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Grateful Tyler Clutts leaves Bears with mixed emotions

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Tyler Clutts always seems to land on his feet.

A defensive end at Fresno State who played fullback, special teams and even did some long-snapping to make it in the NFL, Clutts was the odd-man out as the Bears' cut their roster to the 53-player maximum Friday -- a fullback in an offense the prefers ''H-back'' tight ends as a lead blocker.

But instead of getting cut outright, the Bears traded Clutts to the Houston Texans for veteran cornerback Sherrick MaManis. The Texans reportedly were not he only team interested in Clutts.

Regardless, Clutts left Chicago and headed for Houston on Friday night with mixed emotions.

''It's bittersweet,'' he told the Sun-Times. ''It's tough leaving a place like Chicago. But I'm really excited about the new opportuity. Really with a great organization that is on the rise.''

Clutts was in a similar situation last year. He was cut by the Cleveland Browns and placed on their practice squad. But the next day the Bears called and offered him a spot on their 53-man roster.

Clutts took advantage of the opportunity and played a key role not only on special teams -- on the field for several key returns -- but also as a blocking back in Mike Martz's offense. Most of Matt Forte's success as a rusher last year came when Clutts was on the field.

But without a similar role under Mike Tice, Clutts became expendable as the Bears ended up keeping a fourth tight end -- Kyle Adams -- instead of a fullback.

''I went in in the morning and coach Lovie [Smith] told me that there were some things in the works,'' he said. ''[They] kind of had to play the waiting game a little bit. The Bears did a great job of keeping me informed and really trying to get me to the best possible team.''

Clutts, who lives near Fresno, Calif., where he went to college, leaves with a healthy respect and fine appreciation for Chicago and Bears fans, who have an almost over-the-top affinity for hard-nosed, hard-working, blue-collar, lunch-bucket players who beat the odds like Clutts. He will miss them as much as they will miss him.

''No question,'' Clutts said. ''It's a great city with great fans, great people It was a great team to be a part of. I'm really going to miss the city. I had a blast. I couldn't have asked for a better year.''

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The Berrrs will regret this move, no doubt! Watch for the run game to go down the toliet without Clutts. Another blunder from the fools in suck town! Respect!

Why will they regret it? He sucked at blocking, they don't use a fullback in this offense, and Toub turns out special stars every year. His pass blocking was bad and run blocking was brutal. 0 rushing yards, 48 receiving yards, and 1 fumble.

Nothing to regret, he doesn't fit and has done nothing other than miss blocks. No clue why anyone liked him to begin with, everyone I know always made fun of him because he was so bad.

Oh and DTB back on.

I read your remarks and since I hadn't watched much of the Bears, went to NFL Game Rewind and Coaches Film to scout Clutts.
You didn't watch much 2011 Bears either judging from your comment. Clutts was instrumental to Matt Forte's rushing. No FB would look very good in pass protection with an offensive line that looked like a sift. I understand you've changed system, but Clutts was a smart lead blocker for Forte last season.
Sour grapes looks worse coming from a classy fan group like the Bears' faithful have been over the decades.

He's a horrid blocker, what are you talking about and what game film are you watching. Of the 28 FB's in the nfl PFF rated him dead last, the Bears traded him and stopped playing him as a lead blocker. That's right he was so bad they stopped using him as a lead blocker, so what are you talking about? The Bears were the worst short yardage team in football again, thanks for all that great lead blocking.

Ok I see the problem here, people are confused about what a special player is and what a special teams player is. Special players like Peppers, Reevis, Manning are players who are especially good at football or playing their given position at a special level. Hence special players. Special teams players are players who are not good enough to start, so the team finds a special little job like the punter bodyguard position to give them something to do. When thinking special teams think special ed. These are the players who ride the short yellow bus. Their own special bus if you will. Clutts is all of a special teams player and then some.

Wow, who are you? nevermind its not important. Tell you what since your new hear I'm ging to be nice and cut you a break. That means I'll pretend this little post of yours never happened and you really didn't just try to get up in my grill. Most on hear who have tried to play with me got CRUSHED by my facts and stats. Now run off with your tail betwen your legs and be very thankful the Big C felt like sparing you a smackdown.

Wow "Big C" I had no idea that you were the team record keeper. Tyler Clutts was not nearly as bad as you and your "friends" make him out to be. There have been plenty of players that are and worse than him. As for your special players comment, for him to be offered a spot on the team and used as a first string player makes him worthy enough. Crappy players either ride the pine, or get kicked outright. He may not have earned yor highly sought after respect, but obviously he had enough in him to earn the respect of the coaches and fellow players. I know that doesnt mean nearly as much as your opinion of the guy, but its something. Now go ahead and bash my comment all you like. Im probably never going to come back here, nor do I care enough about your expert knowledge to check your response. Oh and for the record Clutts already has a tackle for his new team.

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