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Redskins game crucial for Bears left tackles

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Chris Williams figures to get more playing time with the starters at left tackle Saturday against the Washington Redskins.

But the veteran isn't changing his mindset at all.

"I'm the same guy," Williams said. "I'm going to go out and play hard and let everything set itself up the way it's going to."

Williams downplayed it being a second chance but added, "it's a chance for me to go out and win a starting job, which I've been trying to do all along.

"I'm just going to go out and play hard and let it sort itself out."

Well, if Williams is serious about winning the job, then he should get more serious about how he performs on Saturday night. Starter J'Marcus Webb hasn't had a great training camp but neither has Williams. As soon as possible, teams want to firm up their starting lineups, so they can really build the continuity in the final weeks before the regular season.

It would stand to reason that Bears offensive coordinator Mike Tice will give both players a chance to face Brian Orakpo, who has 28 ½ sacks the last three seasons. Tice will also probably put those tackles in one on one situations, to see how they fare.

The Bears hope Jay Cutler survives.

"We've all got something to prove. I want to prove I can go out and block anyone, and block people consistently," Williams said. "There's nothing extra there for me."

Asked about the left tackle position, Bears coach Lovie Smith said they want to get all their positions solidified.
"Not many of us performed the way we needed to last week," Smith said, referring to the 31-3 loss to the Denver Broncos. "I assume we're all going to do a good job this week, left tackle included."

Really, the Bears would prefer Webb win the job, in my opinion. He's got the size and athleticism to thrive at the position. But, what the Bears are looking for is consistency from him at a crucial position, one that protects the blindside of their quarterback. They're also looking for a little more fire from him on the field. I know, from having covered him in the past, that Tice wants players with a mean streak, the sort who try to drive an opposing defensive end into the ground, when given a chance.

Neither Webb nor Williams has that mindset. But whoever comes closer to showing it will land the job.

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Thanks Sean for a good analysis in the last section. I agree with your assessment that it seems that Bears want Webb to win the job, but why they want him to win I just don't get other than the fact that he has been Tice's project. And, yes, Webb is a bit bigger and possibly more athletic, but Williams has a more substantial pedigree, better technique, and has graded out better at LT in the past than Webb. He also seems smarter than Webb. Unfortunately, as you pointed out, neither plays with a mean streak, though Williams seems to have played pretty aggressively at LG. But if Tice is looking for a guy with a mean streak, why didn't he push harder with Emery for a different LT this year? I know there weren't any standout draft picks or FA's, but why pick up a FA G (Rachal) instead of an experienced T with a mean streak, especially if Rachal isn't going to start?

In the end, the best player should win, though based on past performance/grading and experience base, it seems Williams should have the edge here. I would feel better having him protect Cutler's blind side than having Webb do it. Not sure how Cutler feels.

Ultimately, it's crazy that here we are entering year 4 of the Cutler era without a good LT...

When camp started I thought J'Marcus Webb was gonna step up and take the position, and for awhile, to me, it seemed like Mike Tice didn't want Chris Williams on the left side. One pre-season game later, Webb seems like he's playing himself out of the starting lineup (maybe the league), and Chris Williams seems like he wants the job more. If Williams has a solid game the job will probably be his, Tice is gonna want to name a starter soon so the Bears can get some kind of continuity up front. I'm starting to think its gonna be Williams unless he comes out vs Orakpo and lays an egg.

If Tice is waiting for J'Marcus Webb to become a mauler, he's gonna be waiting awhile, Webb is simply not that type of player, he's more finesse if anything. And Webb is never gonna have a mean streak like an Olin Kruetz. Webb needs to step up and play a perfect game saturday and find some kind of consistency...that remains to be seen?

Chris Williams, unlike Webb, has proved in the past he can play in flashes. Back in 2009 Williams started 11 games at right tackle than was shifted over to left tackle for the final 5, during the final 5 Williams played a heck of a game vs the Vikings Jarred Allen, I know you all remember that game. Yes, Williams got some help vs Allen but did beat him one on one a lot in that game, and in Tice's scheme he's gonna get help anyways, Tice won't leave his tackles on an island like Martz did. Chris Williams is by no means an Orlando Pace, and in early 2010 Williams did struggle in Martz's scheme being left on an island like Martz use to leave Pace, again, Williams is no Pace. Williams got hurt and they move him to left guard that season where he wasn't bad. Again, not saying Williams is the second coming of Jim Covert, but he might be alright in Tice's scheme, just an opinion now GO BEARS!!

