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Alshon Jeffery learns a lesson in scrap with DeAngelo Hall

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Bears rookie wide receiver continued his impressive preseason with three receptions for 62 yards -- including a 16-yard pass from Jay Cutler to the 1-yard line that set up the Bears' first touchdown in Saturday night's 33-31 victory over the Washington Redskins. But he also learned a lesson: The guy who retaliates always gets the penalty.

Jeffery was called for unnecessary roughness when he was caught retaliating in a scrap with Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall after an eight-yard run by Matt Forte in the first quarter. Hall aggressively fended off Jeffery's block and Jeffery responded by swiping at Hall's head, inadvertently pulling Hall's helmet off.

''I'll just walk away next time and go back to the huddle,'' Jeffery said.

Jeffery said coaches told him to ''just play smarter.'' But they had to like the aggressiveness the rookie showed in battling Hall.

''It was just part of the game. Just playing physical,'' the 6-3, 217-pound Jeffery said. ''Everyone's going to go at you and give you their best shot. We were both in the moment and going at each other. I knew it was going to be a penalty.''

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Some players are dirty. The first thing to do is mention it to the officials ("hey, no 31 hit me in the head that last play"). Notice I said "mention," I didn't say yell or make a scene. That will usually draw more attention to the player and he will be penalized if he continues. If that doesn't work, YOU need to get aggressive with him so that by the time an official sees what's going on, it's HIM retaliating against you .

Controlling yourself by not retaliating can be very difficult, which is why we see players retaliate and get penalized all the time. But players with more self-control will be more successful in this area.

Oh that was bull####, first Marshall gets hooked and you get no call, then on camera you can see the ref watching Jeffery and Hall go at it. Hall hit Jeffery right in the face and somehow Jeffery got the call. Hall squares Jeffery on the chin with a palm heal strike and Jeffery gets the call. Really? Can we get rid of these bags of suck that they call replacment officials?

Tillman ran a reciever out and then when contact is made five yards out of bounds, they throw a penalty flag, the dude is out. Hacks man, ####### hacks.

Relax, little c, you sad, strange toy that has my pity. What are you gonna do when this happens in a game that counts? This Jeffery will be in the jail cell right next to Marshall before the year is over! RESPECT!

On the field I'm sure De'Angelo Hall was running his mouth to Alshon Jeffery through the course of the game, the aggressive fended off block probably set Jeffery off. Not to make up excuses for Jeffery, but theres a lot said down on the field that we as fans don't get to hear unless we're watching some good ol NFL films. Jeffery needs to keep doing what he's doing by making plays as a receiver and keep throwing some nice blocks like he did on this particular play. Although, Jeffery does need to just walk away like he said he would the next time something like this happens, if this were a regular season game this penalty would have been a big deal. Chicago might have finally drafted a legit receiver in Jeffery, I'm sure he'll tone it down in time as far as letting guys get to him, just an opinion now GO BEARS!!

I agree on the Jeffery play. I live in California and didn't see it til after I commented. On the Peanut play, I just looked at a listserv for refs and they all imply the rule's not clear but that they wouldn't call PI on contact between two out-of-bounds players, mainly because the out-of-bounds receiver can't be the first to touch the ball anyway.

I also agree that the NFL needs to quit being so cheap and get the regular refs back. Whatever anyone thinks of them, I guarantee these guys will be much worse. They're saying that the replacement refs will be there for at least the first regular season game.

This could be a disaster. Remember when the NBA refs went on strike at the beginning of the playoffs in the '70s? The replacement refs didn't call enough fouls, the players fought, and fans ended up on the courts joining the fights. I don't think the same thing would happen in the NFL, but anything like that would be pretty bad. What if players start getting hurt because the dirtier ones realize that the replacement refs won't call anywhere nears as many penalties?

Losing ones head because of a cheap shot by another player has cost the Bears games in the past. The one that comes to mind was against Tampa a few years ago and it was when Tillman joined a fracas in the fourth quarter, in defense of another player when the Bears were leading late. This move cost them the game, they lost and had only to take a few minutes off of the clock, but the penalty took that away. That year they should have made the playoffs and did not make it.

Some of the discipline of players is the responsibility of the coach (LOvie) instilling in the players to never lose their head, they have to play smart. A Belichek led team, this would be a rare occurrence.

Rookies must learn to not play stupid football and that move by Jeffries was stupid. Don't retaliate on the play by DeAngelo Hall, just come back on another play and bury the guy.

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