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Jay Cutler on o-line: "We challenged them all week"

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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler caught a break, when coach Lovie Smith didn't play him in the season opener.

The Bears allowed six sacks.

On Saturday, Cutler stayed clean, and he completed seven of 13 passes for 122 yards. When he left the game, the Bears were up 17-0.

"We challenged them all week, challenged them before the game," Cutler said of the offensive line. "Everything starts with them. Whenever those guys are playing and doing their job, it's going to let us do our job. That was the biggest difference from the first preseason game to the second preseason game. When they do that, we have a lot of weapons outside. We just got to get them the ball."

J'Marcus Webb started at left tackle, and he appeared to play well.

"I definitely think that I improved this week," he said, "and I definitely feel like I have to continue to do that."

Chris Williams, though, rotated with Webb at left tackle in the first half.

Asked if it's hard to rotate, Webb said, "I don't think so.

"You've jsut got to have a mindset that you're still going to be playing and you've got to get used to working with different guys."

Cutler said he doesn't pay attention too closely to who is manning the position.

"Honestly, I don't even know which one is out there. My communication is mostly with [center Roberto] Garza, and he communicates with those guys," Cutler said. "I'm aware of which one is in there but it doesn't change. I'm not feeling different."

Veteran Chilo Rachal also got some work with the starters, rotating in with starting left guard Chris Spencer. Rachal mostly was in the game with Williams, although he played at least one series with Webb in the third quarter.

Garza was pleased with his unit's play.

"We knew we had to come out and take a step forward in the right direction and we did that," Garza said. "Our skill position guys had a great night. We had a rough time running the football, but that's something we're going to work on and we will be better at."

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Two left tackles equals zero left tackles, two left guards equals zero left guards! You fools will be playing musical chairs with this O-line all year long! Good luck!
By the way, where was your so called team leader, captain of the defense, future hall of famer, #54 at last night? What a chump, he can't even show up and cheer his teammates on. He is hurt worse than we all know, he won't be ready for week 2....easy win for GB! RESPECT!

Good outing, nice to see left tackle J'Marcus Webb have a pretty good night, I think Webb would have been demoted had he had another bad night like the Denver game. It will be interesting to see if Tice finally names a starting left tackle?

This friday will be the starting offensive lines real test, the game is on the road vs the Super Bowl champion New York Giants, who by the way, have a pretty good pass rush with the likes of Justin Tuck and Jason Pierre-Paul. It will be loud and this is the game the Bears o-line needs to step up in for a confidence builder heading into the regular season, especially Webb, who will be going against Pierre-Paul who is coming off of a 16 sack season. For the coaching staff, you couldn't ask for a better situation to evaluate Webb, a good game for Webb could mean a stop to the criticism Webb has rightfully been under GO BEARS!!

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