The biggest problem I see with Webb is as soon as he gets a little tired, his technique goes to crap. He reaches with his long arms, completely out of balance, and can't get those giant feet moving. And he has zero ability to react to any kind of hesitation. If you watch when he gets beaten, all the defender has to do is show a stutter step, and he is by him. Williams has the feet, but doesn't have the anchor against the bull rush. Most of the right ends they will face are not great bull rushers, but they still have to be prepared for it.

Williams is our second best option at LT this year. Carimi is still the best option in my opinion. The Bears need to stop screwing around and put him over there. He has the nasty streak, he has the power, and he has the technique. He may not have the agility to play with the speed freaks on the edge, but I can guarantee you he won't get beaten by the same move multiple times, and he won't break down and reach instead of moving his feet. But the Bears appear dead-set on not making that move. If they leave Carimi on the right, Williams should win the left side job, simply because he will be the lesser of two evils, and if that is the case, they should cut Webb and keep James Brown and Cory Brandon as the developmental guys, one on the active roster as the swing tackle, and the other on the practice squad.

To me, it's not just a mean streak Webb is missing. It is the heart to be a great player. When Cutler called him out (which really wasn't a big issue like the national media made it out to be), a hungry player would have re-dedicated himself to his craft to prove everyone wrong, and win the job. The Bears handed him the job in early camp, and he proceeded to lapse back into his rookie mistakes, and look so bad he might not even get a chance to make the roster...Not exactly what you want in a professional. Williams may not set the world on fire, but he comes in, works hard, and gives you everything he's got out there. I hope he does well, mostly because I am tired of sweating through every pass play when Webb is on the field. I want a better player than either of them, but at least I can know what to expect out of Williams. Webb could block anyone on one play, and completely miss everyone on the next. Williams might get beaten on a play, but he at least seems to know where he is supposed to be, and can manage to try and block someone. Once again, a year later, the offensive line is the biggest question mark on the team, and with the upgrades we have made at WR and for depth, it is by a much bigger margin than it used to be

As posted by J Webb on his twitter account.

"Every morning I wake up, and get out of bed, while thoughts of preparing to battle dance in my head. No visions of cupcakes and tacos . Just football and being the best Left Tackle! Jwebb Nation stand strong! I'll conquer this battle like King Kong! I'll protect our quarterback and won't allow any sack! I'm giving my best everyday and there simply isn't anything left to say------BEAR DOWN!!!!"

"My morning is beginning. The day will be long. Fans will be watching and kids will sing the bears fight song. My efforts will be 150 and no errors, good footwork, a tackle I won't miss. I told you all before I GOT THIS!!!!!!!!!"

He also like to say "Beast it" alot on his twitter page.

"I Beasted it, hush puppy!"

He also likes to say Boom, Bear down and Go Bears as often as he can.

"Bear down! Have a good day! Go Bears!"



Also he likes his birthday.

"Happy Birthday to ME! Happy Birthday to ME! Happy Birthday to J'Marcus! Happy Birthday to ME! I'm 24!!!"

Feel free to check out his twitter page and he would really like if you buy his t-shirts.

Anyway, OMG! Really? This is the LT for the Bears. Are you kidding me? I mean I know he is bad but my god did he eat paint chips as a kid?

I still say it's Webb's feet that are killing along with his gentle giant attitude. Carimi is not really an option at this point. He struggled in the first pre-season game as well and was playing way to high and getting powered back way to much. I don't think he has his legs back yet, his timing is off and I think he didn't play longer because that's what they expect given his 9-10 month recovery. Williams is just as bad talent wise as Webb in pass pro, but I agree he has a better attitude, just not much better. Maybe he will be a little more urgent given his situation and the fact that he has known Jay a long time.

Really my big question is what is the identity of the line. Are the a athletic zone line? Or are the a power man line? To me they look like a mix and I am not a fan of that. I know Lovie always wants his power run game, which he has not had for a long time and there is a reason for this. You need very talented monsters to run power man. The Bears don't have very talented power guys. Webb is just bad, Williams is better suited in a zone but is still bad cause he is just not as athletic as people thought. He has a kickslide that's it. Garza, Spencer, and Louis all fit a zone better. Louis is athletic but sloppy but also plays mean. He lacks the size and power for power running and lacks the technique for zone.

