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Jay Cutler: "It was hit and miss"

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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler wasn't too disappointed about the offense's performance.

"It was hit and miss. We did some good things but we missed some communication stuff," he said. "We have to get the running game going. We have to get Matt [Forte]going. We are not going to be a successful offense if we can't run the ball."

Forte has had a very quiet preseason, carrying the ball 14 times for 55 yards. He had a miserable first half, before getting a 24-yarder on his first run of the second half. But, that ran -- and an 11-yarder on the next play -- came against backup defenders for the New York Giants.

Meanwhile, Cutler completed just nine of 21 passes for 96 yards. There were some poor throws and some dropped passes.

"Brandon [Marshall] and I missed some things," Cutler said. "Everything was just a little bit off a count in the passing game. We made some plays and we missed some stuff. We missed a touchdown because of communication. There is some stuff that can be easily fixed but it needs to be fixed in the next two weeks."

Cutler and Marshall, though, did have one of the highlights of the preseason, a 21-yard touchdown. On the play, with the Giants playing Cover Two, Cutler found the hole in the defense, when the safety rolled over too late.

"I think they were trying to disguise a little bit and the back side safety got stuck a little bit and I just put it in that corner," Cutler said.

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Jay looked half asleep, as if the baby's crying kept him up all night. Others have made the adjustment, Jay, step it up and grow up. He sounded incoherent.

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