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Phil Emery says Bears will be "patient" with J'Marcus Webb

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J'Marcus Webb has been a lightning rod player for the Bears.

On the one hand, he's been a bargain, a seventh-round pick who has started 28 games, including all 16 last season. On the other hand, he's played at a sub-par level at one of the most important positions on the football field, protecting the blindside of quarterback Jay Cutler.

In a Q&A with Bears general manager Phil Emery, I asked him about Webb coming out of West Texas A&M and what he sees from the left tackle now.

"Well, my first exposure to him was at the Cactus Bowl," Emery said. "I had a chance to talk to him there and watch him perform. I see a player that is obviously gifted genetically. He has all the prerequisite athletic tools and body size that you're looking for at that position. That prerequisite is very hard to find, so you want to be very patient with that person who possesses those tools because there are 32 staring left tackles. There are probably 20 or less - or half or less - that qualify as a consistent, good, NFL left tackle. A starter.

"So you're going to be patient. That's what we're doing. We're being patient with J'Marcus, and we want to see him develop because of those tools, and what we're looking for is, we see him do it, and we want to see him do it with consistency."

Yes, Webb has the tools. But, many athletes have had the tools to be successful but never fulfill that potential. I'm not saying that's the case with Webb. But, he has yet to show consistency, and he doesn't exactly play a position where you can afford for him to grow into the position. A blown block could result in a major injury to Cutler, since Webb is responsible for the quarterback's blindside.

On Saturday, Webb played a fairly solid game. Now, the real test comes: the New York Giants. New York Jets offensive tackle Wayne Hunter reportedly gave up four sacks against the Giants, so this will be a great, great test for Webb and the rest of the Bears offensive line.

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I believe we are past the time when we should be patient. Webb played ok on Saturday, but this is a team with championship goals this season, and ok is not good enough. If he struggles against the Giants, which we know he will, something needs to change. Either Carimi to the left, Williams to the starting lineup, or a trade for a decent journeyman to play LT.

To show progress, Webb needs to win more than he loses in pass protection. He needs to show the discipline to not get beaten on the same move twice by the same guy. He needs to move his feet on every play, and not get lazy and reach when he starts to get tired.

Look, the Giants are going to make our entire line look awful, like they do every time we play them. But for us to have any chance of going to the playoffs, we have to be able to hold our own against them. The biggest problem the Lovie Smith regime has shown us is an overabundance of patience for their pet projects, and not enough with the players who actually have potential.

But for the first time in a long time, we might actually have some pieces we can trade and not cripple our depth chart. Probably not a starter, but at least someone with experience that can help us on the oline. We have pieces at TE, WR, and RB that could all have some value to another team...when's the last time we could say that? DE is a deep position for us, and we have a lot of experience at CB, with young developmental guys behind the starters.

Emery has done his job for the most part and built a roster very quickly that can weather storms of injuries. But he still needs to fix the big problem...

It sounds like Chicago is gonna stick with J'Marcus Webb at left tackle, who, in his defense, did look pretty solid going against Brian Orakpo saturday night. Maybe the light is starting to come on for Webb in year 3? Maybe the first game vs Denver was a fluke? Mike Tice has said it takes offensive linemen 3 seasons to come on. Webb certainly does have the tools, size 6-8, arm length etc etc. He just needs to put it together, he does play a very hard position. I once heard Hall of Fame tackle Anthony Munoz (who many consider the best to ever play the position) once say, "you can go a whole game beating the guy in front of you, then that one time he beats you, you had a bad game, even though you beat your opponent 99% of the game. Thats just the way it is at my position." Which is true, Webb just needs to stop getting beat 2 or 3 times a game. He needs to get consistent. Webb is gonna get the ultimate test friday on national TV vs Jason Pierre-Paul, if Webb can hold up, he might be ready? GO BEARS!!

Orakpo, went down in the 1st quarter with shoulder injury and did not return. You can't really look at to many results in pre-season to say if a guy is good or bad. In many cases we don't know how any player is playing in terms of effort, guys like Peppers are not really pushing it while guys like Webb are giving it everything they have to try and secure a job. Teams are not game planning much, so all we can do is look at things like foot work, crisp routs, good hands, accurate passes, defensive reads, good angles etc...

None of the results mean anything until the regular season, the regular season is a totally different animal. You know when you really have a good idea of how good a team is or the players? December and January, look at the Giants in week 8 of last year would have said they are a dominant team?

