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Bears unwilling to trade back and try to land Shea McClellin

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The Bears had clubs behind them willing to trade up for the 19th overall pick.

In theory, that may have been the ideal move, since Boise State defensive end/ outside linebacker Shea McClellin was projected by many pundits to go later in the first round.

But, according to two league sources, the Bears would have been taking a big risk given the interest in McClellin.

The Green Bay Packers were widely rumored to be interested in McClellin, but they had the 28th overall pick.

The team that may have tried to make a move?

Perhaps the New England Patriots.

One of the more aggressive teams, in terms of trading draft picks, the Patriots traded their No. 27 pick and a third-round pick to the Cincinnati Bengals to move up to No. 21 to select Chandler Jones, a defensive end from Syracuse.

Heading into the draft, the Patriots were among the teams reportedly intrigued with McClellin's versatility.

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I really loved Dan Bazuin. This McClellin looks as beasty as him. Ohhh boyyy!!

They would not have gotten him, Pats, Packers and Texans would have grabbed him.

I don't like the pick. I like the kid, I even like his game. I just don;t think he fits the Bears scheme. He played in a Hybrid defense, he is not a great pass rusher.

McClellin on himself "I modled my game after Mike Vrabel." I agree with him that's who he reminds me of. A very solid player for the Pats. But a jack of all trades master of nothing does a lot a little things right player, but not a star. Vrabel spent his career as a 3-4 LB, all 4 positions. A versitile player just like this kid, but like Vrabel a natural fit in a 3-4. That's why the Pats, Packers and Texans all liked him. He is a complementary player. A cleanup guy. One of those underated guys. But the kid belongs in a 3-4 that is where he excelled at Boise. And he was good on special teams. I am not thrilled that this was a selling point for the Bears with their first round pick.

At Boise they stood him up to rush him. That's true, that's what they did with him, except he can't do that with the Bears.

This kid is not some amazing pass rusher. He is not a natural end either. I think he can play end but he won't excell at it.

I will go with what the kid said, he is a Mike Vrabel type player and Vrabel belonged in a 3-4 and that was a great fit for him. And I think that is where this kid belongs. And I am pretty sure that is what the Texans, Packers and Pats thought about him. I am also sure they know what a 3-4 player looks like and the Pats know exactly what a Vrabel type player looks like.

It's somewhat safe in that he is a solid type of player, but I doubt he excells in this defense. But what really bugs me is skipping on Reiff and DeCastro for a reach pick that does not fit your scheme well. That's a joke, and bad one. The kids like a very safe pick for a 3-4 defense, not a lot of boom or bust with him, just solid. But by brining him to a 4-3 and trying to make him a pass rusher you actually add Bust to this kid. I just don't get it. They had a lot to pick from too and they went with a really strange reach pick. Like they made him reach, if the Pats had drafted him at 19 or 20 it makes sense. But the Bears?

If I see another 3-4 player get picked by the Bears, either they are switching defenses, or Emery is lost. Either that or he is trying to show Lovie the door.


It is easy for someone to say something "after" the fact, so I will say it now. Phil "Angelo" made me want to puke. We have seen this time and time again over the years. Why would you take a guy who is projected to be a 3-4 outside linebacker for a 4-3 scheme? Also, you have the BEST prospect at one position {guard} sitting on the board, and you take a guy that is maybe 5th or 6th best at his position. Sound like 2008 to anybody? Chris Williams at 14 was one of the last of a run of OT while you had other positions on the board that had the 2nd or 3rd prospect still available. And if it is true that teams wanted to offer a 3rd to move up to 19, he's a bigger fool than he appears. This guy gets no "honeymoon" with me. Sorry. I have spent my life being, in my opinion, the biggest Bears fan, to have them go to 2 SB in 47 years. You also had the 2nd best T prospect on the board. And the fricken Steelers get another interior lineman with a first round pick. That makes 2 in the past 3 years. Meanwhile, back and the bat cave, Jerry Emery, Lovie, and Tice, "Like their offensive line."

"Jay Cutler, say hello the IR...I think you two know each other fairly well."

Sean I saw that piece about Urlacher, I get the premis, but he can't cover Brian. He can cover for an end in a 4-3, or a LB in a 4-3. But Brian is just so damn good at it. And honestly Urlacher was a lot more athletic than tis kid, faster bigger stronger more fluid. Oh and he couldn't play end in a 4-3 either.

