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Lance Briggs: "Matt Forte has to do what's best for Matt Forte"

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Lance Briggs has had a nice offseason since he got his reworked contract completed in April.

"It's been a big release of stress," said Briggs, who conducted interviews to promote his new partnership with New Era hats. "There are some things that you worry about, when you think about the past. You think there's going to be a big fight again. Thinking about traded or released. So, you hope for the best, and prepare for the worst.

"So getting the deal done as fast as it got done, I'm just thankful."

Briggs, who has been embroiled in contract disagreements with the Bears in the past, empathizes with Pro Bowl running back Matt Forte.

"It doesn't matter if I got my deal. Matt deserves to get paid," Briggs said. "Matt's one of the players that they're going to get everything they can out of him. He's going to give it his all.

"Matt has to do what's best for Matt Forte, and what he believes is best for him. It's not for me or anyone else to say but him. But I'm sure he'll make the right decision."

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Lance Briggs just hit the nail on the head when he said, "Matt's one of the players that they're going to get everything they can out of him. He's going to give it his all." No, Forte is not Payton, Neal Anderson..maybe. But the point is Forte is the best back on the roster and helps the Bears win games, thats the bottom line. The Bears use the heck out of Forte, its time to pay up. Chicago needs Forte if they want to make a playoff run, you need all the talent you can get to win, and Forte is a Pro-Bowl back. Just pay the guy and get ready to make a run for the big game GO BEARS!!

"Matt has to do what's best for Matt Forte, and what he believes is best for him. It's not for me or anyone else to say but him. But I'm sure he'll make the right decision."

Actually it's not Matt's call, at least about his contract. It's Matt and the Bears organization that make the call. That's why it is a contract and involves 2 parties not one. Two parties that have to agree, not one. Matt needs to do what is best for Matt and the Bears need to do what is best for the organization. If Matt believes he is a top 5 back and wants top 5 money then he needs to prove that, which he never has.

If Matt does not understand what a comprimise is then let him try and get top 5 money on another contending team. packers, won't give him that kind of money, Pats won't, not many teams would if any.

Creighton, I think you're overanalyzing here. The point of Briggs' statement was that Matt has to decide for himself the risk he's willing to take and what he's willing to accept for himself. Of course a contract requires two parties to agree, and the size of that contract is not Matt's unilateral call to make, but what is Matt's call to make is whether he'll accept less than a McCoy/Foster type of offer, or hold out for more. From that perspective, the decision IS Matt's to make.

Actually I am just pointing out the way certain people think. They over focus on themselves and not the situation as a whole. Those guys tend to be the me, me, me types. Which if you read Forte's recent statements, basically justifies what I am saying.

As for risk he has faced the same risks every year he has played football. A lot of those years he didn't get paid. Now he wants a 45 million dollar contract and thinks he is McCoy and Foster. He is not even close to being Arian Foster but wants Foster money.

On what planet does 45 million dollars equal 3 rushing TD's. Foster had 3 TD's once, when he only started 1 game and played in 6. Only 54 attempts behind a really bad line 2009.

All I can say about Forte is he looks like an ego maniac to me. If he wants to sit because he is insulted by 30 mil, then let him sit. Oh no we will be missing out on a guy who scored half as many TD's as his washed up backup.

Well, in the NFL, a player has to be a "me, me, me" type to a certain extent, especially when you're a RB, a position so easily replaced. I'm not saying that Forte deserves what Foster and McCoy got (no way in hell), and I think he should accept a lower offer, but again, it's purely a negotiation. And for the sake of his negotiation, Forte thinks he has to take the stand he is taking in order to drum up support from peers and from the public. It's all just negotiation, my friend, and the Bears are choosing to do theirs in private, which is really all they can do since there's no way they can come out looking good to the casual fan who just wants them to "pay the man." Whether you or I think he's worth less or more matters not in the least bit, in the same way that it matters not what you think I should get paid in my job or vice-versa. It only matters what you can negotiate and what you think you need/want to live on. He's just trying to max out his financial option given this will likely be his one and only big contract in his NFL career. So, to be honest, I could care less what Forte says publicly or privately as long as he eventually plays ball. I just view it as part of the business, and eventually a fat paycheck heals all wounds in the NFL.

If by public support you mean Lance Briggs than yes he is getting public support. Most of the fans I have talked to or read seem to think he is being a tool. Besides my problem with Forte being a me, me me, guy goes beyond the money he wants. It goes into the fact that he would rather run out than run in. He sees contact coming and he runs out. Not a problem really except he does in the redzone and I got a big problem with that.

If you don't care what Forte says why defend him and post comments talking about what he said? I think you care moer than you think. Which is pretty normal for a guy. I don't like Forte, I don't like his personality, I don't like his style of play, I don't like his attitude. He has good talent, but not great talent, and is a good but not great back. As you point out the position is easily replaced. I could care less if he sits or never plays here again. Bears were able to run the ball without him.

I mostly agree with you here, Creighton, but perhaps you are a bit tough on Forte'. He has been a solid back and good receiver out of the backfield for the Bears and is also a threat for a breakaway run at any time. He certainly does seem to be more of a "I'm for me" player than a team man. Briggs could be called the same . Remember his resentment when he was in the same position as Forte'? The Bears caved with him, but he was much more proven than Forte'. I hope the Bears do not cave with Forte' and make him play for a paltry $71/2 million this year. Then they might be in a position next year to negotiate or dump him.

Eh, I've come across plenty of fans who support Forte on various comment boards, so I think you're off base there, Creighton. I don't think there's a fan consensus that is condemning Forte. And I'm not defending him. I'm j ust saying that he's no different from most NFL players and that I really don't care what he says. I think he is better than you give him credit for, but probably not worth what he must be asking. Regardless, it makes no difference as I've said, whether you or I like him, or whether he is a selfish jerk. The Bears clearly want him if they franchised him. He just has to produce on the field with whatever he gets paid, and that's the bottom line. I could care less whether he's likable or not.

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