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Harvey Unga rejoins Bears

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It's been a strange NFL journey for former Brigham Young running back Harvey Unga since he was drafted in the seventh round of the 2010 Supplemental Draft.

Unga, who has left the Bears twice for personal reasons, was reinstated to the active roster, and he's able to participate in the offseason program now.

What his role, however, is unclear, since the Bears have a new general manager, and they have much more depth at the position.

The Bears have signed Michael Bush, and they appeared to have found a quality fullback in Tyler Clutts.

Unga showed some flashes during the preseason last year. But, he was placed on the reserve/ left squad list last September.

The Bears kicked off their voluntary workouts at Halas Hall today, and the only significant no-show was Pro Bowl running back Matt Forte. The team placed a franchise tag on him, but Forte is seeking a long-term contract.

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This is HUGE!!!! This guy is the biggest Total Beast (TM) since Bo Jackson. Boy, do I hope we play the Giants with Hell-raisin' Harvey in the backfield. The entire Giant defense will take one look at Hero Harvey, cry, and go home! Cry and go home!

Bada bing! Bada boom! Bada Bumstead! I"m Kevin Bumstead, yessir I am!

One gets the impression that the Bears do not quite know what in the hell they are doing. Forte should have received his long-term deal and should be working hard at conditioning. I don't remember Briggs being absent when he was disgruntled about the franchise tag, but what must Forte think about all these running back signings?

Unga is just another tackling dummy for camp, so the other backs don't get worn out.

The voice of the people must not be silenced Sean. It must not be silenced. You don't think I took it to far do you? Come on Rainbow flying unicorns, pillow fights, the super bowl, Honey Bears, thongs, spank me panties. It was a brilliant and inspired post. Yet it does not appear. Evan Farmstead must be allowed to speak, he is the true voice of all the Armstead, Bumstead, Farmstead generation. A once in a lifetime voice.

Don't tell me you didn't laugh, I know you were laughing Sean. That post made eastbound and down look like a infomercial for an all nuns vacation getaway. And yet it was totally appropriate and tastful. I mean come on a spot light dance, how classy is that? Brad Pitt, Brad Pitt helps people in New Orleans, all he did was flip a coin.

Okay so how many times did you cringe while reading it? Did you have to look away from the screen? You did didn't you?

What???? Cross the line? Me? Yeah okay I kinda new it did when I worte it.

By the way they said the same thing about Lenny Bruce. That's right me and Lenny Bruce, same thing, except for the drugs and hookers thing.

A couple of intresting articles on Gap Control at PFF.

and the second article

Breaks down A, B, C, and D gaps and how well teams did in each Gap, Yards, YPC, TD's, attempts.

Bears ranked in the bottom of the league in both A and B gaps. But they rank at the top of the league in rushing off end or the D-Gap. In fact it is close to half of all their rushing yards and accounts for 7 out of 10 of their rushing TD's.

This probably explained why Tice was mixing in zone blocking this year. Stretch plays. Anyway with all the Forte talk recently I thought some insight into where he got help, didn't get help and helped himself would help. Hope this helps answer some of those questions about Forte and the line and who did what.

Oh and yes it does point to the fact that I was right about both the line and Forte rushing to the outside. But I am posting these articles so people can see, well that I am right again.

Defensive gap control.

This is some good stuff, basically tells you where the Bears need help along the line. Bears struggled on defense shutting down the A-Gap. Wow they don't like that A-Gap on either side of the ball. Now who defends those Gaps?

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