Although I wouldn't doubt the Bears have thought of it. But if Emery believes this kid is a 3 down end and a pass rusher, then he did not watch him play. I can't believe he thinks that. He is a Super Utility player. I figure the Bears are going to bounce him all over. Use him on trick plays on special teams, sub packages, 3 tech nickle, end dropping into coverage, blitzing Sam, he will rotate and relieve Izzy and Peppers. Sometimes he will be lined up wide 9 probably, but an every down end or even a pass rush specialist? Really? He wasn't a great pass rushre in college. A lot of his sacks where against teams like Las Vegas and Arizona, from a 2 point and those were usually not bang bang plays. It was him doing a lot of chasing after a QB held onto the ball to long. They will try and be sneeky with him. He will play special teams no doubt about that.

As a first down end this is what will happen. He will put his hand in the dirt, then Bulaga will move him out of the way and they will run right at him. And Reiff will do the same thing to him. Lets hope he does not line up against Kalil. That will be ugly.

Dude is going to be the small package player. You watch you will see him drop into coverage on a zone blitz.

Gearheadboy, you are absolutely right. I pushed away my seven year old son all night (what the %$*# is the draft doing on a Thursday night prime-time, anyway? But that's another gripe for another time) so I could watch a lightning mess of a first round with many teams tripping all over each other to get headscratchers (explain the top-ten pick of a quarterback with 19 starts again?) and then was rewarded with exactly, precisely the same sinking feeling in my gut when two stud offensive linemen were still on the board, one of them widely regarded to be a future Pro Bowl guard who could start at once (again, how old is the one-kneed Roberto Garza? Fifty?) and create a situation where you could have a solid, Pittsburgh-like guard-to-guard wall in front of the only real asset the Bears own. What is with these draft guys? I am starting to suspect they are not the top end of the NFL administrative talent pool, but the bottom, those who are too awkward with people or too slow to process ideas to be a real coach and therefore accountable day to day as coaches (like teachers) are. I fear what you are looking at with the Bears front office is the same thing you see in the administrative structures of schools like New Trier and Stevenson: slow-witted, kind of mean semi-professionals who bombed out of their first-choice jobs, got booted upstairs for whatever reason, and ride the reputation of the institution into retirement because the boobs above them are too disorganized to demand accountability (also known as the Angelo Plan). Enjoy the next few days, and the next decade!

It screams of another Jerry Angelo-type selection. So upsetting. The jury was out on Emery, now it is in.

You know the Bears made a mistake because the Lions and Steelers grabbed Reiff and DeCastro right away after the Bears passed. Get the O-line with guys who were supposed to be top-10 picks and worry about DL later. Very sad.

And all of the positive momentum Emery has built up over the offseason so far comes to a screeching halt...Ironically enough, the Pats and Packers both took pass rushers who were better fits for the 4-3 than the 3-4, and the Bears took a guy better suited to the 3-4 than he 4-3. I really thought the worst pick of the first round (for th second year in a row) was the Seahawks taking Irvin after reaching badly for Carpenter last year, but McClellin might be an even worse pick, because you are taking a guy in the top 20 who doesn't fit your scheme!

Chandler Jones, Whitney Mercilus, and Nick Perry were all better fits, and had better rush skills from a 3 point stance. But in Emery's press conference, he talked about McClellin being able to use his hands to disengage and chase...Our defense doesn't do that..We get upfield and try to win with speed. Granted, our DE group is probably better suited to 3-4 principles with Izzy, Wootton, and Peppers all being 6-6 or taller, and outside of Peppers, not especially quick or fast, but I can't see changing defenses because of McClellin.
Day 2 had better be an improvement. You don't pass on a huge upgrade as gearhead mentions on two positions on the OL, and 3 better fits for your defense, for a bad scheme fit and have people forget about it without coming back and making a big splash in the second and third rounds. A Bobbie Massie/Derek Wolfe Day 2 might make me forget this one, but then watching Shea get swallowed up on the left side for the next 4 years is going to be a constant reminder of what we missed. This guy is David Pollack at best, Dan Bazuin at worst, and you just can't have that as your impact pick

Jerry Angelo Jr selects Dan Bauzin Jr

You guys need to settle down.

Creighton, your argument about Mclellan only getting plays against weak teams is a joke when you include Urlacher in the same paragraph. Urlacher played for New Mexico - largely the same conference and competition set as Boise State (WAC/MWC). Additionally, Urlacher played safety for the Lobos. He seemed to slide into the 4-3 and Lovie 2 pretty well.

