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Rod Marinelli talks up his Bears defense

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Much of the focus so far has been on the Bears offense. But Bears defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli has plenty that he's thrilled about.

Ever the optimist, Marinelli isn't going to say much that's remotely close to critical. But, here are some of the highlights of his press conference today.

* On Brian Price: "We looked at him [coming out of UCLA in 2010], and from other guys in the league, he's a physical guy, he fits like our guys, he's athletic, the movement is good, and he's got really good power, really good power. We're anxious to get him here and see what he's got.

* On what he wants to see out of S Major Wright: "I think just the consistency, down in and down out. He's a heck of a tackler, he's got good ball skills and all those things, he just needs to keep playing in the system. Know exactly what you do every down."

* On if rookie S Brandon Hardin can push for playing time: "We hope so. In camp, it's open. We let every guy come in and compete. Show me game, put it on tape and we'll see what you've got. And then we'll evaluate guys and those guys kind of determine it. Hopefully they make it very tough on us to make decisions."

* On DT Stephen Paea: "He's really grown. I say that, and I believe that, but when the pads come on, we'll learn even more. I really believe in him right now. He's really got really good quickness, he's healthy, he's really healthy right now, and he looks extremely fast. So once we get the pads on, that's when we really see how much we've grown there."

* On if something clicked for Paea: "It's confidence, and just health. Some of those guys had no offseason work last year, too, their first exposure was coming to camp. So we had a good offseason with him, and he's got good speed, quickness, everything we're looking for, now it's just put the pads on and go to work."

* On limiting Brian Urlacher's practice reps: "We'll be smart with our veteran players. But the way camp is kind of set up right now, it's a veteran-friendly camp, with certain days off and stuff. So we're going to go out and max out as much as we can, and just be smart."

* On LB Geno Hayes standing out: "Oh yeah, movement, his speed and quickness. He's very, very athletic, and he's been in this system so he can really run in it. Now again, we put the pads on see how he's taking on blocks and getting off blocks and all those things, then we'll see if he can be key for us."

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