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Jay Cutler, offense look as good as advertised vs. Skins

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Jay Cutler gave Bears fans every reason to be optimistic in his first game of the preseason Saturday night at Soldier Field.

Cutler threw a 41-yard pass to Brandon Marshall on the Bears' first offensive play as the Bears' first-team offense drove 81 yards on eight plays in less than three minutes as the Bears took a quick 7-0 lead against the Washington Redskins.

The opening drive was almost everything the Bears' "explosive" offensive is purported to be this season. Cutler hit Marshall for a 20-yard gain, then connected with rookie Alshon Jeffery on a 16-yard gain to the Redskins' 1-yard line. On first-and-goal, running back Michael Bush followed Tyler Clutts, Kyle Adams and Roberto Garza and went into the end zone virtually untouched for a 7-0 lead. Even in the best of times, it might have taken two or three cracks at it in recent years.

Cutler was 7-of-13 for 122 yards, no touchdowns and no interceptions. The Bears took a 17-0 lead in the first quarter.

''It's fun to get back out there,'' Cutler said. ''Last game [the opener vs. the Broncos] it was tough to have to only watch. We had a good week of practice. I thought there was a lot more intensity and a bigger sense of urgency from the guys. We threw the first one to [Marshall] and we started rolling a bit.''

Marshall had the two receptions for 61 yards. Jeffery added three receptions for 62 yards. Bush gained 21 yards on five carries, but scored two touchdowns.

''We have a lot of guys who can play football,'' Cutler said. ''You bring in the second-team running back and he's making guys miss in the hole and scoring touchdowns. W have rookie wide receivers out here playing and we have our regular guys, so we have some guys who can play,

''The offensive line knows it starts with them and if they play well we'll take care of the rest.''

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"''The offensive line knows it starts with them and if they play well we'll take care of the rest.''

Yeah well that's bull, I would not say they had a good game at all. Bush was making people miss in the red and Cutler was running or being hit or pressured.

Nice preseason game for the offense but they have a ton to work on. Marshall screwed up on that one deep pass when instead of playing the ball he tried to draw the penalty. But he had already beaten the guy and could have had an easy catch but instead pulled up to tryied and draw contact as the ball landed right in front of him.

They need to tighten this up. 4 sacks at any level is 4 sacks to many. Bush did a nice job, Jeffery, Marshall, and Cutler. I know one of those Bushes rushing TD's he made three guys miss and it was off tackle. Still did not see any push up the middle for the most part. When a back is making 3 guys miss that's not good blocking that's the back making 3 guys miss.

Great job Bairs, you beat up on the worst team in the should be proud.
Still no LT, LG, and especially now NO SAFETIES......Rodgers will have a field day on you chumps! Stafford too!
little are a sad, strange little toy and you have my pity!

Creighton - in the 1st half, the OL was decent enough in pass pro. In fact, it looked like the left side of the line held up much better than the right. Carimi seemed to have some trouble in the early 1st quarter against the left side of the Skins line. I agree the run game was up and down, but the first Bush run (Garza pulling) actually looked quite good, and the 2nd Bush run was indeed Bush making people miss, but it looked like Garza got a good seal on the inside, Louis blocked well and Carimi and Spaeth had good blocks from their end. I would agree that overall they still need to get better push up the middle, but there were some bright spots in the run game last night, at least on the right side of the line.

I think I like Rachal better at LG than Spencer, BTW.

Yes, Marshall did screw up on that play, but you have to be encouraged by Jeffrey and to some extent even Hester. Bennett looked solid as ever. I'm encouraged enough for the moment.

Cutler was working miracles without a good receiver during the five-game winning streak and Forte averaged almost five yards/carry last season without Carimi. You can't count on Cutler working miracles all the time, but now that they have actual receivers he should be able to find someone open most pass plays. And Forte should be able to do at least what he did last season with Carimi at right tackle, a major improvement.

Cutler is good at throwing on the run. While he will probably have to do a lot of that, it doesn't mean the Bears can't win. Pittsburgh won a Super Bowl with a lousy offensive line, it can be done. Unless the Bears get better offensive linemen, this line is never going to be a strong point, to put it diplomatically. Hopefully it will be good enough to win with.

I was wrong about that Marshall pass, he did pull up but he got hooked. More lousy refs.

DTB on the nut case.

Ya you mean like stafford had a 4 interception field day the LAST TIME HE PLAYED THE BEARS ???? it's FUNNY HOW DUM FOOTBALL IDIOTS GET ???!!!!!!!!! DO YOU REMEMBER WHAT STAFFORD DID LAST TIME HE PLAYED BEARS???? QUICK TO FORGET AREN'T YOU??? You might want to remember before you post something DUM again??? GO BEARS!!!!!

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