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Shea McClellin enjoying "smooth transition"

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Bears first-round pick Shea McClellin doesn't really have any complaints thus far.

"It's been a pretty smooth transition," he said. "I'm just trying to get better every day and improve."

That's not too hard when Rod Marinelli is his position coach and coordinator, and he's surrounded by Pro Bowl defenders like Julius Peppers, Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs, as well as veterans like Israel Idonije.

"It's exciting to practice with great players," he said. "And Rod has been great. Everyone has told me that he's the best coaches in the business. So it's exciting too learn from him, and pick his brain a little bit, and listen to him."

McClellin is also transitioning off the field. He's partnered with Allstate Life Insurance and "Give Your Sole" for a program designed to solicit used athletic shoes for the Chicago area homeless.

"The good thing about it is, if you can't make it, or a prior obligation, Allstate is collecting donations through Fleet Feet Sports stores," McClellin said. "I'm excited to be a part of a great program that gives back to the community."

McClellin will join Allstate 13.1 Marathon Series stop in Chicago this Saturday.

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Shea McClellin needs to come in and become an effective edge rusher, this will be key to weather he makes it or not. At Boise State McClellin had 33 career tackles for loss, and over the last 2 seasons has had 16.5 sacks. So the guy can make plays behind the line of scrimmage. McClellin has high football intelligence and a high motor, and is an instinctive defender who can locate the ball quickly. But, at the end of the day, all thats gonna count is how much pressure he can put on the quarterback and how often he can reach him. If McClellin proves to be an effective pass rusher, it will take the Bears defense to another level along with the play of one Mr Julius Peppers GO BEARS!!

It matters NOTHING what McClellin does this year. What matters is the play and health of the franchise QB that was traded for 4 seasons ago. When you bypass the best guard prospect in the past 2 decades and the 2nd best tackle prospect in the draft to take an undersized DE it makes you look like an idiot. What would it matter if McClellin gets 16 sacks {which he won't} and 5 forced fumbles IF "cement legs" J Webb lets up the amount of sacks as he has been and Cutler is on the sideline. The narrow minded, always sucking up fans on this site seem to miss that point. This is not about me not liking this kid. I am sure he's a fine young man and a pretty good football player. What this is about, is the Bears in their arrogance and/or ignorance, bypassing on team needs and treating their fan base as though they are blooming idiots.

BTW...I thought Wooten was supposed to give the Bears 14 sacks a year as that other bookend?? What happened there?

We need Dusty D back. I just love him rushing the passer on crutches! Plus you can tip lots of passes with a cane and even get a sack by harpooning the QB if you sharpen the end of it like a spear. A harpooning should be completely legal if the QB's arm isn't going forward.

Bada boom, bada bing, bada Bumstead! Kevin Bumstead!

so o linemen are never busts but d linemen are? fundamentally that is your argument. and it is weak. beyond that, find some other teams with weak o line play. ummm 2011 giants. steelers for last 4 years or so. colts with manning. packers. it is about recievers now and making a teams pay for the blitz by spreading the field. so catch up bart starr

Gear Head, have to agree with Ed's comments!

A consistent strong pass rush cures many a defensive ill, including poor corner or Safety play, creates turnovers and creates situations of 2nd and 3rd and long which is paramount to any teams success.

Yes, LOT position is extremely important but so is a pass rush DE as important. Tice will make sure the line is effective, particularly of Cutler does not hold onto the ball too long in situations where an incomplete pass out of bounds is better than a sack. Remember that Martz's system put too much undo pressure to pass protect far too long in today's NFL.

Ed, remind me to get you "hooked on phonics" for Christmas. You need it and so do you dahlillama. {Reading and comprehending is a skill}. I never once said that McClellan was a bust. In fact if you go back and read, I said that he's probably a great kid and a pretty good football player. BUT hey you two rocket scientists, your FRANCHISE QB came out and blasted his OL. I will take Cutlers word on it any day. He has been getting killed the past 3 years and hadn't said a word. And you mentioned the Steelers. Yeah, they believe so much in YOUR philosophy, Ed, that in the past 3 years they have spent 4 picks in the top 65 on Offensive linemen. Packers spent back to back first round picks on Tackles. And this love fest with Tice is remarkable. Mike Martz was a moron, but not all of the issues were his fault. Mike Tice has lived off of 1 "project" that he turned into a pro bowl O lineman for the past decade or better. He's like a "one hit wonder" band from the 80's still showing up at Schaumburg Fest.

Yes, it's about spreading the field and creating matchup problems, but there will be times when Cutler will have to take a 7 step drop and it doesn't matter how wide open Marshall is, if Cutler is looking at the sky from his backside.

Blah, blah, blah, hooked on phonics (I am so clever), blah, blah, one hit wonder (I am so funny), blah, blah.

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