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Bears rookie WR Alshon Jeffery looking good, so far

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Judging from inherently deceiving training camp practices, there's no doubt that rookie wide receiver Alshon Jeffery can do great things this season if the Bears can get the ball in his hands -- or just near them.

''He's got unbelievable hands -- an unbelievable ability to catch the football,'' wide receivers coach Darryl Drake said.

If NFL football was as simple as ''You run a down-and-out; You run a button-hook; you go deep'' it would be all good for Jeffery. Unfortunately, there's a lot more to it than that. And that's where even gifted receivers hit the wall as rookies. You still have to beat press coverage from defensive backs. And you still have to get open, which in most NFL offenses entails knowing not only what you are doing, but what every other receiver in your offense is doing.

One of the knocks on Jeffery before the draft was that he was a poor route runner who played in a simplified offense at South Carolina. But Drake doesn't think that will be an issue.

''He's a much better route runner than people realize,'' Drake said. ''His route-running style is different, so people don't see it. But he takes great angles.''

What's so different about Jeffery's route-running style?

''He's a little herky-jerky at times,'' Drake said. ''He's big. He's long. His running style is a little different than some guys. But I really, really like [what he does].''

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Alshon Jeffery was my favorite offensive player that Phil Emery drafted (cornerback Isaiah Frey was my favorite defensive player), what I like the most about Jeffery is he gives the Bears another big body to man the split end position, Brandon Marshall being the other of course, this was a good move by Emery. Chicago hasn't had a true split end/#1 receiver for awhile. A player like Jeffery will help down in the red zone and on 3rd down with his size and ability to pluck the ball out of the air in jump ball situations. Plus Chicago now has Marshall, one of the leagues best split ends, and now have Jeffery who has the potential to develope into one of the best as well GO BEARS!!

Why are you rooting so hard for this young man to fail? Simplified offense? You do know that Steve Spurrier is the coach right? An offensive genius. I'm pretty sure that you just made that part up.

Steve Spurrier is an offensive genius? That's a joke right? The father of Danny Wuerffel and Shane Mathews. Yeah he was a genius all right, he signed a 25 million dollar contract with the skins then quit after only two seasons of getting his face kicked in. A genius? In the 90's maybe, then he got blitzed and his offense sucked after that. And it is a simple offense, he sets up plays with counters and fakes. Pass, run, fake, that's the Spurrier offense, and that idiot refuses to develop a legit running game so that his play action pass off the lead draw will even work. His famous mills play.

The Spurrier offense in a nutshell.

1st Down, 7 step drop
2nd down, 7 step lead draw
3rd down, play action pass off the lead draw

Not all that complex.

Steve Spurrier? Offensive genius? Cool your jets, man. He's been a great coach on the college level, but a dismal failure on the pro level.

That said, I think Jeffery has talent. A bit raw, but great upside!

I am looking forward to watching this young receiver. It should be interesting with both Jeffrey and Marshall on the field at the same time, with Rodriquez as a potential threat at TE.

Can't wait to start watching the BEARS.

I am fine with Jeffery, I did not see anyone bash him. I saw someone get upset cause Mark said Jeffery came from a simplified offense. Which he does. I also would not say Spurrier has been all that the last decade.

My favorite part of this whole thing is that for the first time since Marcus Robinson, we hve a legitimate red zone threat from a height perspective, where very few CBs in the league have the length to stay with them when they go up for the ball.
The simple fact is that most college offenses are simplified now, because teams have figured out they don't have to be complex to overmatch the defense. They just have to go deep into the depth chart at DB to create a mismatch.

The only thing he has going for him is that he is a wide receiver by trade, so we don't have to worry about the Devin Hester learning curve, where he has no real concept of wideout other than the proverbial "go that way, really fast" route....
Can he separate from NFL DBs? We'll see. But there is one way he can separate today, and that's going up. Hard to defend a well thrown high ball.

I just hope the kid doesn't get overwhelmed and lose confidence. Marshall and Bennett is a solid 1-2 combo, so any contribution from Jeffery is a bonus this season. If we can go 4 wide with Jeffery and Marshall on the outside, Bennett and Hester in the slots, there are very few teams that can handle that with 4 of their DBs. Even if they manage to cover the WRs, Forte or the H back (depending on the set) should be open all day long...
Tice has all the toys he needs to make this a fun year...Let's see how he does.

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