Oh yeah, and Urlacher's college coach was Bronco Mendenhall, the king of running crazy variations nickels, dimes, and 44s. I think it's safe to say the Bears drafted a VERSITALE PLAYER in Urlacher and then changed his position. It worked out pretty well.

I know you won't take my points into consideration, and I anxiously await your 6000 word rebuttal ... that I won't be reading.


I was hoping for Nick Perry, but USC is OVERRATED. I've seen them live. They needed about 10 homer calls to beat a injury ravaged Utah team on a last second field goal botch. And the PAC12 was really not that good last year.

I think this was an OK pick. Not stellar, but OK. Agreed he doesn't fit the scheme perfectly.

Do you understand what "versatility" means?

And for the rest of you crying about an OT, there wasn't one available at 19. The Bears will get better value waiting until the 2nd or 3rd.

Just settle down. Take a deep breath. I'm not saying McClellan is a HOF, but let the kid play some games before you pee your pants. And for the record, he's not Mike Vrabel. He's Shea McClellan.

@estevenj (aka "Mrs McClellan"): Don't worry, your son will be fine in Chicago, even if he isn't a fit for the Bears defense. The nice part is he will meet lots of new coaches during his time here before he is cut and his career is revived by another team.

How could the Bears pass on Riley Reiff, as bad as their left tackle is? I realize that Reiff is not projected to be great, but he'd be a big improvement over J'Marcus Webb and should be able to start right away with proper coaching.

I agree with Joe, Emery has just burned all of his capital with this lame pick. Until he proves otherwise, Phil Emery is now Jerry Angelo II. I know I shouldn't get this upset before the draft is even over, but the Bears passed up a chance to dramatically improve the worst position on the team and totally blew it.

And you know what a championship caliber team would have done? It would have found a way to move up high enough to get Matt Kalil. But not the Bears. No, don't do anything unusual or risky, just take someone that shouldn't be a total bust. Sorry folks, this pick just doesn't make it no matter how you analyze it. Even if McClellin turns out to be All Pro (highly unlikely), the Bears still can't pass block, so he won't improve the team that much. Some of the sports writers who know what they're talking about are being diplomatic, but I don't have to deal with the Bears for my living, so I can say what I really think, and I can't imagine being more disappointed than I was with this pick.

I agree that this was an ok pick. Problem is, ok picks are not impact players as rookies. DeCastro would have been a great value pick. Reiff would have been a good pick. McClellin is an ok pick. Mercilus, Jones, and Perry were all better fits for the 4-3 than McClellin. I watched the highlights of Shea on the Bears website, and only a couple of them were of him disengaging from a block to make a tackle in the run game. All of his sacks were when he came basically free and no one engaged with him to block him.

I like the kid's motor, I like his energy, and overall, I like the player...just not in the Tampa 2 defense we play. They are talking about his versatility, but we run no variations in our defense. We either play Cover 3 or Cover 2, and occasionally man. We don't shift back and forth between 3 and 4 man fronts, we don't disguise what we do...At the end of the day, we are a Tecmo Bowl defense, and we waste versatile players by not maximizing what they are capable of.

I have seen a couple of articles where they talked about this as a risky pick, which in and of itself would sound like a departure, but it is the same "risk" Angelo took on guys like Bazuin, Wolfe, Okwo, Gilbert, and Melton, hoping that certain traits could be coached up by Lovie and his all-star coaching staff. So far, they have not done much as a staff to develop talent. Melton has been solid, but that is the only lineman that Marinelli has done anything with. Tice has managed to get a lot out of the crap we have on the offensive line as a unit, but it's not like they are getting dramatically better.

I wish the kid all the best, and will be rooting for him to succeed, but he is already starting at a significant disadvantage, where a guy like DeCastro would have been able to step in day 1 and be one of the best guards in the league for the next 10 years.
But Lovie would never allow Tice to get the first round pick 3 times in a row on the offensive line. Forget that they are still one of the worst if not THE worst OL in the league...We have to make sure everyone gets their fair share, which is why this team is still mediocre from a talent perspective.

@TBN - don't be a douche. I didn't say I loved the pick. I am just okay with it. It's difficult to ascertain true value at 19 and it's clear a number of teams wanted McClellan - including two teams to play in the last two super bowls.

