Matt Toeaina who they have proved they can win with in the past at the nose. The thing is Paea would be an upgrade as a pass rusher, making the Bears front that much better, hopefully he isn't down for long. A healthy Paea and the rookie Shea McClellin continuing to come on will make the Bears defensive line a force GO BEARS!!

Cry-ton, the reason Paea and Urlacher are hurt is because of you!!! The good lord will continue to punish this team as long as a clueless fairweather fan like you has anything to do with it! Be gone, Cry-ton! Back to daycare with all the little children who cry and wet themselves!!!

I hope so Kevin!!! I think Paea and McClellin are really great talents that will help the Bears be a contender for years to come!

So you admit god acknowledges my power, the great evil that I am. I would be cearful if I was you, if he would smite a whole football team for not doing what I want, what do you think he is going to do to you?

I admit it, it was I that layed low Angelo, twas I who struck down Cutler and Forte. After all you heard me say it each of the last 2 years, "Cutler will be injured." And you know I am not a Forte fan, so I struck him down last year and prevented him from scoring TD's. I told you Webb would be the worst tackle in the nfl and low the last two years he has been the worst tackle in the NFL, and now Tice has bent to my will and placed him in the dog house. I said Chris Williams has back issues before he was ever drafted and behold the back injury, I said he would suck and he sucked. Was it not I who said Brandon Lloyd would suck for the Bears and Lloyd sucked for the Bears and after he left he had 1400 yards and 11 TD'swith same QB on another team. Twas I that made Martz crazy, twas I that allowed Cutler to be sacked. Shea McClellin will struggle at DE and eventuall he, will be a LB, so let it be written, so let it be told.

There is only one lord of the Bears, only one who can bend this team to his will, and I do not share my power. Do you not understand Tripper? Have yo not wittnessed my power yet.

Revelation 6.7
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It's you Tripper, your a bad fan boy, you are are the one being made to suffer, you are the one being punished. 2010 was my favorite, I let you think they had a chance for a Super Bowl then I took it away.

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Bill! Your back and your still off your meds. That's great! You know Bill you don't sound like a very forgiving Christian. I always heard god was all about forgivness and love. I don't know, with all the crazy in the world do you really think he read my post and said "well, that's a deal breaker." I always heard he didn't like people to judge, which you just did.

My beliefs are not the same as yours Bill. But feel free to keep condeming everyone to hell. It sounds like a wonderful religon you follow, this was the best part. "I can only imagine what's waiting for you and those like you who fail to submit themselves to HIS will." Dude that sounds like a super villian monologuing. Bend yourself to my will or you will suffer "A THOUSAND YEARS OF DARKNESS, PAIN AND TORMENT!"

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This is not the appropriate place to preach your religion. If you can't take a joke, don't read it.

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