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Bears Sunday practice report

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--It was Chris Williams' turn to work with the first unit on Sunday, as the battle for left tackle between he and J'Marcus Webb continued to play out. While Webb clearly won Round 1 on Saturday night, both looked good in the one-on-one drills, as well as seven-on-sevens. Then again, Julius Peppers was given a light workload on Sunday, so it wasn't like either was pushed.

--First-round pick Shea McClellin struggled at defensive end, and not just against the likes of Williams, Webb and Gabe Carimi. He was getting worked by the likes of second-teamer James Brown and third-teamer Tyler Hendrickson.

''I like everything he's done,'' coach Lovie Smith said of McClellin. ''He's done everything we've asked him to do. As a defensive lineman playing in the league, there's a lot for him to learn. First off, just being a physical player on the tight end. But he's going to earn his money based n what he does rushing the passer. He's got a long ways to go.''

--In the one-on-one drills with the defensive backs and receivers it was a one-sided showing in favor of the guys that are paid to catch the ball. But then there was Kelvin Hayden. He was the one DB that stepped up, locking down Brandon Marshall so tightly on one rep that Jay Cutler didn't even throw the football. When Marshall's turn came around, he yelled for Hayden to get back out there and cover him, even though it wasn't Hayden's turn. Unfortunately, the horn ended the drill before Round 2 could take place.

--Monday might be an off day for the players, but head coach Lovie Smith made it very clear that he and his coaching staff don't fall under those same CBA rules. Figure it to be a long work day for the staff, as they go over film from the first two days in pads.

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This is concerning. Training camp is not game time, for sure, but if McClellin is getting worked over by our line, what's he going to do against decent OTs?

I like the skill set the kid brings to the table, just not as a 4-3 DE. The highlights they showed of him at Boise were all stunt sacks on delays, which is very difficult for college OL to keep up with. I did not see a single sack where he smoked the guy trying to block him. I am sure he had a few of those as well, but James Brown and Tyler Hendrickson should not be able to stonewall him. He needs to be able to use his hands, and even if he doesn't win, he should at least get close. Granted, I have not seen the actual footage, but when a beat-writer uses the term "worked," that does not convey a sense that he held his own...

Mark, it sounded like Wootton is looking better this year than last year...What are your impressions of him so far? If he gets back to the form he had as a junior in college, that could make for a nice 4 man rotation, and we could get over the whole Chauncey Davis/Thaddeus Gibson experiment...

McClellin is struggling at end? What a shock. Kids got good speed in his legs but no power. Forget a bull rush or any power moves. Kid made a career in college off hustle plays but you never really saw him beat guys with with power or speed very often, at least not at end, at LB that is a different story.

What I don't get is basically the entire league thought he should be a 3-4 rush LB. Emery himself had been following him when he was with the Chiefs who run a 3-4, he was looking at him as a LB. Then Emery comes to the Bears and suddenly this kid is a great End even though he spent most of his time in college as a LB and was not an every down player. The entire league and Emery thought of this kid as a LB, and then bam the Bears like him at end. The only reason Shea even became a sudden climber late in the draft is because the Pats leaked a report that they just loved him. Then everyone loved him. Shea never even said he was a pass rusher he kept comparing himself to Mike Vrabel. Which is pretty accurate in my opinion.

Glad to here Hayden has been playing well, would love to have another big DB running around out there who can actually play.

They got him playing at 255 as well. By the end of practice he probably ways around 250. I saw the same thing as well with his sacks in college and his play, lots of hustle stuff but I never really saw him beat many people. I did see him get handled at the line on a regular basis.

I really wonder if Lovie and Emery were on the same page with this kid or if there is something we don't know yet.

I am hearing good things about some of the other draft picks though, so that's good.

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