Either way playing both zone and man does not help the line. They want to run a lot of the run heavy Denver offense but also want to run a lot of power O. Make up your minds. It's one thing to mix in a little of this and a little of that into a primary offense it's another to try and add multiple counter intuitive styles. It's a run action offense, plus power 0, plus some stuff from Martz.

Also I would not say the Bears left their tackles on islands last year, they had a lot of help with the Bears blocking with TE's as much as any team in the league. Martz did leave them on islands bith years, for a little bit. Then he would have a talk with Lovie and Tice and he would leave more into block the rest of the season. Believe me if he left them on an island all year and kept doing a lot of deep drops all year. Well you would be talking about Cutler and the other QB's getting sacked around 90 times.

Leaving guys on an island like he did with his old line with the Rams most of the season or using just 6 to block, would yeild 40-50 sacks. That was with Pace and some other talented linemen. His lines gave up a lot of sacks. Believe me the Bears used a lot of extra help the last two years and Cutler was way more mobile than Warner. If Martz had stuck with his 7 step drops and 5-6 men blocking style, Cutler would be in a wheel chair right now.

Left tackle has been a festering problem on this team for years. Even during the two year run when they ended up winning the NFC, they had to use a right tackle to play left because they didn't have a real left tackle. Covert is the last one they had.

I really like Emery's personnel moves since he got hired, but he did nothing for the Bears' biggest problem, the offensive line. I realize that the Bears didn't think there was an offensive lineman worth taking in the first round by the time their pick came up -- did they even try to trade up with Minnesota so they could get a good prospect? -- but I can't imagine that somewhere there isn't a better left tackle available than Webb or Williams. If they would have improved left tackle to just average they'd be in a much stronger position. Now, we have to hope and pray.

Blah, blah, blah......why don't you morons tell us all something we don't already know? creighton....don't you have spell check, reject from wisconsin? If I want Bears news, I won't come here!

"Blah, blah, blah......why don't you morons tell us all something we don't already know?"

So now all of us are morons? Who is us by the way? Your one poster, how many voices do have floating around that pea brain of yours?

"creighton....don't you have spell check, reject from wisconsin?"

Never use it and sometimes I misspell stuff just to upset people like you. Oh and "check" should of ended with a question mark, and "Wisconsin" should have been capitolized and ended with a period or exclamation point. See I just told you something you don't know and that takes care of your first question. Two birds with one stone.

"If I want Bears news, I won't come here!"

Oh no! Not that, what will we ever do without you? You, who has been on this board all of a week and added zero to the conversation. You has yet to talk about football, and does nothing but complain like spoil child who is not getting enough attention. I would say people on this blog hate you, but your not even on the radar for most of these posters. Your are very own resident loser. Your lucky I even say anything to you, I just happen to be a very charitable guy. By the way all your posts are now reactionary, I am totally baiting you into everything you are posting. I know exactly what kind of garbage your next post will contain puppet. Now dance puppet, dance for my amusement.

Anything you say, little c. I guess I sure know what to say to get a rise out of you, you predictable weasel!
Left tackle is the least of the Bears worries.....PACKERS, LIONS, that's who you losers should be worrying about!!

Sean, no problem man, I love the Sun Times as far as your guy's coverage of the Bears, especially during the off-season, keep up the great work Sean!

Creighton, I agree with what your saying, I should have explained myself better. I realize Martz didn't leave his tackles on an island all season, but like you said, he did early on during both of his seasons here in Chicago. That was the point I was trying to make about Chris Williams. In late 2009, Williams played 5 games at left tackle and was solid, even having the good game vs Jarred Allen, than in early 2010, at left tackle in Martz's scheme, being left on an island early on, he struggled, than they moved Williams inside where he wasn't bad. You never really got to see Williams at tackle with help from chip blocks early on other than when he played in Turners scheme the season before in 2009, where again, he was pretty solid. I'm just saying in a scheme like Tice's where the tackles will get help from the backs and tight ends chipping, Williams might not be bad.

