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Chris Williams downplays competition for starting LT spot

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Chris Williams played it cool Thursday, trying to speak diplomatically about his battle for the starting left tackle spot against J'Marcus Webb.

"You just come in and keep working hard like I always do and let that stuff sort itself out," he said.

Asked about the pressure, Williams said, "You can find motivation anywhere.

"I'm just excited to be playing. We just want to get the season going and win games. There's always pressure. Everyone has a job to do - the whole team - and we just got to come out and do our best to be explosive and take care of our part of the bargain."

Williams said he's just excited to be healthy. Last year, he was sidelined after nine games because of a dislocated wrist.

Williams, like many others, talked about the explosiveness of the Bears offense.

"It is exciting. And, like I said, anything can pop at any time, with these guys. We just have to hold up our end of the bargain, and they'll take care of theirs," he said.

That's the multi-million question: Can the Bears o-line hold up?

More to come on this later.

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I hear the line had some false start issues today, any of usual suspects? I heard Tice on the radio he did not seem happy. I figure it's first day jitters but like Tice I would excpect more from the vets. I also heard they were putting the ball on the ground way to much. To be clear so some people don't get mad and say I am hammering the line again, I heard all this on the radio from Mike Tice.

As for Williams, I would like to see him win this battle, he is a better pass blocker than Webb but can't run block to save his life.

"You just come in and keep working hard like I always do and let that stuff sort itself out,"

I find this little comment intresting. In the past Tice has hinted that Williams may not want to play that badly or work that hard. Here I see Willimas trying to justify his statment that he works hard. People that need to tell you they work hard, usually are feeling guilty about not doing just that. When I here players saying "you just keep working hard." They usually never throw in "Like I do" Usually it's implied when you say "you just keep working hard" Williams needs to either move past the stigma I believe he feels is placed on him, or needs to start giving it 100%, which I don't think he does. I believe he works hard but given that football is not his passion, I think he it is next to impossible to give it your all when you are not doing what you love. I think football is a means to end for him.

On a small side note I heard Tice also take a shot at Webb.

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