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Left Tackle Update: J'Marcus Webb has solid day

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At least in practice No. 1 in pads, J'Marcus Webb can sleep soundly Saturday night.

In seven-on-seven running plays, Webb was physical up front and even getting to the second level, twice putting solid hits on linebacker Nick Roach.

Not a big surprise there because Mike Tice has indicated that both Webb and Chris Williams can show flashes of dominance in run blocking. But where Webb stood out was pass blocking, seeing a whole lot of Julius Peppers. Either Peppers was uninterested in going all out or maybe Webb has taken strides, because the offensive tackle held up well.
As for Williams, he appeared to be beaten twice by rookie Shea McClellin in one-on-one drills.

For one evening, at least, Webb seemed to be the winner.

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Great to hear. J'Marcus is awesome to his fans! He's got this! Go J'Webb bring us a Super Bowl!

Maybe this mock battle is all sat up to motivate J'Marcus Webb? Mike Tice seems to think offensive linemen come on in year 3, and I think he knows a little bit about linemen. That is good news that Webb was holding his own vs Julius Peppers, Webb is your prototypical offensive tackle at 6-8 330lbs with the 36 inch arms. But for whatever reason has never really put it all together, maybe in year 3? Should be interesting GO BEARS!!

Yeah Webb supposedly was the best linemen in practice all of last year as well. It just does not translate to the field. Kind like how every year Hester will look good in practice.

I never put much stock in training camp, each side tends to know exactly what the other side is doing. Most of it is situational, until either of them plays well in a game, they both sucks and suck big time. As a bear fan and I am sure like most football fans, I have spent the last 3-4 decades hearing about this guy in camp or that guy in camp. Or this guy looks great or that guy looks great. All this has taught me just one thing, the good players tend to go through camp hitting it at about 50% and only step it up when they have to, it's a walk through for them. The bad players are desperate to prove a point so they hit camp giving it 110%. Then game day comes and they get destroyed. I remember during a pre-season game last year people were talking about how great Webb looked after a pre season game.

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