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Jay Cutler on Bears o-line: "There are some questions marks there"

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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is thrilled about the additions to the offense this offseason, But count him among those who has a wait and see approach with the offensive line.

Asked about the excitement about the Bears heading into 2012, Cutler said, "You know, the offensive line is definitely going to be a concern and seeing where those guys are going to fit in and seeing what five we go with.

"If Gabe [Carimi] comes back, if J'Marcus [Webb] pans out. Where are we going to put Chris Williams? There are some question marks there. Until we really get that resolved, and get our front five settled in, we've got some work to do on offense."

He was then asked if the new offense would help the offensive line.

"It helps some. But it's not a cure all, by any means," Cutler said. "They're still going to be asked to protect. There are going to be times it's 3rd and 8, 3rd and 10, and we're going to have to take seven step drops and we're going to have the longer route and they're going to have to protect.

"It's definitely going to help them, moving the pocket, getting rid of the ball quick. They're not going to be under the stress - game in and game out - they were last year. But on the flip side of that, there are going to be times they've got to do their jobs."

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So basically Jay is going to do everything he can to help them, Tice is going to do everything he can, Forte, the TE's, Bush, Marshall, are all going to do everything to help them try and reach new hights. Why they may even become below average at blocking. So everyone else will pick up their slack, but at times they will actually have to "do their jobs" Wow that's a scary thought, Webb must be at home crying.

Seems like Jay and Tice don't see the offensive line the same way.

Ross Tucker on NFL Radio was calling out Cutler big time this morning for publicly tearing into his OL. He said that that's not the way to motivate your OL, that Cutler has no idea who really was at fault for missing blocks and that J'Marcus webb, a 7th rounder coming from DII W. Texas A&M, couldn't be expected to be a stud right off that bat, and that it wasn't always his fault. Well, given the crappy grade that just about everybody gave Webb, I can hardly agree with Ross' assessment of him, and I highly doubt that Cutler hasn't studied the film to know who was consistently letting Cutler get pressured and hit, so those were poor arguments. As to whether it's a way to motivate his OL, time will tell, but personally I applaud Cutler for challenging the guys because they need it.

Unfortunately, you can't coach lack of talent, and the Bears lack talent on the OL, at least as compared to many other teams. I think they'll be fine at G with some mix of E. Williams, C. Rachal, Louis or Spencer (though I'd like to see the Bears move Spencer back to C and have Garza be the backup), and RT should be fine if Carimi comes back, but LT and C are big question marks. C. Williams has been soft, Webb is what he is, and Brown is a rookie who is a tweener. No true LT's on this team right now.

They guy doesn't think Cutler knows what goes on with the O-Line or has any idea what the offensive blocking scheme is? That says all you need to know about that radio host. Yes the QB of the team has no clue about the blocking schemes and could not know about them. Sure that's how it works. After 100 plus sacks I pretty sure as the Captain of the offense he has the right to say whatever he wants. He did more for that line than the line did for him the last three years.

I also did not know their was a time table for when a player who is a 7th round pick becomes a stud. It seems to me that good players tend to be good from the begining and bad players tend to be bad from the begining. Now Webb has had ample time to play, it's not like he has not had the opportunity to play or see the field.

Colston was a 7th round pick but was good year 1. Receiver is arguably one of the hardest position to adjust to in the nfl.

Tom Brad ywas a 6th round pick, by year two he was a pro bowler.

Birk moved from Tackle in college to Center in the nfl, was a pro bowler his first year starting.

So what's the time table. Has Webb looked good to anyone? I have seen high profile first round picks who looked horrid year one and stayed there. Usually you expect to see a guy look better his second year. Webb actually looked worse. That's not a good sign to me.

What exactly has the O-line done to earn the benifit of the doubt? It's been sacks, hits, pressures and penalties for a few years now. The Bears organization wants to lie about it, and some people want to buy into that. But that does not change the fact the line actually sucks. You can put a bow on a pig but in the end it's still a pig.

Now some people point to that period when the line was not giving up many sacks last year. Now I said the whole time it was Cutler not the line preventing the sacks and I caught some ####. Then Cutler went down. Proof was in the pudding after that.

