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Lance Briggs on football: "There are dangers to it"

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Perennial Pro Bowl linebacker Lance Briggs considers himself among the lucky ones.

"I love the game so much that I've kept playing every year, and every year after. I was fortunate to play in college, and fortunate enough even more to get drafted and play in the NFL, and enjoy my NFL career," Briggs said. "I've been lucky, I guess -- or whatever you want to say -- that I haven't been in a position like Dan Morgan or different guys, who have had concussions that have forced them out of the league.

"Especially, in 2012, you have to know this is part of the sport you're entering. You want to love it, love it, and all that good stuff, and all that it brings. But there are dangers to it."

Speaking at Hales Franciscan, where over 150 8th to 12th graders participated in a free football camp he hosted, Briggs said concussions are inevitable. Last week, Atlanta Falcons receiver Roddy White created a stir, with some comments on his Twitter account.

"It's crazy how football players are killing our game you signed up to play a violent game and made a lot of money now you talk bad about," White wrote, adding "how?"

Later, he said, "I love playing football if I cant walk when im 50 it was well worth it."

Briggs said he didn't have any issues with former players filing suit against the NFL.

"It's going to change the way that players get taken care of, after the NFL, after their tenure," he said. "But, I do feel the same way [White] feels, as far as, you know it's going to be violent. You know there's going to be post football trauma, or whatever you want to say. We know that."

He used a players' hands as an example. Given the violent grabbing and jerking, Briggs said arthritis seems more likely for football players.

"When you play a violent game like football, it's going to happen," he said. "To be unrealistic about what's going to happen when you play football kind of falls on the individual."

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