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Jay Cutler and Roberto Garza star in an NFL commercial

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Bears starters and captains Jay Cutler and Roberto Garza are getting serious about the 2012 season. But, the two teammates made some time to star in a commercial for the 2012 NFL Women's Apparel line.

And, frankly, they do a fairly solid job. I don't want to give away the commercial or the ending, so check it out for yourselves, and weigh in on how they fared.


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It's only half a vid, it's like a teaser vid. By the way was it me or was Roberto trying to check out his Super Buns in the mirrior. But at least we all know what Jay has to really put up with. It was not enough to let Jay become the most sacked QB in the nfl the last three years, oh no, they have to steal his Jersey and stretch it all out.

They did a nice job! I like Jay's suit. It's not plaid! He's looking rather thin..

What fools! This team is in shambles and these two clowns are making commercials! How did Garza get picked? That O-Line is horrendous. The only thing they should be selling is revolving doors! I think they wanted Jay on camera before the season started and he is in traction and disabled. P.S. Quit posting creighton, he is just plain stupid!

"P.S. Quit posting creighton, he is just plain stupid!"

P.S.????? Postscript? Was that a letter?

"Quit posting creighton," It's Creighton, names start with capitols.

"he is just plain stupid!" Who is he; is he me? PS you want to use a semicolon between your two clauses, and you don't want to go from first to third person. Your so smart: oh woe is me, to face such a mind. I am glad you figured out the O-Line is bad. Thanks for that insight. Your such an angry little dude. You really may want to find that stick and remove it from your ###.

Anyway thanks for the post rockstar. I will add you to the list of stalkers and nutters who follow, and worship me. Keep reading all my posts. Then again at this point you probably can't stop. Really it's like I'm like crack for nut jobs.


The site has gotten better over the past few years and it is good to see you engage with the regulars on here. Keep up the great work. I will pop you an email if I decide to come up for the opener against the Colts. Take care,


Thanks Sean. Love the blog and appreciate your coverage and insight.

And Creighton, I appreciate your insight and doses of reality too. I actually do look forward to seeing these posts and your analyses. Football intelligence is hard to find.

Thanks Philly that is really nice of you to say. I like reading several of my fellow insiders posts. You, Joe, Wrig, Paul etc... I agree Seans good people, although he might argue that I am driving him nuts.

Anyway onto game night. Sean any chance McClellin starts tonight? I figure the right side of the Skins O-Line is a joke, maybe the Bears can get him a little starting experience. I think Brown is still on the PUP, he is horrible these days so I can only imagine what his backup is.

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