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Brandon Marshall predicts Super Bowl at Family Fest

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Bears receiver Brandon Marshall, who hasn't masked his excitement about joining the Bears, fired up those in attendance at Family Fest Friday night.

After answering a couple of questions after practice over Soldier Field's public address system, Marshall playfully told the crowd, "This is just between us, so keep it here."

Then, he said, "Super Bowl," before stepping away from the mic.

The crowd, which was tallied at 27,352, exploded with cheers.

And why not?

Marshall had gotten the crowd hyped with his play during the session, making the sort of catches that have been rare sights for receivers in Bears uniforms in recent seasons. With Lance Briggs and Chris Conte on him tight, Marshall still managed to catch a laser from Jay Cutler in the back of the end zone.

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Bad Brandon, bad Brandon. Didn't he see what happened to Ryan? Don't add more pressure to an already tough season

On a high note I am typing this from my new IPad 3. Awesome! Is their an app for watching Bears games live?

creighton is a troll. 6-10 toliet bowl

I know you are but what am I?

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