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Jay Cutler bootleg highlights Bears' first practice

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On the first play of the Bears' "team" drill (11-on-11) on the first day of practice in Bourbonnais, quarterback Jay Cutler rolled out on a bootleg and missed connections with Brandon Marshall, who was covered by Tim Jennings.

''Finish the play, Marshall. Finish the play,'' a fan yelled from the stands at Olivet Nazarene's practice field. ''You've been dropping them all day.''

Whether he had been or not doesn't matter. It's the first day of practice. That play doesn't mean Marshall can't catch or Cutler can't throw or Jennings is going to have a great season. If there was anything definitive to get out of that play it was that the Bears ran a bootleg for Jay Cutler.

''We're going to try to do a bunch of football plays,'' said Bears quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates. ''Hopefully we're going to do a number of football plays that our guys are good at.''

The first day of practice at an NFL training camp is an awkward exercise. So much attention for something that means little unless somebody gets hurt. Kahll Bell and Alshon Jeffery had fumbles; Jeffery, the second-round draft pick from South Carolina, had some nice catches; but none was better than a catch undrafted rookie Joe Anderson made.

Matt Forte had a big run up the middle, but longshot running back Armando Allen looked even faster on an impressive run of his own; D.J. Moore and Charles Tillman had interceptions; Julius Peppers blew by Gabe Carimi on one play; Marshall made good catches and had two ''drops.'' Other than running a bootleg, Cutler looked like Cutler.

It's one of those days where Lovie Smith's can say a whole lot of nothing and be right on target.

''It's hard to say who looked good. I think everyone was about where they should be the first day out here,'' Smith said. ''We have a long ways to go, but a little bit of time before we play. Lot of good competition. One more day without pads tomorrow and then we'll really have an opportunity to see exactly where we are as a football team.''

Even then we won't be able to tell much. But until further notice, as long as the Bears keep running ''football plays'' for Cutler, Marshall and other playmakers, there will be something to watch in Bourbonnais.

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Just a question. Are any of the regulars on here going to be at the Saturday evening practice? I am driving up from West Virginia and thought if anyone was there, we could say hello. Take care everyone.

Make sure to email me so we can meet.


I apologize. I didn't get in to Chicago until late Friday night and was down on Navy Pier with my girlfriend on Saturday afternoon. Was at practice on Saturday night and I don't know about you, but based on ebverything I have read and seen so far, there should not be any reason why Alshon Jeffrey doesn't line up opposite Marshall against the Colts on Opening Day. Marshall made the crown ohh and ahh on severL plays, but so did Jeffrey. Cutler looked great and so did Forte and Bush. The Rookie TE/hybrid looked great too. He beat #53 on a seam route in either 7/7 or 11/11 and made him look bad doing it.

Sean, ask Tyler Clutts about meeting the Gearheadboy. lol. He's a good kid. Anyway, I will probably be up for the Colts game. We will meet up then. So much excitement. Ohh, and for the pundits on ESPN who want to talk about packer kids letting the player ride their bikes {got to be dangerous when it is probably their families only form of transportation}, or the 4,000 at Broncos camp. The people were 10 deep around the field last night and I heard today that there were 12,000!! on hand. Where's Jay Glazer or Adam Schefter when you need them? I forgot, they are massaging Mannings shoulders. Give me a break. Best fans in the NFL. follow the Bears.

Jay Glazer in Chicago, watching my Bears practice? Not while I live. NOT WHILE I LIVE!

Besides do you really want those clowns in Chicago? Look the reporters in Chicaog follow this team year round they have more insight, and more inside info then any of those national guys. Bears don't need press, they're the Bears. Besides do you really hear anyone talking about hte Giants either? I hear about the Jets, and Broncos and that's about it.

What I am waiting for is for some Chicago writers to go after the odd makers who don;t have the Bears making the playoff's. It's not really them as much as the fantasy guys, and people placing bets, but GTFOOH. Lions are getting handled this year. Packers will still be tough but the north is sending at least two and the Lions are coming in third this year baring injuries from the Bears and Packers.

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