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Lance Briggs says his situation different than Matt Forte

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Bears linebacker Lance Briggs, who received a one-year extension Wednesday, knows all too well what running back Matt Forte is going through right now.

Briggs was the last Bears player to have the franchise tag on him, and he was rewarded with a six-year, $36 million when he became an unrestricted free agent.

In the past, Briggs has supported Forte's delicate situation, but he wasn't interested in weighing in too strongly on Wednesday.

"He's a grown man and I'd tell him to do what he feels is right," Briggs said. "You do what you feel is right because I can't come in his house and say that I'm going to feed his family and neither can you and neither can anybody else.

"It's up to him to feed his family, and it's his life and his career. He knows what his value is and I think all of us know what his value is."

Briggs diplomatically said he and Forte have "two different situations."

"We're dealing with two different type of deals," he said. "I hope that his situation gets resolved soon. I want him to be happy."

The Bears used the franchise tender on Forte, but he's looking for a long-term deal, so he's expected to skip the voluntary workouts. He must sign the franchise tender by the 10th week of the regular season, however, if he wants credit for the 2012 season. Otherwise, he'll be in the same position next offseason, with the Bears able to place the franchise tender on him again.

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Come on Lance, get real! The rest of us are able to feed our families on much less than $7.7 a year. If Matt needs some help finding food, we can 1) start a food drive for him, 2) teach him how to clip coupons, or 3) I'm sure there are some well stocked food pantries near Soldier Field. Gimme a break!

I hate when people compare athletes to regular joes if you were in his position you would do the same damn thing he has every right to get what he is worth and the bears should pay him they didnt have a problem use him on 50 percent of the snaps when they were paying him 400k he proved his loyalty so pay that man

I hate when people compare athletes to regular joes if you were in his position you would do the same damn thing he has every right to get what he is worth and the bears should pay him they didnt have a problem use him on 50 percent of the snaps when they were paying him 400k he proved his loyalty so pay that man

Yes people should not compare themselves to athletes when it comes to how much money they make. Then again athletes should probably not compare themselves to regular people when it comes to "putting food on the table." Hmmm you think just maybe they shouldn't do that in the middle of a giant economic depression?

Are athletes spoiled? Of course they are, we spoil them. They are the favorite children, that's how we treat them so we only have ourselves to blame.

Exactly what has Matt Forte done to prove he is loyal? He played his contract which he signed. That's not being loyal, that's being paid to do your job. Threatening to sit out unless you get what you want, is that being loyal? That sounds closer to a temper tantrum. You know like I am gonna hold my breath until I get what I want. He wanted more money they offered him a lot more money and he turned it down and wanted even more money. Is that being loyal? I gotta go with greed on this one. Sorry but it is what it is. They offered him top 10 money he wants top 3 money. He is not a top 3 back, he doesn't score enough to warrent that kind of money, he does not get it done in short yardage to warrent that kind of money, and he is next to useless in the red zone. Which is why they pull him so often.

I think Forte has a great big ego, and wants a great big wade of money that he has not earned, and I really don't think he wants to be a Bear that much. If I had to guess I think Forte would like to be a Saint or maybe a Falcon. I think Forte likes his own numbers but I don't think he is very intrested in winning. In fact I have never heard him talk about it, I have heard him talk about himself several times.

Honestly I don't like Forte at least his on camera persona, and that's on a team with Jay who can make it hard for you to like him. And I still like Jay and basically Forte annoyes me. I think he is kind of a ####. Just from what I seen, I don't actually know him of course. But something about that guy does not sit well with me.

Honestly I hope he does not sign, draft someone else, sign someone else. It should not be this difficult to sign any player. If that player wants to stay.

Anyway as for loyalty can you give me an example of this?

Def. "the state or quality of being loyal; faithfulness to commitments or obligations." 'an example or instance of faithfulness, adherence, or the like'"

He is under contract right? He is threatening to sit out right? He has been complaining for over two years about his contract but has not signed any of the contracts he was offered. Now the question is, is he commited to the team or himself? They are offering him fair money and have offered him fair money. Something you should know loyalty can't be bought, some people think it can but it can't. Loyalty has nothing to do with money or even a job. Loyalty is belief more than anything else.Weather it's a belief in a team, your country, or your friends and your family. Your not loyal to a company because they pay you, anyone can do that, your loyal to a company because you believe in them and what they stand for or what they are doing. That's loyalty.

I have made a lot less money in my life from being loyal, but I am happy and I love what I do. You can't buy that.

"I have made a lot less money in my life from being loyal, but I am happy and I love what I do. You can't buy that."

So what DO you do, Creighton? I know you certainly put a regular whoopin' to Kevin Arm/BumWhateverstead around here, and that's a public service. Anything else?

