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Amobi Okoye to re-join Bears

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Amobi Okoye is about to be back with the Bears.

The defensive lineman was released by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and he's finalizing a deal to return to the Bears, according to a league source.

A former 10th overall pick, Okoye posted his second-best sack total last season as a Bears reserve, and he signed a one-year, $1.3 million contract with the Bucs during the offseason.

But, Okoye underwent a knee scope in June, and he missed the last three preseason games.

Bucs rookie head coach Greg Schiano apparently lost patience with Okoye, despite trouble with the team's depth on the defensive line.

"You can be a little cautious at times," Schiano said of Okoye, according to the Tampa Times Thursday night. "We've tried to do that. But at the end of the day, you've got to go out and earn a spot."

Recently, Schiano also acknowledged that the Bucs took a risk with Okoye because of his "history with that knee."

The Bears have had a host of injuries themselves along the defensive line.

Matt Toeaina entered training camp with a cast, and Stephen Paea missed the final three preseason games with an ankle injury. On Thursday night, Brian Price - whom the Bears traded a seventh-round pick to the Bucs to get - left the game early and underwent tests to evaluate whether he had a head injury.

Nate Collins has flashed at times, but he'll be suspended for the first game of the season for violating the league's substance abuse policy.

The only completely healthy defensive tackle is Henry Melton.

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What! We can afford to bring this no-impact guy back for probably over $1 million and not Josh McCown for $825,000? Something must be more wrong with the injury status of our defensive tackles than is being publicized. Will Paea ever get on the field? Terry Collins and Brian Price have looked good, particularly Collins, but Melton and Toeina are injury prone. Paea and Brandon Hardin are both Oregon State Beavers. Perhaps we should be wary of that program?

How is 4.0 sacks (4th highest on the team last year) form a back-up no impact????

Defensive line tackle is more critical than 3rd string QB particularly given the fact that okoye could be an effective starter if others falter at dt.

AKVARI: You have a simple way of looking at things, don't you? Then how come three teams have released Amobi's sorry ass since July 31, 2011 - Houston, Chicago, and Tampa Bay? Huh?

Houston released him because he is a 1 gap player and Houston runs a 2 gap system. Bears did not release but he got a better offer from TB as a free agent. He got hurt in Tampa and said something about the head coach so they cut him.

Oh and 4 sacks was not the second highest on the team and I have no clue why anyone would think that. It was the 4th highest and is not a huge impact. But he did have a solid year for the Bears, he played 615 snaps, 31 total pressures, 1 batted pass, 15 stops. Decent numbers.

His knee is also a question mark, and the Bears did want him back after last year, but again it was about the cap. I might also add if the Bears did not like Okoye and did not want him back why are they trying to sign him again?

As I suggested, perhaps they want him back because the injuries to our other defensive linemen are worse than is being let on?

Yeah Peppers has got the planters warts, painful. I don't know if anything is really that bad injury wise for the line, but I do so love watching the Bears go after Tampa cast off's. It reminds me of when Angelo was here, so basically I can see not much has changed. Which leads me to wonder who is actually running this team?

Anyway the Bears were thin at DT to begin with, which is why they brought in Price, and then Okoye. Someone may get cut after Collins comes back and you can't trust Stephen Paea to be healthy, looks like he is another Dusty D.

Cr-HATE-on, that was a HORRIBLE comment about Dusty D!!

He was a total beast and Jerry just didn't have the vision thing on him. It can happen to the best GM that ever was, which was my Jerry.

I'm very glad Harvey Unga is back. The BYU Bulldozer! He has a great worth ethic. That cripple Urlacher would do well to imitate it.

We need Jarron Gilbert back. He jumps out of pools! On YouTube!! Very sexy! Oh, my!!

It does seem like Lovie's influence over personnel is still too strong, doesn't it, what with all these Tampa 2 acquisitions? Emery is forgetting who should be boss. Seems like he's content to be a facilitator rather than make his own mark. He's not confident. He will have to distance himself from Lovie or fail in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Stand up, Phil. (I liked Dusty.)

Your irony is boring.

Well you see roll that's why I am here. To teach those who have been over exposed to the Bears talent evaluators to walk the path football talent enlightenment. Just look at poor Bumstead there, a true Angelo disciple if ever there was one. He has studdied at the school of the Bell cow. Why he has even taken path of the bridge under troubled waters. And look at how he turned out.

Time for the Angelo prayer.