Joe, I have also liked the idea of moving Gabe Carimi to left tackle, I don't know whats the hold up? And I think we all agree Webb is probably not the answer unless he can totally turn things around, after all, it is still early? So maybe Webb? Maybe? Could be Chris Williams, he seems to want it more, we'll learn a lot tonight. I like rookie James Brown, hopefully they can keep him on the practice squad? The thing is, if Webb continues to decline, Brown could get his spot? Should be interesting GO BEARS!!

Puppet can I just point something out to you. You know that first post you wrote here and I responded with a joke. You insulted me and I said "I know you are but what am I." Seems childish right. Well their was a reason for it. You will notice that every response you give one of my posts is in the format of "I know you are but what am I." I said I know exactly what your next post will be and you respond with calling me predictable. When I said you know nothing about football, you responded by saying nobody here knows anything about football. Basically anyting I say you repeat because you know it's true and you don't have an original thought in your head. Your basically running around going I know you are but what am I.

As for pushing my buttons. I would say I have pretty much made a joke out of everything you write. It's pretty clear I am toying with you. Besides I am not the one posting in Caps, and using all those exclamation points.

Oh and thanks for your insight that the Packers are good, I am going to go write that down. Detroit however has no secondary, no run game, and the defense is way below average. Yeah they can win at home in a crazy loud dome. 37-13, that was the last score the Bears and Lions put up. Bears 37, Lions 13. Oh yeah a real power house. That was with the Bears crappy offensiveline without Carimi, the WR's without Marshall, and Jeffery, and the running game without Bush. Oh yeah I am shaking about the Lions.

You just keep putting all your eggs into the preseason basket, cause preseason games mean so much. Unlike you I may say what I see wrong with the Bears, but I always root for them to win. You clearly can't wait for them to lose.

You, little c, are a sad, strange little toy and you have my pity!
No LT, no MLB, no FS, no SS, no LG, and last but not least.....No Coaches! Good luck, dreamers.

Was not disagreeing with you Kevin just putting it in a little more detail. It was Jeff Backus who pointed out when Martz first came here that he leaves his tackles on an island and basically hated Martz while he played for him. He did the same with the Bears as much as he could, but eventually Lovie and Tice and whoever else would stop him. You know the yearly talk he got both season he was here.

Oh and Kevin, meet wesuckchittown, he's new here and clearly confused. Your going to Love his stuff he's very clever and just the biggest Bears fan ever. So much so that he hates the team. Here watch this.

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Don't worry wesuck, I am done slapping you around after this. Your now on the dead to the blog list. It's a secret list that we here at the insider put people like you on. You have to have some redeeming quality, I suggest you find it and then we will discuss removing you from the list. But until then you are dead to the blog.

Neither of the LTs showed me anything that would deserve the job, but in my opinion Webb played considerably better than Williams last night. But it's kind of like how our wide receiver battles in camp have gone for the last several years...Distinguishing yourself in that battle doesn't amount to much.

Neither got much push in the run game, and both had their moments of good and bad in pass protection.

Tom Waddle on the pregame show was talking about Carimi as part of the evaluation process, but I am not buying it. They can't expect the kid to start if they don't give him any reps at the position. So they are going into the season with either Webb or Williams, and after last night, sadly, it is Webb who holds the edge in the competitiion. We had better see a lot of quick hits in the passing game, or Cutler will be running for his life.

We suck, you do suck!

Joe, like the thought of Carimi at left tackle but it seems that nasty attitude will do well for him on the right side particularly with the running game.

Webb it appears although physically gifted is somewhat immature not truly ready to dedicate himself to be dominant in the NFL. I like Williams at this point as well at left tackle after a few years of development he is at least far more consistent than Webb in protecting the left side against the rush.

Can't wait for the regular season!

Joe I was watching Webb with the those hesitation moves you talked about killing him. Sure enough he was getting beat by them, however the Bears seemed to figure out a way to help defend that. Webb does not try to pick up the hesitation and continues his slide and an end or back picks up the pass rusher after that. The Back only needs to give the rusher some pause, cause Cutler is not holding onto the ball.

Hey at least their was some improvment with the line although the level of competition this week was lower. Denver has a better defense, and the O-Line may have come out full steam in a pre-season game. They did it last year as well in a couple of preseason games. What happens when the other team is fired up and the Bears are on the road.

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