In preseason with guys like Webb, I am just looking for repeated bad habits that continue with a player. For older player Iike Tillman, Peppers, Briggs, I look to see if they lost a step. I would not expect much from the Giants pass rush, at least I would not expect it to be anything like the last time the Giants played the Bears is NY or Jersey actually. Unless the line is terrible we won't really have a good idea of how well they protect till like week 10-13. Pointing out a really bad line is easy, pointing out a good line and what that line does well is hard. Your first clue your offensive line is good is simple, nobody talks about the line. Unless of course your a bunch of idiots like most of us here who are actually looking at footwork, kickslides, hand punch and any other stupid thing we can find to look at.

Personally this year I am just going to try and watch the game and enjoy it instead of over analyzing the team to death. Kind of takes the fun out of the game. I alreaady know I can figure out whats wrong or right with a player, position or team. I just want to have some fun watching again, and I have high hopes for this team. Although a stud LT would probably help me enjoy it a lot more.

Just enjoy the show guys it should be a good year. You know the Packers left tackle sucked pretty bad last year as well. Besides does anyone think the Packers defense looks better than the Bears this year? Mathews will continue to have nagging injuries, their secondary is bad, unless Raji turns it around he is just another big fatty fat in the middle, Bishop is out, they have no number 2 pass rusher, and the Bears are better on special teams. Packers have a great offense, and the Bears offense is much improved. As usual injuries will decide the season, but the Bears have a legit shot to split against the Packers this year.

Joe Carimi is not being moved because his pass blocking has been bad. Moving him to the left side will nto help him and he has not looked comfortable playing on that knee. He is being very cautious and I am not so sure how his knee will hold up.

I laughed when I saw someone say Webb needs to stop being beat "2-3 times a game." What game would that be? That is a series for Webb. I am so sick of hearing the talking heads tell us about "all the tools" this guy has. No matter his size, he's not that strong. He gets pushed back into the pocket quite often. Has about as much foot speed as Paul Konerko going from first to third, and Webb is about as bendable as a Ent {a Lord of The Rings reference there.}. And time and time again I see someone mention what a great OL coach Tice is. Ok, wake me next time he gets a guy to out perform his talent. He's not getting it from either Webb or Williams. Their talent is mediocre at best and their performances have been that or worse. Garza is ok, but Spencer gets no movement at the point of attack. As for Carimi, it may be 2013 before he comes back full strength from the injury.

It's not that I am pessimistic, but I have waited all my life for a set of wideouts and a QB combo like this only t have it wasted because Bear's management refuses to address the OL on a consistent basis.

Here's an idea...Contact the Dolphins, and offer them Webb, a mid to late round draft pick, and maybe Corey Wootton and see if we can get Johnathan Martin out of them. Martin is playing the right side in Miami because of Jake Long, and that is not his best position. Webb is playing LT for us, and that is obviously not his best position.

Wootton can play end in either a 3-4 or 4-3, so he fits the Miami defense, and Webb can play the right side of the OL, where his size and slower footwork will not be as big an issue. Martin is a professional pass blocker, and was already better than Williams or Webb at Stanford. We have to start getting aggressive to keep Cutler alive, and right now, our best bet for a starting left tackle is someone not on the roster today. How sad is that?

Kind of fishing in the dark here, but if we have to go into the season with Webb as our starting left tackle, we will have to do everything to the right side, in the running game, and in the passing game. It's never a good thing when the weakest part of your offense is the blind side of the QB. Not saying any of the other linemen are setting the world on fire, but the OL as a group is our weakest position group. Not exactly the foundation of championship football.

The only real preseason game to show what the Bears and Webb and Williams have is this week against the Giants. Unfortunately, it will take a lot to trade for any real talent at left tackle. Maybe Tice and and some chip blocking help on the left side will help overcome this weakness on the Bears.

Next years first pick must be a tackle if any grade out at the level the Bears are picking in the draft.

Go Bears!

GHB, I totally agree with you.

As I sadi you this morning over eggs and situps, the Bears should have signed me instead of Julius Peppers.

All these fatty offensive linemen need to exercise. They should get off of their couches and get super fit.

Everyone is so fat!!!

I don't know man Martin has been getting his but kicked so far, he has three penalties so far. He's looks to be a couple years away at this point. Plus nobody is trading a second round pick right after you draft him. Not to mention your looking at the wrong OT in Miami. Long is in a contract year, that's why Martin was drafted. Just in case they can't afford long.

With Webb it looks like he has pretty much maxed out what he has, so it's going to come down to the blocking scheme, extra help, play calling and Cutler making plays. That's how they will protect Cutler. Hey Cutler carried that line for like 5 games last year, and he can probably do it again. Nobody has any game film on the Bears offense yet, so that's a huge edge for the first 5-7 games. Granted it's going to be a work in progress, but given most of it is the same run action offense Bates ran with Cutler and Marshall before, that should give the Bears a mild learning curve.

