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Josh McCown released by Bears

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Despite a strong performance Thursday night, Josh McCown was informed of his release by the Bears Friday morning, according to league sources.

McCown completed 20 of 29 passes for 157 yards with two touchdowns and one interception. But, McCown got the Bears off to a strong start with a perfect 30-yard touchdown pass to receiver Dane Sanzenbacher in the first quarter. For most of the first half, he was close to a perfect passer rating.

He was third on the depth chart, behind starter Jay Cutler and backup Jason Campbell, who was signed during the offseason.

If he was on the opening day roster, McCown would have been guaranteed his entire 2012 base salary of $825,000, because he's a vested veteran. Now, if the Bears bring him back, he gets paid based on the number of weeks he's on the roster.

McCown played well down the stretch last season, after Caleb Hanie faltered.

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McCown's gotta be worth the base of $825,000!. He stepped in last year when Jay went down and did an impressive job, and has looked good this summer. Do we really want to put Blanchard or some unknown in there should Cutler and Campbell go down? Must we aways do the wrong thing at this position, given the choice? Shoot ourselves in the foot? Smart teams would keep McCown. Hope they bring him back on a game-by-game pay structure, at least. I like Blanchard but he's far from ready.

I think their plan is to bring him back once week 1 is in the books. They don't have to guarantee his salary then, and it gives them a roster spot for Quigley in case Podlesh isn't ready to go week 1.

More than likely, the Colts won't take us down to our 3rd string QB, but having to drop a position player for a second punter would be tough.

Would you consider cutting Podlesh and keeping Quigley? He's done good job and who knows about Podlesh's hip problem? If it recurs, we could have a real problem there. Quigley would be picked up by somebody for sure (one scenario would have him then being a 10-year fixture and making the Pro Bowl somewhere else). Can't recall their names, but it seems to me this has happened to the Bears more than once over the years. Dave Toub doesn't want to take any chances, and neither should we. Special teams and field position is a big part of Bears football.

Depends how much money they would owe Podlesh, he did sign a 10 million dollar contract last year. They won't cut a guy they owe a large amount of money too unless they have too.

Possibly this allows the Bears to keep 4 running backs? Lorenzo Booker and Armando Allen both have a roster spot now.

I think Joe hit the mark with this one, plus they have to make room for Amobi Okoye, plus Quigley for one or two weeks. If the Bears can get McCown back at some point during the season they probably will.

So, we cut McCown to save a roster spot for two players who can punt and to save money by not having him on the season-opening roster. So far so good. The money part is fulfilled, banked and we have Quigley ready in case Podslesh isn't. My question is how long do we live by this happy arrangement.
Three weeks? Four? I don't have the answer. I have always been told, though, that having two punters is a luxury no team can afford. Back to Tibet, Dahlilama. And take Podlesh with you.

Actually the Bears will have to make two more cuts. Collins is suspended and when he comes back they need to either cut him or someone else. They also have to make room for Okoye if they sign him, which I don;t even know if they have done that.

Oh and Penn state lost, to Ohio. Hahahahahaha, hope those retards enjoyed that. At home to Ohio, opening day.

Once healthy podlesh is the better kicker then Quigley will be sent to Tibet for meditation.

Boy, your attention span... I asked how many weeks we are supposed to wait for Podlesh to heal, Dolly? Get down from the mountain tops and decide something for once in your life(?)

They will probably make the move week one. What move they will make I do not know, but there will be moving.

McCown can go back to North Carolina and vegetate until the Bears or some other team decides to call him up afterv injuries. I hope the Bears do not need him and that Cutler does not miss a single snap due to injuries,. The low or high blood sugar he has lomg since coped with effectively. I wonder if he wears an insulin pod the way my grandson does.I continue to be amazed at diabetics like Cutler and Santo. What they have to go through and still excel at sports is phenominal.I'm even more impressed with my little grandson who takes Karati lessons and got up on waterskis this summer wering his ipod on his left biceps.

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