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Julius Peppers' agent upset about possible transcript leak

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The agent for Julius Peppers called the possible leak of his client's college transcript "irresponsible" and defended the Bears defensive end's academic background at the University of North Carolina.

"As his former academic advisor, I know what his academic experience was at the University of North Carolina," said Carl Carey, who was an academic advisor at UNC then became Peppers' agent. "So Julius and I are not concerned at all, with issues about courses or any of that.

"People, unfortunately, are trying to link a decades old transcript to some issues that are going on now and that's irresponsible."

The university said it was investigating how what appears to be a transcript for Peppers surfaced on its website. The link was removed and the university said it wouldn't discuss the student information, which is protected by federal privacy laws.

There were questions because some of Peppers highest grades were in classes in the Department of African and Afro-American Studies. But Carey said that was Peppers' major.

"While Julius was a student at the University of North Carolina, the courses he took were in line with his academic major," Carey said. "And it s legitimate major, and some of the grades he received in some of the African American studies department were satisfactory and others of those were challenging for Julius.

"Anybody who sees his actual record will some success in the major and some challenges. We have no concern at all about the quality of the courses he took."

Carey said Peppers has expressed an interest in completing his degree from North Carolina, at some point, and that he has about a year and a half of study remaining.

But, Carey said he and Peppers are disturbed that very private information might have become public.
"It still hasn't been verified that it is, in fact, his transcript," Carey said. "But, if indeed it is a partial record of his personal academic work, then it is definitely a privacy violation and FERPA issue."

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) gives states the flexibility to share data to ensure that taxpayer funds are invested wisely in effective programs. But, parents and students trust that the education data is properly safeguarded and used "only for legitimate purposes and only when absolutely necessary,"

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So Carey was Pepper's academic adviser and then became his agent? And we're suppose to believe anything he has to say? My god this UNC stuff blows my mind, yet the NCAA missed all of this stuff when they were on campus??? The situation in chapel hill might end up being worse than the SMU scandal of years ago. This is better than reality TV.

Gasp! A UNC football player with a questionable transcript and grades? My goodness this can't be correct, UNC athletes are help to the highest 1,5 GPA averages nation wide. Say it ain't so Sean, say it ain't so. When did this kind of thing start happening with college athletes. My world is shattered, next thing you know college athletic progams will start trying to cheat the system. But I am not worried about corruption in college athletics, as long as we have becons such as Penn State guiding us all. Hmmmm strange, the massive wave of rage just washed over me after I wrote about Penn State. Wonder what that's about? Let me think about Penn state again. Yep there is that crazy rage again. Well like I said, I find it hard to believe that any college athletic program has corruption it. No matter how small like poor grade eligablity, or how big (gosh I wonder what school I could be thinking about right this second) colleges are innocent of nay wrong doing. Cause players can win games and score TD's, or sack the QB and that makes everything all better.

Wakka Pow Pow! Wow sorry I seem to have been channeling some massive evil force. I am not sure what it was but the source of the evil seem to reside in Pennsylvania. Wow I feel all disgusting and dirty right now, like was a Penn State Alum or something gross like that.

On a side not Peppers failed Algebra. Julius! Really? Well I guess you don't really need it to count all that money, basic math would seem to be more than enough.

His agent might wanna tone down the whole "I was his academic advisor at UNC" stuff. Only makes the whole thing more obvious and rotten. UNCheat indeed.

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