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Lovie Smith: "Brian [Urlacher] will be our [middle] linebacker"

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Brian Urlacher missed his sixth consecutive practice, and Bears coach Lovie Smith seems to be tiring of the constant questions about his star middle linebacker.

"I know a lot of you are asking about Brian Urlacher," Smith said. "He's been excused again for personal reasons. When we have more information, Brian will be our Mike linebacker this year and those kinds of other things out there."

Mike is another name for middle linebacker. Sam is another name for strongside linebacker, and Will is another name for the weakside spot.

Asked about the depth at the position, Smith said, "We like our depth.

"Nick Roach is our backup Mike linebacker. He had an outstanding day yesterday. Nick has played good, winning football for us around here. Dom DeCicco has played, it's a great opportunity for younger guys like Dom to get reps. During the course of the year you have injuries. Training camp is a great time to develop some of that depth."

Asked if Roach could play middle linebacker in the future, Smith said, "Brian is going to be playing it full time.

"Nick is a great Sam and if we need him to play Mike, he'll be able to fill in."

It's somewhat alarming that Urlacher has missed six practices in a row. But, he knows Smith's defense better than any other player, and the Bears are wise to err on the side of caution.

What's the upside of rushing him back?

Ideally, Urlacher does need to get on the field during the preseason, but he can afford to miss time at training camp. The goal, of course, should be to get him fully healthy and try to get him some snaps in a preseason game or two.

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I don't really think the question was "will Brian be our Mike this year?" I believe the questions are, where is Brian? What is wrong with Brian? Is Brian injured? When will Brian be playing the Mike again? I don't get the point of trying to act like nothing is wrong with Urlacher. He had no off-season program, and has already missed a week of camp. It's got to be inury related, he is not sore, pain mabe but not sore. It just does not last that long. Not to mention excused from practice.

I don't even remember anything like this, a vet missing a week and the team throwing up smokescreens, even though everyone knows it is more than they are saying. So what do the Bears do? They lie. Urlacher is not the President of the United States, a football player getting hurt or being hurt is normal and expected to happen in the nfl. In fact it's a given every year. "OMG a player is injured, quick get the PR department on it, cover and conceal, cover and conceal!"

"Urlacher is hurt right now and it's day to day." Is that to hard to say?

Not a issue. He is a vet player coming off injury. If some fans want to whine it's their prerogative. But try to look at it in sports common sense. It's not like he has to learn a new defense. There is nothing wrong with giving his knee as much rest as possible.

I agree with what the Bears are doing, theres no need in rushing an All-Pro like Brian Urlacher back. I also agree if Lach does have a serious injury and will be down for any amount of time during the regular season, when it counts, you gotta keep the other teams guessing. But, with all that being said, you gotta wonder, how serious is Urlacher's injury? Hopefully Lach will be fine and the Bears are just resting him up.

The player development thing is one of the fun aspects of training camp and the pre-season. I'm intrigued with some of the Bears younger linebackers like Dom DeCicco and J.T Thomas, both of these young players have potential, can't wait to see what they can do GO BEARS!!

"I agree with what the Bears are doing, theres no need in rushing an All-Pro like Brian Urlacher back."

Rushing him back? He was given a 10 week rehab time in January, it's August.

"I also agree if Lach does have a serious injury and will be down for any amount of time during the regular season, when it counts, you gotta keep the other teams guessing."

Guessing? Guessing about what? There is no current game film with anyone but Brian playing the position. Brian being out does not change the defensive scheme at all. Every team in the league will prepare by watching game film with Urlacher. Because that's the only current game film they have and Brian being out does not change the scheme at all. Guessing? The nfl has this little thing that all teams must produce called an injury report. Even in pre-season they Broncos already know he is out because the Bears already announced he is out. Just like they will do in the regular season because they don't have a choice.

Sean anyone seen Brain at camp today? I know practice is a closed walkthrough, but I just mean seen him around or his truck? Is he on another personal day?

It's obvious you don't know a thing about football. What Coach Smith is trying to do is keep other teams from knowing as much as they can about the Bears so they have a harder time game planning against us. Creighton, your name should be changed to Simpleton.

