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Jonathan Martin statistics similar to Matt Kalil

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Matt Kalil of USC is universally considered the top left tackle in this NFL Draft class.

The Minnesota Vikings are considering him with the third overall pick, although he could drop if he's not taken in that spot.

But, according to STATS, Stanford's Jonathan Martin had similar success last season in the Pac-12.

Kalil allowed just three quarterback knockdowns, one hurry and two sacks. But Martin allowed three knockdowns, five hurries and a single sack in 2011.

Martin could be available when the Bears pick at No. 19, although all indications from the club thus far suggest they aren't inclined to address that position with the first overall pick. Bears offensive coordinator Mike Tice is a big backer of J'Marcus Webb, and new general manager Phil Emery has been very effusive in his praise of the former seventh-round pick's athleticism and potential.

"I don't want picture it that we're looking for a left tackle," Emery told me at the NFL Owners meeting. "We feel comfortable with the two guys who started for us last season. We had J'Marcus Webb at left tackle."

Emery, though, hedged just a wee bit.

"We like the group of offensive linemen we have right now, with what we're going to do with them, we think we can be very successful with them," he said. "With that said, you're always - right up until the opening week - if there's someone who can improve us we're going to look at it seriously."

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Stats aside, I doubt Jonathan Martin is better than USC's Matt Kalil. The reason Kalil is higher rated than Martin is simple, power. Kalil put up 30 reps on the bench compared to Martin's 20. So not only does Kalil have more natural power, he's the drafts best pass protector. The bottom line is Jonathan Martin might not have the natural strength to be a great NFL left tackle.

You also gotta take into consideration Jonathan Martin had one of the highest rated college QB's in years (Andrew Luck) throwing the ball behind him, a QB that can make plays with his feet, that helps a tackle on the ol stat sheet. Also Stanfords zone blocking scheme helped Martin. If Chicago takes a tackle in the first, I'd go with Georgia's Cordy Glenn over Martin. Heres my final mock going into tomorrow.

!st Whitney Mercilus Illinois DE 6-4 261lbs
2nd Mitchell Schwartc California OT 6-5 318lbs
3rd Mike Brewster Ohio St C 6-4 312lbs
4th Brandon Hardin Oregon St S 6-3 216lbs
5th Derek Wolfe Cincinnati DT 6-5 295lbs
6th Marvin McNutt Iowa WR 6-3 216lbs
7th Donnie Fletcher Boston College CB 6-0 201lbs GO BEARS!!

I'm sure playing with Barkley, who got the ball out quickly to Woods and Lee, didn't help Kalil at all.
Sean, here in Minnesota we've been told countless times that Kalil never allowed any sacks and that's why we should look past his less than average size and questionable strength.
Can you shed any more light on this?

Wolfe in the 5th and Mcnutt in the 6th? You're dreaming Kevin. Both are LONG gone by then. But, it would be nice!
I am really hoping chandler Jones falls down to 19. He's proven he's got what it takes and figures to fill out his frame as he gets older. Mercilus is scary at best, i havenever liked one year wonders.

I've got Casey Hayward CB Vandy in the second.

Kevin and Bearboy23: I think Derek Wolfe and Marvin McNutt are diamonds in the rough. I thought I was the only one who recognized their abilities. I am truly humbled by the sharpness of these fellow bloggers. I haven't seen the others, with the exception of Mercilus, but I like him, too.

bear boy23, I realize Derek Wolfe is now projected as a 2nd-3rd round prospect, but, this is a very deep defensive tackle class. Many teams around the league don't have a need for a DT, especially the 4-3 teams and with all the other DT's rated ahead of Wolfe being drafted, Wolfe may slip. Wolfe could be there in the 5th maybe the 4th? As far as your 3-4 teams, they would draft Wolfe as a 3-4 DE, I doubt they would draft Wolfe, a career 4-3 DT in the 2nd-3rd round, he'd be a project as a 3-4 DE. This is why I think Wolfe may slip, maybe I'm wrong?