I don't even see what the argument is that the line is good or going ot be good. People talk about scheme and all that. But really blocking comes down to one thing. Beating your man. That's it. It's not all that complex. I have heard that from some of the best linmen in history and current linmen who play. "Beat your man, don't get beat inside, and limit your penalties." Scheme this, scheme that, did you beat your man, or get beat?

Remember what Allen did to Webb? He beat him easily one on one, then they doubled him and he beat double, then they tripled him. I don't care how good an end Allen is, he isn't a speed guy or a power guy, he is an effort player, and he abused Webb like many other end. And I don't care what round Webb was taken in, when you need double team help all the time and triple team help sometimes, you suck. 3 guys to stop one end. Really? But the Bears want to talk about how much they love Webb, hell even the guys helping him sucked. You think good OT's get their butts kicked on a regular basis? Hell no, OT's are suppose to be your butt kickers. That's really the job of any O-Line, go out there and kick those other guys #####.

The Bears line does not go out there and kick butt, they get it handed to them and then hope Jay can scramble around and make a play.

Creighton, you're preaching to the choir. I certainly don't agree with Ross, and despite his degree from Princeton and his experience in the NFL as an OT, I think he's way off base with Cutler's comments. He particularly didn't like Cutler saying, "if Webb pans out." Well, you know what? I think Cutler's earned the right to say that, and he's absolutely right about Webb. I don't think Webb is gonna get much better either, and I'd even rather see Williams slotted at LT over him, even though I don't think that's a long term solution either. I think Cutler is signaling to Lovie, Phil, Mike Tice, and to the McCaskey's that if they want him to sign another extension, they better get some real talent on his blindside. Or else I'd walk too if I were him. Even with BMarsh here, who wants to get their brains beat in 3-4X a game because you can't do better than a DII 7th rounder?

Thanks for the response Sean. I agree there are certainly some UFA's (e.g Jason Peters) and small school players who've done well, but I don't think anyone is ragging on Webb because he's a 7th round pick in particular. Rather, we're on him because he grades very poorly after two years, has not played well in either spot, and there's not much evidence to suggest he's going to get much better. Jason Peters was undrafted, but he showed promise on the OL early, and he only got better as time went on, not worse. And let's face it, Webb was drafted where he was even though he started at a big school because he came with concerns.

I agree on Tucker - he definitely is sensitive given his background, though as a 6 year player, he has nothing to be ashamed of. Still, I think his comments are off-base. BTW, I meant he was an OL-man, not an OT specifically.

Sean, now I like you man really i do, but don't you ever ever say Webb is anythig but atotal bust and failure.

I could bust you upside the ehad Sean with facts ans stats like how
PFW rated Webb the wirst tackle in the NFL. I could but I'm just not feeling it today, you know?

So tekll you what I'm a nice guy Sean you know that right? I'm going to let you slide this time because I like you but just this time Sean. Oh don't take that as a threat. Its just some good olf freindly addvice wink wink.

But just donut let it happin again, capeesh?

Now were is Kevin I need to go drop the hammer on him. How dare he say "go bears!!" at the end og his posts. Makes me sick to my stomoach.

I see that Creighton's verbosity is still functional. I agree with both bloggers here and am glad you responded Sean. I have to be more discriminating in my blogs since the __Chicago Suntimes__ only allows me twenty pages of browsing per month.I hope the running game and quick passes partially off set the line's weaknesses and hope the linemen are better than they seem at this point.

Hey I agree it's not about round, it's either your good or your not.

A lot of people point to the fact that the short offseason effected players. But not to long ago the offseason was even shorter, OTA's and mini-camps are a modern practice. But back when it ws just training camp and pre-season players still made big gains. He was not a rookie either and everyone else had to deal with the short off-season, did that stop JPP from having a huge year? He seemed to make some pretty huge gains. Webb has more starts and snaps than Paul who was suppose to be a developmental prospect.

Cruz went undrafted in 2010 but man he sure showed up in 2011 with a short off season. Second team all pro year 2. Did hurt Geno Atkins a fourth round pick? How about Aaron Hernandez? He seemed pretty good last year. Jimmy Graham? Jon Asamoah? You know plenty of guys were drafted in 2010 and they had great years in 2011. Heck Andy Dalton was a second round QB, had to go through all the crazy of the draft in 2011, and still played pretty damn good his first year in the league at the toughest position to play at. Plenty of guys were taken the last two years and round aside they played well.

