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Evan Rodriguez of Temple selected by Bears in fourth round

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With their fourth-round pick, the Bears selected Temple tight end Evan Rodriguez.

Described by possibly as "a poor man's Aaron Hernandez," Rodriguez started his collegiate career at West Virginia but ended up at Temple. He moved all over, playing multiple positions and some NFL teams considered him as a fullback.

That's not a surprise, since he's 6 foot 1 1/2, and about 240 pounds.

Current Temple coach Steve Addazio was the offensive coordinator at the University of Florida, and he coached Hernandez.

Rodriguez had 479 receiving yards last season and scored two touchdowns for Temple, modest numbers to say the least.

He's also had to answer questions about his character, but Emery downplayed those. In a psychological evaluation the team gives players, Rodriguez scored a nine out of 10.

"To find this guy, to be the right fit for us, is a good find for the Bears," Emery said.

"Right role, right fit for a player and a team."

Under Mike Tice, the Bears needed a hybrid tight end/ fullback who could block but also get down the field. With his 4.5 speed, Rodriguez can get up the field in a hurry.

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This is a terrible pick for the fourth round. Is Jerry Angelo directing the draft again?

Another bad reach by Lovie and his gang. This guy was not a need pick, nor was it good value. Kyle Adams is the guy on the roster who can play H back and TE. Massie was still there, or they could have gotten George Iloka at safety, instead of a guy who missed all of last year and has injuries every year of college.

This draft is killing me. Haven't been thrilled with any of the picks so far, and am completely dumbfounded by Rodriguez...


Right there with you,Joe. a 3-4 OLB in the first, an underachiever in the 2nd, a health insurance company nightmare in the 3rd, someone we don't need in the 4th and no 5th. This is awful.

Not a bad pick, Rodriguez was a standout special teams player, so he'll help out in that aspect, and he fills a need for a tight end that can get up the field for Tice. Rodriguez is versatile, can be used as a fullback or tight end. Could be #2 tight end behind Kellen Davis and special temas contributor, solid pick GO BEARS!!

You forgot the Part where he was arrested twice, once for Felony Assault.

It's an exact copycat pick of Hernandez. A 6'1 Latino H-Back taken in the 4th. That's just to strange for me. The Bears can't think for themselves.

Next thing you know they will try and Copy the John Lynch pick and keep drafting White Safeties from the Pac-12 in the third round.

Nobody else is finding this strange?

So Emery wasn't big on drafting players with major injury histories. So he drafts Hardin, who has broken his hand, wrist and shoulder. His wrist and shoulder required surgery.

He was going to draft Characters guys. So he drafts this clown who has been arrested twice.

Not only a reach pick on a guy with major character concerns, but the Bears couldn't even think for themselves, just going to copy other picks from other teams. As long as Race, height, weight, and position apply. Hey the Hernandez pick was a good one lets get us a Latino in the 4th. Oh and he is not a great blocker. Which they claim he is.

I know Tice wants another Byron Chamberlain but really even he was a 7th round pick.

"Bears still weigh character heavily in player acquisitions "

You sure about that Sean? I am starting to doubt that.

So where is the impact player in this draft? Where is the guy who makes us better right now? McClellin, who is maybe a Left Defensive End, or maybe a strong side linebacker, or maybe a long-term replacement for Urlacher? Or Jeffery, who at best is a second WR, and likely, based on his track record, will take a long time getting used to the NFL route tree, and does not have great separation skills, unless you count vertical? How about the H-back with the rap sheet? Or the safety that has destroyed almost all of his upper body, a somewhat important part of the body for playing safety, since you actually have to tackle in the open field? Or how about that 5th round pick? Oh, that's right, they traded that away to take the diva who pouted as a potential 1st rounder, so he dropped into the middle of the second.

Not improving over time...

Dude why you asking me? When have I been kind to this draft by the Bears?

To me it looks like the Bears and Emery are doing a Patch work scouting and drafting job.Got a couple of Emery picks he scouted with the Chiefs, a guy in Hardin who Angelo and Lovie scouted last year, couldn't scout him this year. Oh and Jeffery, who I don't hate but don't love who fell to the Bears.

I have pretty much hammered the draft, Kevin is the one who is happy. See. He likes the criminal types who attack women.