No offense to McClellin who I think is a good football player, but I also don't think he is a DE. But the Bears had a shot at Reiff in round one, and passing on him may have been a mistake. They also skipped on DeCastro.

Unless the Bears get a good free agent LT next year they are probably two or three years away from locking down the position. Linemen usually struggle their first year, unless you get a Long, or Thomas and those guys are gone by pick 5. Then you have a two or three year developmental linmen. Now here is what makes it even more difficult. Your best defensive players are all over 30, and both Emery and Lovie showed little reguard for the line. When the D-Line was not working for Rod Lovie jumped on a plane to get him Peppers. I don't see him doing anything like that for Tice. But just in case Long may actually hit the open market and will be looking for a Peppers like contract. It's much cheaper to build a line but it's getting pretty late in the game for that.

Eggs and sit ups? Your suppose to have the eggs post workout not pre? Pre workout will cause bloating do to the colesterol, and eating during a workout you will end up getting sick. But post workout eggs have the fastest and highest protein absorption rate per gram and your body is in it's highest protein absorption mode post workout.

Also your name is spelled Vanden Bosch, your going to be 34 and you have injury issues.

Guys don't count Rachal out at LG. If Tice can cleanup the penalties, he is a very good run blocker. Needed to get in better shape after last year but before that he played well. Spencer is a center by trade and is often overmatched at guard. Rachel has looked decent so far and Spencer has looked overmatched.

Creighton, have to agree with you on Rachal, he may be the starter at LG within a few games. His run blocking is exceptional he is a mauler and relatively young. Maybe a keeper for awhile. Certainly could see him in goal line situations with Bush behind him to score.

I agree on Rachal. I have been hoping that the Bears would put him in as a starter since they got him. Initially I was thinking Rachal over Louis, but Louis seems to be improving and he always plays pretty nasty. I'd still be interested to see Spencer or E Williams tried at C though since Garza gets little push up the middle. For whatever reason, the Bears don't seem to be particularly keen on giving E Williams a shot even though he graded out as one of their best lineman last year.

BTW, Creighton, the egg cholesterol thing is not really true. Dietary cholesterol has not been proven to affect blood cholesterol or "make you fat", and I believe it's actually whey (milk) protein that is absorbed fastest of any proteins.

I thought you had fallen through a crack in the floor. Good to see you around although like always, you have nothing to add to the conversation.

As for the Bears situation with their lines, it seems to be somewhat easier to find a DE later in the first round than it is to find a quality T. Either right or left tackle. With todays different defensive schemes the RT gets almost as much pressure as the LT. In the next 2 years the Bears are going to have to replace Brian U., Peppers, Briggs, Tillman, and Garza. And most likely with a low draft choice in each round. Not an easy task.

Not talking about fat, talking about pre workout bloating, the yolk contains fat and fat causes bloating or the least will make you feel bloated. Eggs are a whole protein and while naturally whey is faster, sources such as whole milk are mostly made up of Casein which is one of the slowest absorbing proteins but has lots of other benifits. When I talk about Whey I am generally speaking of the cheese or milk biproduct and the natural sources for whey vs lets say eggs. Now if you enjoy eating the biproduct of cheese and milk dig in but that powdered stuff you get like Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydro Whey (my personal choice) is not a naturally occuring source of protein. Amino acid bonds have been broken, you lose some the benificial protein factions.

Natural Whey vs. Eggs, your going to have hard time finding a source that absorbs faster than eggs. Whey powders are concentrated, chemically altered, taken through an Ion exchange, and haven it's amino bonds broken is faster. But it's also totally altered from natural whey.

Philly let me also add then any large intake of protein will cause some form of bloating. Protein uses water to absorb into the muscle, I assume anyone who is into working out, also takes in large quantities of protein. When I eat eggs your talking about a half dozen whites and two yolks mixed with skim. You take 30-40 grams of protein from a shake your going to feel blated and sluggish as your body is trying to absorb a maximum level of protein. You also need to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. All of that is part of the process. Oh and potassium, you want to absorb the protein, you need the water, and with high levels of water intake, you need extra potassium cause you are flushing it out of your system.

So basically, hydro whey for the win, eggs for a natural source, water, potassium, and fiber. Kiwi with the skin, real oatmeal and shredded wheat. Plus a good multi with not to much E. Oh and some red meat, and lots of spinach, you need the Iron. Once a week grill a NY strip with a little EVOO a little salt and some pepper. Don;t worry about the salt, water loss takes care of most of that. Try some pedialyte post workout for the recovery. Taste like #### but it helps with the recovery.

This all depends of course on how hard you workout.

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