@Wrigley Field Bear - EVERY NFL analyst on ESPN and the NFL Network stated there would be value at OT and OG in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. This includes, but is not limited to: Gil Brandt, Tim Ryan, Pat Kirwin, Mel Kyper, Mark Schlereth, and Eric Mangini.

Outside of Brandt and Kirwin, no stellar resumes there, but, probably better than ours.

Just take it easy.

Got to admit a was hoping for jones or even take a risk on coples...still hoping they take hill today...But hey, I still got faith in emery... I hear the Vrable comparisons...

But how about Aaron Kampman as a comparison ? Size wise he matches up exactly with Kampman ...if he can produce like Kampman pre knee injury I think then it's a good w the popularity of two tight ends can he cover them from the Sam? If this guy is so flexible that it will enable da bears to get a bit more creative in their blitzs I'm all for it...would like to see them get freeney too..

It woul be interesting to hear what the board here thinks..especially Creighton..

The issue that I saw issue with the players available at that pick sans de Castro that with all of them you had to project a bit....all had issues..

Oh ya..the one neg I had heard on this kid from the NFL network's Charley casserly was that this kid had a couple of a return to the Angelo practice of medical evaluations would def make me lose faith in emery...Sean, have you heard anything about the number of concussions this kid had in college?

Solid pick, Shea McClellin does fill a need at defensive end. He wasn't at the top of my wish list, but, Emery and crew get to see all kinds of game tape on these guys and obviously McClellin does something they like vs the other DE prospects. I'm not gonna run the kid, or Emery, out of town before I see McClellin play. Emery seems to think he can come in as a rookie and play left defensive end. Left defensive end is a position of need. McClellin could develop into a pretty solid left DE. He had 33 career tackles for loss at Boise State. No he's not gonna be an elite pass rusher, but could still develop into a very solid defender for the Bears, and maybe bring more pressure off the edge than Isarel Idonije, the current left defensive end.

The bottom line here is this, Shea McClellin is an upgrade at defensive end, I think the kid will come in and make plays along with Peppers, Melton and crew. The d-line is better off. This us a very good Chicago Bear team, had Jay Cutler and Matt Forte stayed healthy last season, the Bears probably make a playoff run. Give McClellin a chance before running him out of town.

As for today, I'd like to see the Bears land an offensive tackle, maybe Mitchell Schwartz of California. Schwarts has 33 1/8 inch arms and surprising agility. In the senior bowl drills he showed great pass protecting ability stoning Penn States Jack Crawford and Cam Johnson. Can't wait to find out GO BEARS!!

estevenj: You make more sense than anybody here. Urlacher may have been more "athletic," but I see this pick as paving the way for the grooming of Brian's replacement. Nobody wants to talk about that right now, but if you want to have some overlap and not have to "panic" if you wait too long, you take what you get when you can get it. I see this kid as a very smart, skilled defensive player who basically has the same size as Urlacher with a lot of potential for MLB. Nobody is going to "trumpet" that now, which is why we're getting all the talk about the kid being used as DE, OLB, Special teams, and all the rest. But Urlacher has about 2-3 years of top performance left (maybe), and that's exactly the amount of time you need to groom somebody to step right in.

Everybody neds to calm down and wait for the rest of the draft to develop before condemning the pick and lambasting Emery. My hunch is that they would have taken the kid the Chargers picked if he was still available, but I am okay with McClellin. Let's see what happens with the rest of the draft and between now and the start of the preseason.

Agreed. I liked Riley Rieff a lot, but he doesn't stand head-and-shoulders over another lunch-bucket journeyman like Mitchell Schwartz of Berkeley (so what's in a name?) while Brando Mosely of Auburn is a sleeping giant who looms over ole Riley Rieff. Tice could work wonders with either. Did we draft Bazuin again? Some of you guys are re-cycling. Bazuin didn't look anything like McClellin on tape, nowhere near as good. Maybe we should just shuck our hallowed 4-3? It has become increasingly hard to find anyone suited to play outside in a 4-3. Think Clay Matthews could? Of course not. Lovie and Marinelli should find ways to help McClellin succeed. Make it work, Lovie. I love Emery's comment that McClellin plays with great pad level and gets from blocker to ball in very brief time. He makes no false steps guys. Watch him. He is a rare one. Mercilus doesn't even know where the ball is when any deception is used, and Chandler Jones and Quinton Coples simply stand tall, which is admirable when defending convictions but not in defending defenses. Get Derek Wolfe and Levonte David tonight.