An with you all the way, Mr. Armstead! Go Bears!!

Hahahaha, OMG. Yeah its a super secret plan cause the Bears don't have to release an injury report that's mandated by the league. Yeah and the teams will not watch game film from last year, which makes everything you just said pointless. A secret plan to surprise people with Brian. So teams won't be able to find out stuff. Like, ummm, like what kind of defense the Bears play or how they play it. Hahahahaha, they have been playing it for almost a decade. They game plan the scheme.

Do you know anything about football? Yeah super secret plan. Yeah Brain is in a super secret location training. Where do people come up with this stuff. He's hurt everyone knows he is hurt. He is not playing against the Brocos, the Bears already said this.

You think anyone is going to watch film of Nick Roach at the Mike? Their is no film from him doing that last year and that is the most current version of the Bears scheme. You think teams are going to watch game film from three years ago, to watch Roach? Are you crazy? Brian being out does not change the way teams attack a Tampa two, it jus tmeans that if he is out they will probably have more sucess doing it. Besides you don't think a Coach can see that Brian is not on the feild and call play to attac kthe middle of the field? Most coaches script the first two drives on offense and that is about it.

Really operation Urlacher, the secret project? Are you kidding? You have to be kidding This is not the offense or the QB, this is the defense and the Mike. It's all scheme oriented. You think any of these teams don't know what the Bears do on defense? Or how Brian plays the middle? Is that a joke?

Wow a new level of stupid strikes the Insider. News flash, Brian Urlacher is hurt and everyone knows it. Hold a guy out a week because he is stiff or sore? No! Send him off on personal leave because of a secret plan? No! He is either looking at doctors, at rehab, or taking time away to think about weather or not to have surgery.

"It's obvious you don't know a thing about football. What Coach Smith is trying to do is keep other teams from knowing as much as they can about the Bears so they have a harder time game planning against us"

Okay let me get this right. You think the Bears don't want other teams to know what they are planning. Who is game planning anyone? The games mean nothing. You don't think 5 weeks from now if Brian has not practiced that teams will not be able to figure out he is hurt? You think the Bears sayng nothing about Brian 5 weeks before the season beigins is a plan to hide weather Brian is healthy or not. You don't think 5 weeks is just a little bit of a large gap for other teams to figure out if he is healthy or not? This makes sense to you how?

He is probably out looking at doctors trying to figure out if he needs surgery or not. Which means the Bears are not sure if he will be back just yet so they are being quiet about it. If he does not attend training camp for the next 5 weeks every team in the league will know he is hurt and he will be placed on injured reserve. If he does come back every team will play the Bears defense and Brian the same way they always do. Let me tell you something every team in the league will know if Brian is playing a long time before the season starts, no matter what happens. How could be that stupid to think that 5 weeks from now nobody will know if he is playing or not. You think he will sit out 5-6 weeks and then just surprise everyone? No practice for a month and a half. You have to set the roster, you have to file injury reports. Now either he is going to be back before the season starts or he won't either way everyone will know this. Nobody is even thinking about game planning a regular season game right now. They have preseason games and training camp.

So teams can't scheme against the Bears? Like nobody will know 5 weeks from now. Gosh Brian missed all of camp and has not been in practice, but I am sure he will play even though the injury report says he is out. Yeah no team will be able to figure this out. This is not the regular season on a day to day injury. It's 5 weeks to the regular season. 5 weeks. Your talking about Lovie hiding him from other teams so they can't game plan him 5 weeks before the season starts?

They are actually going to have to announce what is wrong with him if he does not return a long time before the season starts. Game planning? Are you nuts? They have not even played the first preseason game and he has already been out a week. You noticed how the Bears said he wouldn't play in that game? You don't think anyone will notice him being gone for 5 weeks? You don't think the reporters will notice roach playing the Mike.

How can you even come up with a thought like that? Do you even understand how the nfl works? Do you even know when the season starts? Well if you didn't you do now. Hold a player out for 6 weeks so Colts can't game plan against Urlacher? You are an idiot.

Good say sir.

I said good day sir!

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