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Darryl Drake on Devin Hester: "All we've got to do is use him"

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Bears receiver Devin Hester continues to get overwhelming support at Halas Hall.

The latest person to heap praise on him is receivers coach Darryl Drake, who made clear the veteran isn't at all insecure about the addition of Alshon Jeffery.

"I promise you Devin is not reading press clippings about Alshon Jeffery, but I bet Alshon Jeffery is reading press clippings about Devin Hester. Devin Hester don't give a crap," Drake said. "He just want to go out there and play.

"And let me tell you something about Devin Hester, you got to know how I feel about him: All we've got to do is use him. That's all we have to do, and you'll see what kind of player he is, period."

Drake said to ask other NFL players about Hester.

"Ask Brandon Marshall what he thinks about him as a player. Ask Darrelle Revis and some of those guys what they think about him as a player, and what they feel they have to do to cover him," Drake said. "Is there a concern? Ask those guys. Don't ask me, ask those guys. They'll tell you, because they tell me.

"Ask defensive coordinators around the league. So the talent has always been there. It's just a matter of not having him play 70 plays a game. Throw to him twice. Play him 15, let him touch it 13. You know? And that's always been my stance. But if he's going to play 70, the ball needs to come his way 10, 12 times a game, easily. But in order for him to be effective, we don't need to have him out there playing that many plays."

With that being said, though, Drake really likes the addition of players like Jeffery, Brandon Marshall, Eric Weems and Devin Thomas.

But Drake said Marshall has been a "joy" to work with.

"I mean he's a football player. He just does things, he's just a joy to be around, period. He's a joy to me, he's a student of the game first and foremost in the meetings. He is the one that is forcing Earl and Devin and Dane [Sanzenbacher] and those guys to raise their games," Drake said. "He's the one that's forcing them to do that, because of his talent.

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Man Drake needs to zip his lip. That's all he does is take ####. He is the Don King Wide Receiver coaches. Hester has not done jack #### as a receiver, none his guys do anything. The fool sent Bennett back at least a year when he insisted he play and learn every receiver position his first year.

Where are all those promises he made last year? Now he said don't judge him or his receivers until after the season. Well the season is over and how this clown still has a job is beyond me. All he does is double talk his way around the organization.

At best all he has done is stunt Hesters growth. Hell he couldn't even teach his receivers how to beat the jam, the DB coach has to do it, cause god forbid he actually does any work, he can't even do the job he is paid for. Hester has been working on becoming a receiver for 6 years now and has been getting worse.

I am waiting for him to claim he is going to develop Marshall is forcing the other receivers to raise their game? That's been his job dating back to 2004 but now it's Marshall's job. Hoke is teaching them to beat the Jam, Jay is teaching them the routs they are suppose to run and the play book, Moose was teaching and telling Hester where to line up, and Drake talks and cashes in a check. Drake couldn't even teach his receivers how to make hard cuts the last two years.

I agree with Drake a bit.. I think Devin can blow up in this offense..

if you look at 2008 Denver numbers Marshall had over 100 catches and Eddie Royal had +90.. Despite Devin's shortcomings I definitely think he is more skilled than Royal...

Stokely also had about 50 catches and I think Bennett matches up favorably there...the 2008 Broncos also had 70+ catches at the TE...running back was real weak on that squad so Forte dominates there..

Bottom line this O is going to be explosive which I am amazed that I am using the word "explosive" and Bears offense in the same sentence... but this going to be a very good year for them I think...and us !

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