OTOH, according to a few analysts Reiff (not a LT), Jones (knee injury), Mercilus (one-dimensional), Perry (underachiever) were also risks. Remember, Pats moved up to get Jones after McClellin was gone.
I would have been happy with DeCastro or even Zeitler but as others have pointed out there is decent guard depth later on. I would have traded back into the 2nd round, myself, Emery I trust!

Mr Rodgers meet Mr McClellin, you goin' down!

Forgot to add this: Just because people are not familiar with the guy, doesn't mean he's Dan Bazuin, Jr.

The Pats and Packers wanted him according to everything I heard.
He's a McClaymaker, wait and see.

This kid comes around the edge pretty fast looking at his game tape.. I especially was impressed with all the footage of him stunting from the defensive end...... looping around up the middle for sacks!.........if the packers and patriots were hot on him he it tells you something as well....... I'm trusting Emery on this one DA kid can play! DA Bears!

Just a thought, but maybe we should all wait till the kid takes a friggin snap in a game or has a Training Camp under his belt? The kid could be underrated (Jared Allen out of Idaho) or far overratted (Aaron Maybin out of Penn State) probably, he's somewhere in the middle but why not let at least 24 hours pass before passing a half-assed, way to early judgement about a kid. Especially since none of us have seen his tape from Boise St.

Well Brian was bigger stronger and more athletic than this kid. McClellin has a natrual playing weight of around 245. But again Urlacher the larger stronger more athletic player went from Rover, not Safety, Rover is a Hybrid position, but went from Rover to Coverage LB. Not actually a big change from what he did. Stayed in a 2 point stance. Oh and Urlacher can't play end either, yeah they tried him at end, maybe you forgot.

So far you don't seem to know the difference between a 2 point and a 3 point stance. Playing on the line and playing off the line. Brain was a Lobo back or basically a coverage LB in college, oh gosh he went from being a coverage LB to a coverage LB. What a huge change. You know what's really funny you some how think that comparing Brian and this Kid makes sense. How so? Cause they are both white? The kid already told you who he plays like Mike Vrabel. He said it, I am going to go with his opinion over yours.

I have seen him play he is not a DE. He is a ROLB, your argument that the Packers and Pats like him I already made. But you didn't everything I wrote as usual. Except you forgot one little thing, they both play a 3-4, Pack with a zone blitzing 3-4 which he is perfect for and the Pats who play a Hybrid, the same defense he played in college. Gosh I wonder why they liked him. You know who else scouted him as a 3-4 LB? Emery, yeah he did it when he was with the Chiefs. Said so in an interview. So even he believed he wasa 3-4 ROLB.

Hey smart guy you want joke? Why do you thik he worked out as a LB at the senior bowl? Not end but LB. Lets see the 3-4 teams scouted him, Emery believed he was a 3-4 player last year, the kid thinks he is an LB in 3-4 and modled his game after Vrabel, everyone thought he was a LB at the senior bowl and worked him out there, not end. His own college coach said he was LB, but I am the idiot.

I never said I didn't like him, in fact I said I did like him. And if the Bears ran a 3-4 I would be fine with the pick. But they don't run a 3-4 and this kid is not going to be able to line up in the trenches and beat guys like Bulaga. He is not going ot be blitzing like he did at Boise, no he is going to lined up with his hand in the dirt right in front of a tackle.

Now what do you think are the odds that I am wrong and you are right. You didn't Brians position in college. I literally used Emery, The kid himself, his college coach, all the scouts at the senior bowl and combine, and the Packers, Texans, and Pats scouts. And you know what they thought he was? A 3-4 LB.

This kid's dimensions compare to Aaron Kampman ..who was a very nice player before he blew out his knee... Anyone else agree with that comparison? Creighton?

As the guy above said..folks should just relax on trying to compare him to bazuin or any of the other many Angelo/lovie busts.... With the nice moves emery has made so far he definitely gets a lot of support from me on this pick..I belieeeeeve in emery.... Now jus pick up hill today then feel free to let lovie pick all the rest of his d players with the rest of the picks...go bears!

You want to know about McClellin, first and second down at Boise he played ILB, 3rd down rush backer. He played okay at the Senior Bowl, but when they put him with his hand down which they did he got killed. So they worked him out at LB.

Sean is probably right they think he is Brian's replacment.