As far as Marvin McNutt, he's projected to go in the 5th-6th round, and like the DT's, this is a very deep wide receiver class. McNutt's lack of straight line speed is why he rated so low. He could be there for the Bears in the 6th.

I'm not a fan of Chandler Jones, he's got the hand to hand combat thing going on, which is cool. Great size at 6-5, long arms, and is rising up many draft boards. The thing is, he's not a great pass rusher and many scouts think he's best suited as a 4-3 left end. So basically if Chicago were to draft him, they would have a younger Israel Idonije, solid player that wouldn't do much as far as a pass rusher. Chicago needs someone who can create pressure coming off the edge to take pressure off Peppers, Mercilus is that guy in my opinion, he'd bring more of a pass rush than Jones. Yeah Mercilus is a one year guy as far as numbers, but if he were to return to school this year, he's a top 5 pick in next years draft, and Chicago would get him at #19 GO BEARS!!

Unfortunatly it's the wrong theory. Now what your talking about is fuctional strength versus gym strength. Anybody who lifts will tell you there is a big difference. So lets take a closer look at Martin. Martin was sick and was not training, so he is going to lose reps. Now that does not mean his bench would have better or the same as Kalil. But it probably would have been better.

But lets look at the bench press drill and how it relates to offensive linmen. It is not a drill designed to test their strength. It tests their endurance. Ask any scout. Functional strength is different. Can Martain gain leverage? That's more important to a LT than bench reps. The answer is yes and he has good height for it.

What about his hand punch. Well a hand punch is not about bench strength, your pecks have little to do with the power of a hand punch. A punch is just like a regular punch, the power comes from your body, it begins in your legs, and is effective when you can get your body into, this combined with your speed will make it effective. It is about generating the power from your legs, getting your weight into it and how quickly you throw it in one motion.

Does he have quick feet? This no scout has argued, he has quick feet and is a natural bender.

Can Martin run block, yes he is the second best run blocker from Stanford after DeCastro. Which tells you something, because he can drive.

Can a guy play tackle who only benched 225 20 times. Well sure. I know some people think that is impossible, unless of course the player is named Chris Williams, then even though he didn't have a lot of reps he is the bestest ever. Or Webb again a certain fans favorite player as soon as he joined the Bears, 17 reps for Webb. Of course on the other end you have the great Tony Mandarich, 39 reps of 225 and what a player. Cause it's all about the combine and pro day numbers.

Jason Peters only benched 225 21 times. But he can play and he is a top tackle in the nfl.

Jordan Gross 22 reps

Mike Ross 19 reps

D'Brickashaw Ferguson 20 reps

I think Kalil is a special player and is better than Martin, but Martin is better than people are giving him credit for. Of those Players Martin reminds me of Gross, and I would have no problem with Gross starting at LT for the Bears. Martin needs work, most prospects do. I don't think the Bears will take him, but I think he will be fine in the nfl.

Oh and Kevin most people think Jones belongs in a 3-4, in fact they talked about it last night on ESPN but what does Bill Parcells know? I also know that a lot of his private workouts have been for 3-4 teams like the Jets, Chiefs and Pats. Who he workedout for.

Wolfe is a natural 5 tech guys. And Marvin McNutt in the 6th round? Yeah you keep dreaming. Oh and good thing Mitchell Schwartz is available his Bench reps of 23 times make him capable of playing in the nfl, those 3 reps make all the difference in the world. 20 times your a weakling, 23 times you have all the power in the universe. Hahahaha. I love all these prospects, that I have no clue about. No offense to the kid I don't know if he is good or bad, but according to some it's all about the Bench.

Some people also missed the fact that the Bears played more stretch/zone last year than power/man. And while Matin had the great Luck, all Kalil had was that Chump Barkley who will probably be next years first round pick. Of course if you saw the USC/Stanford game, Martin, Kalil and Luck and Barkley all looked pretty damn good. But that's my mistake, see I watch football, what I am suppose to do is read about the players on mock draft sites. Cause that's when you learn about them.