Emery did all his scouting for the Chiefs until he was hired. The Bears did all their scouting for Angelo until he was fired.

When Emery came in he focused on Free Agency, he even said this. So basically Emery and the Scouts worked together for like 6 weeks on this draft. To me it looks like a mix between Angelo and Chiefs picks.

Oh and Rose looks like he just blew out his MCL, I AM IN CHICAGO SPORTS HELL!!!!!!!!! GARBAGE TIME TIBS, GARBAGE TIME? WHAT THE HELL MAN?

Sorry about that. I started to comment on the arrest record, and then changed angles...

I think you are on to something in how they are approaching this draft. Lovie is pulling the strings for sure based on the work Angelo and Ruskell did before they were sent packing.

Hopefully, they can grab something good here in the 6th. they are on the clock now.

As I said on the radio the other day..{and by the way, if any of you ever call in, let me know your moniker, so I can listen.}...there is no "honeymoon" for Emery in my book. The Bears have been to 2 SB's in 46 years. Sorry, Phil Angelo.

Joe, you couldn't be more right. "Where IS the impact player from this draft?" And if by week 7, McClellin is a spot player, looking confused, out of place, and getting beat bad on run plays, AND DeCastro has been plugged into the Steelers line and is on his way to one of several pro bowls, then Emery should be fired on the spot. The arrogance of this management team/coaching staff is unbelievable. In the past 3 years this team has had less than the "alotted" 7 picks each year due to the Cuter trade and the Gaines Adams fiasco, and this team has spent 5 of the 18 picks they have had on QB's, and safeties. Think about that...roughly 30%. And only 2 picks have been offensive lineman picks."Turnstyle" Webb, and Carimi. Speaking of which, he's still not ready to go. And where are the ones on this site who told us that the Bears coaching staff was going to "coach up" Dan LaFevour and in 2-3 years trade him for a high round draft pick? Or Where is the great C. Wootton, who was touted, by some on here, as a "first round talent that the Bears picked up in the 4th round"?

I don't care if McClellin, has 15 sacks this year and 5 forced fumbles. If we are looking at Jason Campbell at ANY time this year other than a mop up roll, then it has all been a waste. This team gets an F for the simple fact that they blatently ignored the O-line, and D-T in this draft. Now we are working on year 4 of the Cutler era with still a makeshift offensive line in front of him.

Missed all of last year? Who?

Has injuries every year of college? Who? Rodriguez? Absolutely incorrect. Never missed a game due to injury in his three seasons, OR in HS.

Do you know anything about the Draft pic at all other than he doesn't come in as a certain Pro Bowler?

Arrested twice. Correct. And was fond guilty of what? Do a little homework like the League does and the Bears did and you'll see why this stagnant offense went with E-Rod.

Living in the past is something Chicago fans apparently do quite well.

Just because your not found guilty doesn't mean you didn't break the law. I see it every damn day. Been to the same house 20 times on domestics The guy there beats his wife, and kids, has DCFS at his house once a week for couseling, has resisted, and assulted officers, you name it this clown has done it and never convicted. You want to know why? Cause nobody wants to bother with it.

He has been charged twice, just because the courts didn't want to waste time or he plea bargined, or the victem didn't want to deal with it, does not mean he didn;t do anything moron. So sick idiots acting like people didn't do anything wrong if they were not convicted.

If he didn't do anything why was he kicked out of West Virginia? Why did he say this when asked about his arrest record "We all make mistakes"? Yeah he didn't do anything. He attacked a women but that's okay cause he wasn't convicted.

Nobody ever breaks the law and gets away with it.

Living in the past? I hate pieces #### like you almost as much as I hate punks who attack women. Making excuses for this turd. So if someone did something in the past, it doesn't matter cause it's in the past right? Where do you draw the line with that dumb ###? Are you the one who decides it? Forgive and forget right?

Guy rapes a kid 10 years ago, so he is innocent now right? Kill someone a month ago and it doesn't count cause it's in the past. 1 Second after you do anything it;s in the past moron.

1 Arrest record yeah you might give someone a pass or the benifit of the doubt, depends what he did. 2 Arrests and your a repeat offender, which he is. He already had his second chance. But it's in the past, so lets pretend nothing ever happened.

You know what, why are the Saints being fined and suspended? That happened in the past.

Until he proves otherwise, he is a repeat offender scum bag.

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