Both Sean and Hub think this. I am going to go with that. But don't tell me is a pass rusher and a DE. Cause he is not.

If he is a 3 down end something he never did at Boise. They said they wanted a day one starter and they pick a developmental guy?

How many Boise players starting in the NFL? From that super winning program? 3.

He is a football player for sure, but he does not have the power in his legs to be an end.

Excuse me for calling you an idiot, but don't call my post a joke. You don't want to be insulted don't insult people.

Understand I used actual scources and sited what he actually did. I took what the scouts thought of him, what the pro teams thought of him, what his coach thought of him, how he was used in school, what Emery thought of him and what the kid thought of himself. I also used what he did in college, and what he has demonstrated. Is everyone wrong including Emery who also thought he was a 3-4 LB in college. Are they all wrong.

The word is right now that he was a better ILB in college. While I don't think he has Urlachers coverage ability, I think he can play the Mike, which he did do in college.


Let's just calm down and see how he shakes out when the games start.

You sound like you want to fire Emery after 1 draft pick. Jesus.

Oh and yeah I hate those overrated USC players. Troy Polamalu, Tyron Smith, Lofa Tatupu, Brian Cushing, Lawrence Jackson, Ryan and Matt Kalil, Clay Mathews, Rey Maualuga, Carson Palmer, Keith Rivers,.

Okay Bear fans it's a new day rounds 2 and 3 are going to start, Love Shea or hate him, we are Bear fans and we are going to end giving him a shot, it's what we do. Brian Urlacher was tried at End and Sam before he found a home at Mike. This kid does have talent and if he is not an End they will find a spot for him. That's what I am going to hope for. He is a very solid football player. I don't believe he will ever be a starting end, but he is going ot be something.

Lots of talent on the board, Martin, Glenn, Hill, Konz, Bobby Massie, Amini Silatolu, Worthty, Heyward, Jeff Allen, Fleener, Wolfe, Quick, Still, etc.. Someone is going to fall to the Bears at 50. Lets just cross are fingers.

Ah yes, the day after round 1 and the sky is falling and Phil Emery has turned into Steve Bartman. I laughed all the way through reading these posts. Some people really need to relax, especially whoever said even if McClelin is All-Pro it's still a bad pick. If you pick a guy for an area of need and he turns All-Pro, you've done well. Yes, the Bears have other needs, like every other team, but you can only pick one position at a time.

That being said, it's not the pick I was expecting or hoping for, but I'll at least wait a few games to see how he plays before I'll make any judgements about him or Emery.

I don't give a damn whether there will be "value" at tackle and guard in the 2d and 3d rounds; they won't be as good as Reiff. Since LT is where the Bears are by far the weakest and since there was nothing great available anywhere else, that's who they should've taken, period. Absolutely nothing good about this pick, you even said so yourself. "OK" is not good enough for a 1st round pick.

You don't get it. Either you have no clue how bad the Bears' left tackle position is, or you don't understand how important it is. The reason I said that even if he turns out to be All Pro it's a bad pick was because even if the Bears have the best defense in the league, they're not going to the Super Bowl with that crappy offensive line, especially that lame LT. And how they could pick this guy when there were players just as good or better at positions they need far more is beyond me. But I guess you'd be great in the front office in this group, because those facts seem to escape you, too.

He didn't win me over with that third round pick either, I 'll tell you that. Injury prone special team player, tweener Safety, who can't cover, and had 1 int in college and wasn't even the number Db on his team.

His own damn coach said what they are going to miss about him his ability as a gunner.

He's not even as good as Conte for crying out loud, drafting him in the third damn round cause of his 40 time. Please tell me you loved that pick.

2008 Special teams Injuries
2009 Special teams Injuries
2010 Special teams and bounces around the secondary
2011 Out for season

April 2012 predicted to go undrafted by most
Late April 2012 runs a fast 40, predicted to be drafted in the 6th round
NFL Draft Bears select him in the third round

Yeah cause that's their lucky safety round. And it's working so well for them. Great move a less productive Chris Conte who will play special teams, taken in the 3rd damn round. And boy are the Bears good at scouting Safeties. That's why they keep drafting them cause they are so good at.

Bet they loved all his game film from this year. Oh wait didn't have any and I am sure this isn't a Lovie pick even though he scouted him last year when went to look at Paea. But this time for sure, cause of his blazing 40 time and ummm all the other geat stuff, like he's from Hawaii, how exotic. I am sure he will be great as long as he runs straight and doesn't hit anything and break himself again.

