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Jerry Angelo has no plans to retire, Tim Ruskell says

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Tim Ruskell, who was relieved of his duties as Bears player personnel director Jan. 30, has no plans to retire.

But neither does his longtime friend Jerry Angelo.

"Jerry is such a positive guy," Ruskell told the Sun-Times. "He's in a good mindset. He's moving forward, and getting on with things. We talk about the game. And stuff outside of the game. He's doing good.

"Not in the retiring mode, that's for sure. He's been a tireless worker all his life. So he enjoys that."

Ruskell, who worked for the Bears for two seasons, has enjoyed time with his family, and he re-connected with some people in Florida. But, he doesn't want to sit out for long, and neither does Angelo.

"It's hard to just sit on the porch, in a rocker. So nobody is thinking that way," Ruskell said. "We both have passion for this."

Angelo was dogged by rumors that he was thinking of retirement, and some speculated that he was hand-picking his successor in Ruskell. But Ruskell said that wasn't the case.

"Jerry saw a fit for me with his staff. He wasn't talking about retiring, at all," Ruskell said.

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This makes me SO sad. Two of the greatest executives in professional sports dumped at the side of the road like pieces of trash. My tear ducts are still dry from crying my eyes out over it. I am surprised that the Pats didn't snap both these fine gentlemen up, but let's hope the Saints get visionary brilliance and see the powerhouse potential behind this amazing due.

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