You hope Forte doesn't sign? Really? Even after saying he's a top ten back? (I think he's better than that, but I don't know about top three.) And you don't think that the Bears would be worse without him? Who could the Bears start at running back this season who would be as good or better than Forte?

Beside not being a good short-yardage back, Forte is very good at everything. The Bears would be much worse off without him, even if his personality is as bad as you think. And with his speed and pass-catching ability Forte gives them an extra threat that most backs don't provide. Until they get at least one more good receiver, the Bears need that threat to have any chance of having a decent offense.

And speaking of Forte's personality, I see the opposite of what you did, until lately with the current contract negotiations. Forte has always seemed humble to me.

The Bears could have nipped all this in the bud by signing Forte to an extension last season, when he was clearly underpaid. But as usual, the Bears were cheap and now they have to deal with the consequences.

Cry-ton, get off our Bears board you Forte hating "looser!!" If you don't like Forte then your free to go to Packerland and root for your idols Grant and Starks with the other fat cheese loving bums!!!

Goodbye Cry-ton, little girly girl! Don't let the door hit your @$$ on the way out!!!

Actually Forte is not good at everything outside of short yardage. He had another poor year blocking, he does not run between the tackles well, he dances to much and bounces everything outside. Oh and he doesn't score much even on his break away runs because he lacks top end speed. He catches well and he runs outside the tackles well.

Yeah I don;t like guys who don't care about the team and winning and concerned only with there own numbers and money. I don't like players who appear not to want to be here. So yeah I hope he does not get a huge contract. I am fine if the Bears have to play with the Backs they have. The worst rushing team in football just won the Super Bowl, and the Packers were not much better the year before. You don't need an elite back these days it's not the 70's and 80's anymore.

Our board? Our board? I am pretty sure you were the little sissy girl running crying about somebody using your name over at the trib?

But lets get back to our board? It's not our board? It's the times board and I will think about not posting when the writers stop asking me where I have been or why don't I post more. Our board? Maybe you missed it but most of the nut jobs like yourself only post here because I post here. Or maybe you missed the fact that when I don't post this board has a habbit of dying.

Considering this is already the longest thread running here in what over a week? On the only thread I have posted on in over a week. This board had 5 posts from the 5th to the 13th. Hell I got three replies in two days. Our board? This board is as much "our's" as the Bears are your team Packerbacker. You do remember Brad Biggs busted you on this very board about posting as Packerbacker don't you?

Go back to the Trib, oh wait everyone over there hates you Tripper34. I think your just upset that you didn't get the first post on this article. Which is pretty much all you ever post at the trib. What insight you run around saying "first" on every thread. What are you 10? Your a running joke there and a running joke here. Although everyone seems to love TheBigC over there. Hmmmmm I wonder who TheBigC is?

One other thing about Forte. How often does he make a bee line for the sideline? I don't mind a guy stepping out when he is about to get hammered but most of the time he steps out early to avoid contact, and he will do this in the red, inside the five. How many times have you seen him step out instead of fighting for the TD. I have seen him gently pushed out inside the three multiple times instead of fighting for the score. He does not do it all the time but it is one of the reasons he doesn't scre as much as he should. He has lost 3-5 Td's in the last two years doing this.

He doesn't fight for those extra yards as much as he could, he is a sideline runner, who does not drop his shoulder as much as he should and is very willing to step out of bounds. It's not like he is a small back and I get that it is a good way to extend his career. But again it points to it being more about him.

I really don't think he is a team guy who wants to be in Chicago. I am sure he will give the standard answer that he loves it here. But actions speak louder than words. It's my own personal view that he would rather play someplace else.

Now I know it is just impossible to replace him. I mean it's not like there is a draft or anything, or that RB is one of the easiest positions to find. But where on earth are they going to get a back good for 3-4 rushing TD's a year? 21-22 Backs in the league had 900 yards or more rushing, 45 of the backs last year had 3 or more rushign TD's. Boy is that special how are you ever going to fill that scoring void? It's not like Bush had 7 TD's in 9 starts last year or 15 in the last two years. It's not like his career average is 4.2. It's not like Bush can catch the ball either. He only had 418 yards as a receiving last year and one receiving TD. How many TD did Forte have last year? Oh half as many as Bush. Plus in no way can the Bears trade Forte and draft a back with that pick. Oh wait.

The good news is Forte just destroys GB. I mean look at these numbers

55 yards, 2.2 average, 0TD's
51 yards, 4.3 average, 0TD's

29 yards 2.6 average, 0TD's
91 yards 6.1 average, 0TD's

2 yards, 0.2 average, 0TD's

Wow 0TD's against the Packers in three years that includes receiving. He has scored once against the Packers in 4 years. He has never broken 100 yards against the packers, but at least his 3.2 YPC average is something to brag about. It's good he rises to the occassion against his teams biggest rival.