Look I am just tired of the excuses, and the only players that teams make excuses for are the ones that played bad. The Bears tell you their guys didn't play bad and then make excuses for them. Well if they didn't play bad why are they making excuses for them?

Look at Jay, he came here in a much worse situation than Webb and has had to deal with a lot more than him, and mean a lot more but he has improved 2 years in a row. Do you actually ever hear the Bears make excuses for Jay or Jay for himself? No. When Bennett struggled do you remember what the Bears said about him. They said he was struggling to learn the playbook. That was the truth. But with Webb it's like "Well how would you like to face Allen." Like the Bears are the only team in the nfl that ever faces good DE's.

Look Webb has decent natural ablity, but his skill level is low, he is not a bender, he plays soft with no mean streak, and I don't think he plays smart. I don't think you can teach mean and aggressive. Chris Williams is the same way, although he has a higher skill level. The Bears for awhile seemed to be drafting nice guys to play a roll meant for a mean SOB. Nice as in how they play, they don't have that in game killer instinct. Did you ever watch Ogden play? That dude would start throwing his helmet and smashing tables if he missed a block or messed up. All he ever wanted to do was destroy the person across from him.

Every time the Bears line screws up they look like they are having a pitty party and the team seems to feed into it. Lance Louis gave up 5 sacks to KC and they thought he played great. What the hell?

When you got the worst line in football you have 0 reasons not to bring in competition. That's zero, none, zip, nada. Every guy on that line should be looking over his shoulder at his potential replacment.

Paul Manter | May 17, 2012 6:23 PM | Reply

"I see that Creighton's verbosity is still functional."

Hell yeah it is, I don't even need no Viagra, my verbosity works just fine.

Ummmm what the hell is a verbosity anyway? Is that like a ride at Great America, I bet it is totally awesome.

Yes the O line needs to improve drastically on the protection side, the running game blocking seems to be effective at least last year. As for Mr.Cutler he too needs to step up his play although he was pretty good for the 5 games before the injury put him out for the remainder of the year.

Lets also still face the fact the Cutler in the past has made some poor decisions in both red zones throwing picks that caused points for the other team or took away points from the Bears. Lets also face the fact that Cutler is rated around 17th in the league in stats and has not progressed to the elite level just yet.

Cutler is not a Brady, Rodgers, Brees or a Manning just yet. He has the physical talent, I still wonder if he has the leadership skills and good decision making to make it into this elite group of QB's.

So far he has not, lets see what happens this year with some pretty good wide receiver talent, not great but pretty good.

You do realize one of the reasons his stats are down is because of injuries, the oline and his receivers right? If you got the worst receivers in football, the worst line in football and a crazy OC, it makes it hard to really really good, and for those 5 games you mentioned he was really, really good and given the situation you have to wonder how he would do with Gronk, Hernandez and Welker?

It's hard to compare apple and oranges.

Does Webb really have the tools? He is kind of like a diesel engine as far as his athleticism, as it takes some time for him to get up to speed, and he is not good at changing directions during games. The best move to beat him is a simple hesitation, because he can't stop and start.

He is not an NFL tackle, despite what everyone seems to think are ideal traits. Not sure if it is mental or not, but his "athleticism" does not show up on game day. His first move is to stand up, instead of kick out to start setting the edge, and good speed rushers are already past him at that point, and he has to reach and over-extend.

Cutler was completely right to say what he said, and like many have said in the past, if you don't like what someone is saying or doing, stop them. If Webb doesn't like getting told he stinks, either play better or pack up your crap and go home. These are grown men who play professional sports. It is not for the thin-skinned, and after giving up enough sacks that it's a miracle Jay has any brain cells left, he deserves a lot of criticism. Blame Martz's system all you want, and believe me, I think he deserves a lot of flak for putting in a system that didn't work with the shoddy personnel he had. Some genius. He is a college coach, who has a scheme, and can't adjust. But the fact remains that most of the time Webb is beaten, it is not the 7 step drop that is the problem. It is the molasses-slow footwork of the lumbering oaf that lets the DE get on Cutler in about 2 seconds. Very few pass plays are designed to get the ball out that quickly.

Verbosity has the croot "verbose." I suppose I could have said "verboseness," but I also like "obesity" better than "obaseness."

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