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'Battering ram' Michael Bush quicker than he looks

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It was no surprise that running back Michael Bush scored two touchdowns inside the 10-yard line in Saturday night's victory over the Washington Redskins. But the 6-1, 245-pound Bush's ability to make defenders miss and create his own space in such close quarters was pretty impressive even to his teammates.

''He has a little quicker feet than anyone anticipated,'' quarterback Jay Cutler said. ''Making a guy miss in the hole -- that kind of threw us for a loop just watching it.

''He's a hard worker, a professional. He's a sleeper. You never really know and then he can turn it on game days and make plays for you.''

Bush has been labeled as a bruising inside runner because of his size and ability to score inside the 10. But his looks are deceiving.

''They say I've got long strides,'' Bush said. ''Some people say I'm slow because I'm big. Some people say I can't move. But I don't know what you guys are watching. I've been doing it for awhile.

''I know what I can do. I just need some guys to believe as well. It's just fun to be in those situations in a key part of the game.''

Still, it appears Bush's key role will be finishing what Matt Forte starts. Bush has scored 15 touchdowns in the past two seasons. Forte has scored nine, including three in 2011. But even Bush is a bit uncomfortable being the vulture.

''I feel that if he gets down there, he should be able to punch it in, just to reward him,'' Bush said. ''But I've always been like that. And if coach calls me, and that's what I need to do, I'm not going to say no.''

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I love the signing of Bush but I have Matt Forte as my #1 Fantasy RB and it looks like Bush is gonna get all the goal line TD's! Time to pick up Bush too! GO BEARS!

PUSH THE BUSH...a Die Hard Raider Fan AND a Die Hard Michael Bush fan! So it seems I'm watching Bush Push it with the Bears this year!

im a big louisville cards n micheal bush fan he was great @ louisville n goin to b great for the bears

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