Forte also has 1 career TD against the Vikings. The one team he has scored on is Detroit, but most of that happened well against Detroit. I am pretty sure most people remember what Detroit was like not so long ago. Peterson has only 7 TD's against the Bears sense 2008 and he did that in one fewer game than Forte played. How about Grant who missed almost all of 2010 and only had 134 carries in 2011. Oh he has 5 TD's against the Bears sense 2008.

Forte's two big games last year came against the Bucs and Panthers. Two of the worst run defenses in football according to PFF. But you should beat the bad teams like that, you should also stick it to your rivals. 2 TD's against two of your rivals in 4 years? Don't know how the Bears could ever replace that.

The team that just won the Super Bowl had a good line and good receivers. Same with the Packers the year before. The Bears? Not so much.

You're not the first person to tell me that you don't need a top back anymore, but I don't agree. It's not so much that you need one, but if you have one it helps a lot.

BTW, I sort of agree on Forte's blocking, though I don't think it's horrible. Just a little below average.

Well if they had a top back who wanted to be here and could actually score, and more so have big games against the Bears division rivals I might agree. But backs are not like they used to be, some guys are putting up impressive numbers, but considering most defenses are geared towards defending passing attacks. I find myself torn as to how good they actually are. Look at Urlacher what does he do best? He drops into coverage, that's his best skill. He is not great at beating linemen.

The Packers had a great line? The Giants too? Really? The Saints had the best line in football.

PFF offensive line rankings. I do believe that is the Giants ranked exactly one spot in front of the Bears.

And here are the 2010 offensive line rankings. GB was ranked 12th that's true but the Steelers were ranked below the Bears. I believe they also happened to be at the Super Bowl that year.

The Steelers do have an amazing back in Mendenhall though. Running behind a line like that and scoring all those TD's. Damn now that's back.

Saints won in 2009 and who was their great back?

Steelers in 2008 had Willie Parker, yes thee Willie Parker.

Giants in 2007 using three Backs. Jacobs, Ward, and Droughns. Yes lighting it up.

Hey a feature back helps, of course it does. But are you going to overpay for a feature back who doesn't score TD's, and does not seem to want to be here, and does not run up the middle?

Look at all that money Carolina wasted on there backs and they got a couple of good backs. But how did that help them?

My opinion is this, the Bears offered him a more than fair contract already He said no, and he continues to say no. Sorry but a guy who is averaging just over 4 rushing TD's over the last 3 years, and has scored a total of two TD's against the vikings and packers over the last 4 years is pushing his luck if you ask me. Yeah he gets some yards, but he also gets shutdown a lot.

DeMarco Murray only started 7 games, played in 13 and his numbers are very similar to Forte. You going to give him top 10 money or top 5? Which is what Forte wants.

My whole point is this if he doesn't want to sign the contract nobody can make him. He thinks he is worth more than everyone else that good for him. But that is not reality, the reality is this. He is a good back, who runs to the outside, and can catch the ball. He does not score enough to be considered an elite back, his blocking is up and down, he does not have a top gear, he is not a power back, he is very nimble in the open field, but does not lower his shoulder enough, he carries the ball in the wong hand way to often which is why I think he tends to run out of bounds so much. It's his way of protecting the ball. He wants a top 5 contract then he better give the Bears 1400 yards rushing, and 10+ rushing TD's with a 4.5 average or better. In 4 years he has broken 1000 yards twice. That is not elite. You don't play elite, then you don't get elite money. Matt isn't living on a little planet I like to call Earth. If he wants to go then trade him. I would not want to pay guys who don't want to be here. He wants elite money then earn it. Cause having good numbers is not the same as having great numbers.

Lots of interesting commentary here. I've been away in Florida this last week or so , taking kids, their spouses and grandkids to Disney World, Universal Studios,Sea World and dinner theaters. Spent too much money and will be economizing for a while, but I'm too old to wait until I can afford to treat the kids and grandkids. I think Forte can be the kind of all-around back he started out to be and hope the Bears sign him to a three-year deal. He will make enough anyway as a franchise player, but I think he deserves a longer-term contract.

I have to add another comment here regarding putting food on the table to feed his family. Briggs should know better than to make such a stupid comment regarding Forte. There really are people out there who go to bed hungry every night and are delighted when they get a few bucks one way or another so that they can buy a sandwich. Briggs knows that as well as anybody else. He should think before opening his mouth and perhaps he would not insert his foot so often.I understand that athletes' pay is not comparable to that of other fields of endeavor, but "for the love of the game"is a concept that could use a serious rebirth.

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