"We've never had a problem with him, going back to when (he was in) Tampa."

"I know a lot's being said about Rex, the eulogy of the team given that Rex is out. I want to make sure our fans know we're not here lamenting over Rex Grossman. It's unfortunate. ... We have a lot of confidence in our quarterbacks and (offensive coordinator) Ron Turner."

"Well, that's not a loaded question, so I'll have no problem answering it. I've said that we feel each and every day our fans' passion, and that (question) is a good illustration of what we feel."

"It would be something you'd want to think about. We did it in Tampa a couple times. It would be something we'd entertain."

"It's just too hard to find a quarterback. When you think you've got one, if there was any ray of hope, we were going to play the string out."

Going to play the string out?

"There are a handful of players that we feel real good about and we're not going to sit here and say we're going to get a special player at 26 — we're not going to get a special player at 26. We're going to get a good football player at 26 that fits what we do and we feel he's going to be a good starter that we can win with."

Talking about not being able to get a special player at 26 cause only 25 and above contain special players.

"It used to be you never took a tight end in the first round. But they're looked at as athletes now. They're looked at as a skill position."

Yeah TE's never went in the first round. Ok so Ditka a top 5 pick, Kellen Winslow, Tony G, Ozzie Newsome etc... Yeah it didn;t start till like the 60's, so old Jerry was only about 3-4 decades behind everyone else. "TE's are a skill position? When did this happen?"

"We've got as lot of plates in the air."


"It's a tough position. It's a supply-and-demand business, and the colleges just aren't generating enough of them."

It's the colleges fault he can't draft, they need to get better players.

"We have not initiated any contact. If you hear someone say they have talked to me, it's because they have my number."


"[St. Clair comes in as the swing tackle and has also played guard.] We want guys who can come in here and play dual positions and have game experience under their belt, ... You can't minimize that enough."

You can't minimize that enough?

"We put a cap on what we were going to spend this year. Signing Fred let us move Tait to left side. It was a good fit, especially since we were able to work it out financially."

As opposed to the cap that is already in place for every team in the league? Ahhh but money was what was really important.

"We made our phone calls. We just didn't get any answers."

"Well look, but we're going with the hand that we dealt ourselves. We said that going in, and we're comfortable with it."

The hand we delt ourselves? Cassic!

"Do I see us doing something with the offensive line on the first day? No, because I like what we have, and for the most part they're all under contract as well for the next few years."

I like what we have, I really really really do, oh and we are screwed cause they are all under contract and we can't afford anything else.

"We feel the history of his position for rookies bodes well."

The history of players position will make them good.

"We like what we have, but we've got to see it over a period of time. We haven't been able to do that. So my job is to safeguard the position."

"It's like standing on top of the John Hancock. This is the best we've been."

I love this move. The bears dline are not injured and i dont think its a dumb move to sign a backup dlineman who got 4 sacks last year which was the 4th highest on the team. the more good pass rushers we have the more success the bears will have. Bears usually rotate dlinemen so they can be more effective on each snap. tampa 2 defence has to have sack and presure producers in order for it to work. some people on here are too dumb to realize that so they start criticizing the front office for bringing someone they cut earlier.

Is it just my jaundiced perception or does it seem like the Bears offensive line is able to pass block or run block, but not both? When they have a running game, it seems like the quarterback is running for his life when he is trying to pass; and when they have a passing game , the runs seem ta average abou 11/2 yards per carry. Ah well, perhaps I'm overly pessimistic here, and the offense will be both balanced and awesome this year, but I suspect the passes will outnumber the runs two or three to one, at least in the first three quarters.

If he wasn't the right man for the job in April, why is he the right man for the job now? Put your dunce cap back on and please remain anonymous.

Paul it kind of depends on what defense they are going against. I have not really noticed the line being good at anything for a few years now. But if your playing an excellent run defending team this line will struggle running the ball, same for a pass rushing team and the passing game.

Know your opponent.

Roll they did try and sign him last year. You seem to be confusing him with a starter. He does not cost starter money, he is not expected to start, and is a solid backup. He is also an upgrade over the current backups and knows the system. I don't know what all the fuss about a backup is. He's a backup man, he is not going to make or break the team, but again is still an upgrade over what they have at backup. Why do you have a problem with it? He was third best DT on the team last year. He plays in a rotation, the Bears lack depth on the D-Line, Price is gone, so what is hte big deal? Why are you making a stink over Okoye?

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