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Peyton Manning, RG3 on tap for Bears in preseason

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The NFL exhibition season generally is a pretty worthless exercise, especially for those playing full-price to watch it -- or not watch, it as the case may be. But the Bears' preseason won't be lacking for interesting story lines -- with Peyton Manning's debut at quarterback with the Denver Broncos topping the list.

With games against the Broncos (Aug. 9-12), and Washington Redskins (Aug. 16-19) at Soldier Field and the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants (Aug. 24) and Cleveland Browns (Aug. 30) on the road, the Bears could face Peyton Manning, Caleb Hanie, Robert Griffin III, Rex Grossman and Eli Manning in the preseason.

Manning, released by the Indianapolis Colts, signed with the Broncos as a free agent. Hanie, who played for the Bears the past four seasons, also signed with the Broncos as a free agent.

Griffin, the former Baylor star quarterback, is expected to be selected by the Redskins with the No. 2 pick of the NFL draft.

The Bears preseason contests versus the Broncos, Redskins and Browns will be produced and broadcast by the Chicago Bears Network in high definition. Each game will be shown live on WFLD-TV in Chicago. All four exhibition games will be broadcast on WBBM-AM (780) and WBBM-FM (105.9), with Jeff Joniak and Tom Thayer in the booth and Zach Zaidman reporting from the sidelines.

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I dont care about preseason, it is worthles. Players should strike, heck I might just have too go to Goodel house and smack him around a bit the sleep with him. Geez.Bears got Marshall yes but cant use him with no O-line.Gosh I need to wash myself now.Well have fun paying 80 bucks a person to see a BS game.

P.S. King me

I can't wait for the pre-season, but, with that being said, I'm not in any hurry for the summer to get over either. The drafts coming up, thats cool enough for now.

When you come down with the old football fever, the pre-seasons cool at first, but after that 2nd game your like, when is football gonna be for real!! And your ready for the regular season to get here.

It will be cool for Bronco fans to watch Manning throw a TD pass on the Bears when they're in their vanilla coverages, and it will be cool for us Bear fans to watch Cutler, the QB their silly franchise gave to us, throw TD passes to Brandon Marshall.

As far as Peyton's little brother Eli, he's the leagues most under rated player, hands down. Last year the NFL network had the leagues 100 best players, voted by the players, Eli wasn't on it? Eli went on to win his second Super Bowl. Eli won 2 Super Bowls, big brother Peyton has only won one, I don't know, who might be the better Manning once its all said and done. The thing is, the NFL might get their dream of a Manning vs Manning Super Bowl, thats why Eli never went with the Chargers, with Eli in the NFC, and Peyton in the AFC, the NFL might get their billion dollar dream, it should be interesting GO BEARS!!

You go to nfl network to tell you who the best players in the league are???? I know your crazy with all your alternate posts under different names but really? That is where you go to find out who the best player is? Do you even know how they come up with the top 100. One of the ways is to do player vs. player fan voting. Here are some of the matchups/ Hakeem Knicks vs. Andre Gurode, Raji vs. Ward, Colston vs. Hampton, McNabb vs. Justin Smith, Chad Clifton vs. Steve Smith, Sanchez vs. Volmer, yes Sanchez is a choice, in fact I voted Sanchez out and still saw him 5 more times on the list, Vick vs. Janikowski, really?

So that's where you go for your who is the best player in the nfl info? Intresting choice. I go to this little place I call my brain and ask my brain "gosh who do you like." Then my brain goes "Zou bisou bisou" after that I go through random images of Christina Hendricks in compromising positions, after that I remember to walk the dogs, get a pizza, laugh about you going to yet another site to tell you who is who and what is what, then I read strange articles in major papers and magazines like Forbes about a some video game called Mass effect 3 and how the fans are making a stink about something, then I laugh again, then I decide who is dumber. The people writing those articles about fans getting upset about a video games, or you writng about the NFL network not having Eli on last years list.

After laughing yet again, I thank god that I am me and not you, although given some of the names you post under one could argue you wish you were me.

Tell you what me and some of the Bear fans that actually follow the game and don't cut and paste everything we write and claim it as are own opinions, like a certain someone who's name sounds a lot like Evan Farmstead, will make up a list of players for you and then you can run around and tell everyone this is your list for top players. I'll even throw in some snappy comebacks for you so you don't have to continue to plagiarize little girls T-Shirts that have quotes on them anymore.

After your last few humiliating moments I didn't think you would ever post here again. Boy you must be really desperate, to post here again. That's really pathetic, did you get banned from all the other Bear sites for plagiarizing and posting under other peoples names? So glad my spittoon cameback.

Oui, je suis plus intelligent que vous, mieux que vous, et Vous savez que vous vous souhaite moi-même. Avoir une belle journée imbécile.

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