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Tim Ruskell said Bears planned to address No. 1 receiver this offseason

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Former Bears general manager Jerry Angelo was reluctant to add a No. 1 receiver, believing in Devin Hester and the emergence of Johnny Knox. But former Bears player personnel director Tim Ruskell said the Bears planned to address that position this offseason.

"That's something that needed to be done, especially with the injury to Johnny," Ruskell said last week. "That was a hit to that group. We obviously would have looked at that very hard."

There were several options via free agency, most notably former San Diego Chargers star receiver Vincent Jackson. But, this was also considered a fairly talented rookie receiver class.

New Bears general manager Phil Emery traded two third-round picks for Brandon Marshall. So what does Ruskell think?

"Very talented player. That's never in question. It's just the fit, in terms of any issues he may have had. You have to make that decision. Is this something you want to take on? Is this person going to be disruptive?" Ruskell said. "That's the decision on Marshall, not the talent level.

"That's one you have to do all your homework. And if you're going to make a decision on a guy like that, you have to make sure everyone is comfortable, and you've turned over every rock, and weigh that against the risks and rewards."

Ruskell said it's important to be mindful of the right chemistry in the locker room.

"If you bring in one guy who is divisive, that can create problems that are hard to overcome," he said.

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The position did need addressing, even if Johnny Knox stayed healthy. The Bears haven't had a true split end since Muhsin Muhammad. Thats one thing the offense has lacked, a big 6-2 plus receiver to play up on the line. I was hoping Devin Aromashadu was gonna be that guy, didn't work out. I liked Knox early on, he can stretch a defense, but thats about it. Knox was as good as he's probably ever gonna be before the injury, I don't know if he'll ever play again anyways with this back injury? I doubt it.

The trade for Brandon Marshall was a nice move by Phil Emery. One thing Emery and everyone else knew, Marshall has a great rapport with Cutler, thats key. Cutler already has a nice rapport with Earl Bennet, now throw in Marshall, this should make for a nice passing game in Chicago.

There is some nice talent coming out of the draft, but the trade was a better move for the simple fact most rookie receivers don't come on till year 3, Chicago needs a receiver now. I still look for the Bears to draft a receiver at some point during the draft, maybe late? A nice one late would be Iowa's Marvin McNutt, the 6-3 wide out is a nice pass catcher that could develop for Chicago and give them depth at split end GO BEARS!!

Trade back a bit from 19 and a pick up a de or dt then trade the number #2 you get for trading back from 19 plus next year's #1 to get back into the last part of the 1 st round and pick up Stephen Hill... Hill gies a nice compliment to Marshall and doesn't have to carry the WR group... plus he will be nice insurance for when Marshall's contract runs out in 2 years...or if BM pulls anohter crazy stunt...

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