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J'Marcus Webb and Gabe Carimi will start -- for now, Tice says

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Bears offensive coordinator Mike Tice doesn't look like he'll make any changes at either offensive tackle spot.

"As far as left tackle and right tackle is concerned," Tice said, 'we're going to go with [J'Marcus] Webb and [Gabe] Carimi for now. Gabe's knee is really coming around, and we're going to still evaluate the games and if one guy in the backup role steps up and has a great game, then we'll revaluate that.

"But for now we're going to put those five guys in there and let them work together and see if they can gel."

Not such a ringing endorsement.

And there's more.

So what's he liked about Webb?

"Like I said, nobody's really stepped out," Tice said.

Asked if he's more or less optimistic about the offensive line, Tice said, "Well first and foremost, we're going to scheme.

"I'm an offensive line coach. We're going to make sure we're not embarrassing anybody or hurting our quarterback. I'm very comfortable with all the schemes we have, probably all of our protections in, some new protections that we've installed and also one or two more we're going to look at next week and we'll be fine.

"Because we're going to be able to have schemes where if we have a guy that we're not matching up well against, we're going to make sure that guy has two guys on him throughout the course of the game. So that's just the way it's going to be."

As for what he's looking for in the preseason opener against the Denver Broncos, Tice said he wants a "clean" game."

"I like to minimize the offsides," he said. "We'll probably get some holding calls in there. But that happens. No turnovers. Minimize the offsides. No delay-of-games. See if we can run the ball efficiently. And finish some drives. Little rhythm."

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Minimize the offsides? Geez, could the bar be any lower? It's not hard to figure out...The QB tells the offense when they are going to snap the excuses for jumping offsides...If Webb has more than 1 false start in the first preseason game, or for that matter if he has one in every game, they need to pull him.

I am not convinced Williams will be much better, but I still think our best chance to keep Cutler alive and to keep the defense off balance is to put Carimi on the left side, and let Williams and Webb battle for the right. Carimi may not be the athlete Williams or Webb are, but he is the only one who knows how to move his feet and anchor in pass protection.

Denver should be a decent test, as they have a variety of pass rushers, so we will see how they hold up against different styles...Hopefully it won't be like last year, where every style kicked our butt...

It sounds to me like Chris Williams is completely out of the left tackle picture. The only way I can see Chris Williams getting on the field with the ones is if Gabe Carimi can't go at right tackle, other than that, its seems like Tice doesn't want him on the left side pass protecting, Webb has been the LT most of camp.

As far as a backup stepping up and maybe getting a closer look, Tice may be hinting toward rookie James Brown getting a shot at left tackle, Brown is already the #2 LT, not Chris Williams or anyone else. If this kid comes to play during the pre-season and J'Marcus Webb falters, I wouldn't be surprised if Brown gets his shot. Brown is quick footed with smooth movement skills able to cover a large area, and this is what Tice is looking for out of his left tackle. Hopefully Webb steps up, but if this Brown kid can play, maybe he's the guy? GO BEARS!!

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