Sure it could of been worse, they could have drafted a punter like another team. Boy nfl scouts and GM'S continue to impress me.

Yes drafting this kid does not scream Jerry Angelo at all. Lets see if they keep drafting out of the Northwest, looks like they really like it there. Maybe that's the only scout on the Payroll.

The only pick that makes sense to me so far is Jeffery. But at least Chris Conte found a friend he can run straight with.

So while I disagreed with the McClellin pick, at least he was a first rounder on most boards. Jeffery was a decent value, but I have a hard time getting excited by a diva WR who pouted and put on 25 lbs when he lost the QB who fed him the ball all the time, and saw his production dip by 50% in his final season. I would have preferred we takeDT in 2, and come back with a guy like Marvin Jones in 4.

But that third round pick was awful. Lovie apparently is still making the calls, or at least for this year he is. Emery may be giving him what he wants this year, so if and when he falls short of the playoffs this year, he can let him go without remorse. Not likely that's how it will happen, but a guy can hope, right? But to take a guy who has so many medical flags that he could pass for the U.N. that early? Makes Mike Okwo's selection look inspired by comparison. If the kid is healthy, he could be a replacement for Tillman as the matchup guy against Calvin Johnson, and he actually has some recovery speed, unlike Tillman or Jennings. And he has the size to really play physically against those big WRs, and the leaping ability to fight for the jump ball. But he would have been there today in the 4th or 5th round.

Going into the third day, we have a lot of needs still open, even with filling some pretty gaping needs already in WR and DE. We still need help on the OL, and Bobbie Massie is still out there, as well as Ben Jones, Michael Brewster, or Philip Blake as a center. We could use a LB, unless they are planning on McClellan as a long term replacement for Urlacher. We probably need a corner, and Josh Norman, Shaun Prater, and Coryell Judie could all be good value in the 4th. Tight end I am not as worried about, because I think Kyle Adams will be a big boost in Tice's offense, and we got him for nothing last year.

So for our 3 picks, I would like to see us trade back in the 4th and pick up a 5th rounder back from our trade, and take CB, OL, LB, and if we get the extra pick, take a flier on another pass rusher or LB to give us some special teams help or maybe upgrade from Chauncey Davis or Wootton...
Should be an interesting day


You could just as easily say the Bears could have the best offense in the league but won't go to the Super Bowl if they can't generate a pass rush. We could play that game all day long. And who says Riley Reiff is the next Orlando Pace. He could just as easily be the next Robert Gallery. The point is the Bears needed both a DE and OT and they chose DE. No sense freaking out until we see the kid play.

I get that Webb is lame. I also get that he was completely set up to fail by Martz. You don't put a second year developmental player in a new position then put him on an island against every team's best DE and call 7 step drops all game and expect success. The best thing that will happen to Cutler and that line is that Tice will put them in positions to succeed. That doesn't mean they still shouldn't upgrade the talent, but that will do more for Cutler's protection than Riley Reiff.

Joe I don't hate McClellin, in fact I said I like him, I even like his game. But to me that's a 3-4 LB if ever I saw one. All the teams that liked him and had him as a first round pick were teams that ran a 3-4 and the Bears. Put him in the right situation he can rush the Passer, put him with his hand in the ground in the nfl and you are wasting his talent.

I am there with you. Don't hate the kid at all. I like his game quite a bit, just don't get the fit here. We have ZERO scheme versatility in this defense, where we waste the "Mike Vrabel-like" versatility of McClellin. So we either put him in a bad situation as a left defensive end in passing situations, where we ask him to win his matchup one on one, where most of his pressures came from stunts. In our defense, most of the stunting happens between the two tackles, and the ends have to get upfield and try to push the QB into the stunting tackles. OR...we play him at strong side LB, and hope we can blitz him occasionally, and that teams won't run at him regularly, because he is not great at shedding blockes.

Now if you are telling me we are converting to a 3-4 after this season, we might be onto something. Emery has spent a lot of time with 3-4 defensive teams, and he seems to be finding guys that fit that scheme rather than ours. We'll see how it works out.

I am just praying for a good 6th rounder, so I can at least have some faith that we haven't gone to sleep in the War Room after McClellin and Jeffery

I agree with you on this one. Kind of a head-scratcher to me for sure.

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