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Lance Briggs starts a "New Era"

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Bears Pro Bowl linebacker Lance Briggs couldn't think of a more natural partnership than the one he signed last year with New Era.

Hats have always been a part of his wardrobe.

"I have a steady number of hats," Briggs said Tuesday. "I wear hats to match my outfits."

New Era has become the exclusive and official headwear supplier for the NFL, and players will be wearing them on sidelines next season.

Briggs, who is real particular about his hats, couldn't be more thrilled.

"Nothing against [Reebok]; I love Reebok gear," he said. "But, its kind of golf hatty. They were cool hats. But its just that New Era hats are cooler."
Bears New Era.jpg

He had numerous New Era hats before he signed his endorsement deals. He prefers a slight bend in the bill and fitted caps (size 7 1/2), and he's partial to the San Francisco Giants and Pittsburgh Pirates, as well as hats related to comic books.

And one more thing.

"I'm a California kid," he said, "so I keep all the stickers on it."

I have a New Era cap carrier. Holds seven or eight. Don't get wrinkled.

Currently, his red Superman hat with a black symbol and his all-black Transformers hat with a Decepticons logo are his favorites.

This weekend, he's headed to L.A., to represent New Era at the Summer X Games.

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I'm back for the year to tell you fans how it is! GO BEARS!

Ahhh Oh joy, we are saved.

Did mommy finally let you use the credit card so you can get a subscription? Or do you just not want to use Facebook over at the trib? That made it hard for you to use a bunch of names over at the trib by changing to facebook. To bad for you.

Lance just wanted Comic book hats, and money. Cool hats but a lot of them are a little over the top for my taste. I love the fact that he wants to wear the stickers cause that's what they do in Cali. Like that's what he did when he was a kid, whatever. Let me leave a bunch of crap on my hat, that will look good. Poor kids used to leave stickers on their hats to show they were authentic, I don't think lance has that problem. I wonder if he used to where hs colthes backwards back when Kris Kross was around. OMG a trend I have to copy that and waste money on it hurry they are almost out of Cabbage patch dolls and Bennie babies. Oh goodness the new Jordans are out, I need to pay 800 dollars for a pair of gym shoes I will never where and that are usually ugly as hell just to say I have them. I am not pathetic, not pathetic at all. OMG it says limited on it, LIMITED, I have to buy it.

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Oh and yes I do use PFF for stats, please tell me you don't use ESPN for your stats.

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