You know being creatures of habit, most linmen play the way they are asked to play. Kalil was asked to pass block more than Martin. In turn Martin was asked to run block more than Kalil. Martin was the better run blocker, and Kalil the better pass protector. A major reason being is because that is what they were asked to do and that's what they focused on.

Kalil being more athletic, and having that great bench press was still not as good as Martin in run blocking. That does not mean he couldn't be.

Martin who is also athletic, did not have this big bech press but Stanford ran behind him a lot and he did a great job run blocking. He can maul in the run game. His pass protection was very solid but he was asked to do it less than Kalil and focused more on run blocking, just like Kalil focused more on pass blocking.

Most linemen will be better at what they are focusing on. Or what the team is focused on. Because that is what they practice. Is Martin going to be great at blocking the Bang 8, smash, or twin levels routs if he does not work at doing that very often? Probably not.

Both men were very good at doing what their teams asked them to do. In fact both excelled at it. Yes I would take Kalil first but I have no problem with Martin. I don't think the Bears will take a tackle in round one unless Kalil of Reiff are their. In fact I think they hope to avoid it because Lovie wants his end.

I still say LT is a bigger need than end, we got Peppers, we don't have anything close to that playing OT. I actually think DT is a bigger need than end as well.

"I still say LT is a bigger need than end, we got Peppers, we don't have anything close to that playing OT. I actually think DT is a bigger need than end as well."

I totally agree. How can the Bears get a left tackle? It's a far bigger need than any of this other stuff. I'd trade up to get a good LT who could start now.

A disappointingly shallow analysis coming from you. Maybe it's time to hang 'em up, old friend.

No he is not Joe Thomas, Joe Thomas was just as good a pass blocker and is one of the best run blockers in the nfl. I think he is a better pass blocker than Monroe was coming out. Thomas is probably the best pass blocker in the league, he had a down year but injuries and lack of off season caused him some problems.

Wrigley Field Bear replied to comment from Creighton | April 26, 2012 1:50 AM | Reply
"I totally agree. How can the Bears get a left tackle? It's a far bigger need than any of this other stuff. I'd trade up to get a good LT who could start now."

I would have a better idea of who they should go for if I new exactly what kind of offense the Bears were going to run. Last year was a mixed bag, they played power man early but switched to a lot more stretch/zone. They dumped most of the 7 steps last year.

If they go back to more power man, then you want a Cordy Glenn type, I think Martin can do both because of his run blocking ability. But will he be a LT year one. Bears are in a win now mode. Each one of these tackles need time even Kalil. Most of the prospects do. So I am thinking the Bears will go with players they feel are most ready to contribute this year. I am not a fan of this style of drafting as I believe the draft is about the future. Reiff will start at RT this year and belongs in a zone. LT's takes time, Duana Brown is a great example he needed time and it took him a couple of years. Projects for LT could be James Brown, or Donald Stephenson, throw in Levy Aock but again those are projects and need a couple of years and the right system.

Sean, I want to apologize to you. My comment was directed to Wrigley Field Bear, who thinks that OT is a bigger need than DE. I guess I screwed that up. I figured I could talk that crudely to someone called Wrigley Field Bear, because with that name he'd have to be as old and stupid as I am. I have high regard for your opinion, and none whatsoever for that olds f--- Wrigley Field Bear (though I once did). I don't share Creighton's strange animosity toward Mike Tice, and feel he can coach up most anyone.

Yep as long as they are not on Bears line he can coach them up. I don't rate the lines the people that do say the Bears were the worst again. From 2002-2005 how good were those Vikings line? I am not talking about the established line he was given, I am talking about the line he chose.

If he can coach up anyone he did pretty poor job of it. What you really want to say is he can coach up talented guys. Gosh that is really hard to do.

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