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Bears release ''unofficial'' depth chart

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It's a cardinal sin in the news business to report that there's no news, but the insatiable appetite of Bears fans for anything Bears-related compels us to breathlessly relay the news that there are no surprises on the "unofficial" depth chart released by the Bears on Monday. Unless you thought rookie Evan Rodriguez should be ahead of second-year tight end Kyle Adams or that rookie Tyler Hendrickson should be ahead of Cory Brandon at third-team right tackle.

Here are the "highlights":

Stephen Paea and Matt Toeaina are listed as co-No. 1s at nosetackle.

Rookie Shea McClellin and Corey Wootton are listed as co-No. 2s behind Israel Idonije at left defensive end.

McClellin and Chauncey Davis are listed as co-No. 2s behind Julius Peppers at right defensive end.

Rookie Alshon Jeffery is No. 2 behind Devin Hester at wide receiver.

J'Marcus Webb is listed as the first-team left tackle ahead of Chris Williams.

Williams also is No. 2 behind Gabe Carimi at right tackle.

Kahlil Bell is No. 3 ahead of Armando Allen at running back.

Dom DeCicco is No. 2 behind Brian Urlacher at middle linebacker, though with Urlacher not practicing, Nick Roach has moved from strongside to the middle, with Geno Hayes replacing Roach at strongside linebacker.

Rookie Brandon Hardin is No. 2 at free safety behind Chris Conte.

All this is subject to change, maybe even before Thursday night's preseason opener against the Broncos at Soldier Field.

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His shorter arms being less of a factor inside, Chris Williams shows better-than-average interior pass protection skills. His fluid mobility in space compliments Forte's outside running style. As a huge athlete, Williams is naturally capable of playing several positions along the line. Finally, his "finesse" style emphasizes the diverse attack of a dynamic offense loaded with explosive playmakers.

Why is this guy not the starting the LG?

He is not a franchise LT, and may be a "disappointing" 14th pick, but Chris Williams can play football and was arguably the team's best blocker in 2011. Williams should be in the competition for left guard, at least...

Well the Bears found a way to be a little wierd with their first depth chart. Had to mix in a little PR with the Co this or that. The only thing that matter with a depth chart is who are the starters and who comes in to releave the starters when the regular season starts. They could say everyone is a co-number 1 but that does not make you a starter for the game.

The Hardin thing is a bit of a surprise, you can only have 1 starter at one position and you do not want your third round picks to be backups. I am surprised Hardin is not behind Wright who seems to be the Safety that is having the most problems. Maybe he is I have not scene the full depth chart.

One thing that surprises is me is the fake receiver chart. Marshall isn't even listed and I am pretty sure he is the number 1 not Hester. But why isn't Marshall listed? That's just wierd. I know the first depth chart means nothing but if your going to throw a BS a chart at the fans, at least remember Marshal is on the team. I am looking at the list at the score and he is not listed there. They got to get better PR people, and for the love of god Urlacher is excused for personal matters? Come on he is missed almost a week because of his knee. Price missing practice for a personal matter, yeah that I believe, but Urlacher? We all know it's his knee. Yeah maybe he asked for a personal day but he wasn't going to be at practice anyway. We already know he is out for the first pre-season game and he is out because of his knee. Personal day? Whatever.

Oh and I hope Lovie feels real good about leaving his starters in at the end of a meaningless Vikings game. He has been doing it his whole career too. People have complained about it for years but he always comes back with Starters start or something like that. Sure they start but they also get breaks during the games all the time and they don't actually have to play the final minutes when it's a pointless game, or a total blowout. Maybe one day he will learn that those are good times to get your number 2's some good reps and help develop the young guys like just about every other coach in the nfl does.

"He is not a franchise LT, and may be a "disappointing" 14th pick, but Chris Williams can play football and was arguably the team's best blocker in 2011. Williams should be in the competition for left guard, at least... "

I am not a franchise LT either and I can play football too, doesn't mean I am good at it. Most teams in the nfl have an outside rushing attack, it's in vogue in the nfl these days. The Bears had next to no rushing attack out of the A and B gaps, one of the biggest culprits was Williams. Pass blocking is going to be a lot easier this year with a lot more 3 steps, 5 steps and quick drops, audibles, and with a lot more rollouts and play action. I don't know if you actually watch Williams play or just read quotes from people who don't know what they are talking about, but he is bad at football. At least nfl football. Tice moved him for a reason, a couple of reasons actually. He can't run block, Tice may say he can, but Tice's actions have always spoken a lot louder than his words. Tice like Louis, he likes Louis at guard, and while he moved him out of necessity last year he is not going to do that again unless forced. Spencer was probably the best run blocker on the line last year and was better than Williams. He made Williams the swing tackle but something tells me that will not last long, maybe a year before he is gone from the Bears. Brown seems to be making a splash and Williams is overpriced for what he gives you which is not much.

The big concerns this year for the line will LT and health. Health is probably the biggest concern. Carimi's knee, Garza only has one knee and is up there in age, and Spencer always seems to get hurt. But the Bears are going to do their best to not ask the line to do to much. Another big key will be avoiding penalties, not putting themselves in extra yardage situations, you don't want to be 3rd and 20 on crucial downs and forced to do deep drops when you know the heat is coming. The line was called for about 39 penalties last year, throw in about a half dozen penalties by the TE's while blocking and you got problems, big problems. The Pats had like 27, NO had 26, so 39 is way to how and considering all the extra TE blocking help the Bears had it was really over the top. NE used their TE's on 113 snaps total to Pass block, the Bears had them block 211 snaps. So almost double, and if you mix in backs who helped out on about 170 snaps as well the Bears used a lot of extra protection. While extra help from the TE blcok is nice you really only want them pass blocking about 130-150 snaps at the most. Reason being your taking a weapon or option for the QB out of the mix to much.

What is happening is what I said would happen. You have an undersized "DE" who is struggling in camp while your OL woes are amplified. The audacity and arrogance of this team to ignore the OL in both FA and the draft is mind boggling. Now there is talk of cutting Williams? Not that it surprises me. "Sleepy" Williams should never have been drafted in the first place. I keep going back to it. You have the best guard prospect on the board in the last decade plus a quality tackle from Iowa and you pass on them to take an outside linebacker best suited for a 3-4 scheme? It made no sense at the time and still doesn't.

It doesn't matter how great Marshall looks or Jeffrey. If Cutler is looking up at the stars or picking sod from his face mask on a regular basis, then this offense is going to have severe problems. Tice is a good OL coach, but that's not his duty this year. He's the OC. What we have here, is a relatively young team that is either old or sucks at both lines and LB. It would take a miracle to solve it all in even 2 drafts plus FA. And after this year's draft, I don't trust this new GM much more than I trusted Angelo.

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