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Alshon Jeffery was one of the Bears top 3 rated receivers

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Bears general manager Phil Emery said Alshon Jeffery of South Carolina was one of the team's top-3 rated receivers.

When I later asked him about Jeffery being the third-rated, Emery interrupted me and clarified that he didn't say that there were two better.

"He was the highest rated player on our board," Emery said of the player they gave up a fifth-round pick to move up five spots in the second round to take. "He was very high on our wideout list.
He was in our top 3. He has the best hands. Best at adjusting. Best sideline and end zone.

"He's dynamic with the ball in his hands."

That begs the question: Who were the other two receivers?

Justin Blackmon had to be one, but I wonder if the Bears may have red-flagged Notre Dame's Michael Floyd.

The Bears brought in Kendall Wright of Baylor for a visit, and he doesn't have any character concerns. Neither does Stephen Hill, the Georgia Tech receiver that at least Bears coach Lovie Smith saw in person.

Either way, the Bears got a player they are very excited about in Jeffery.

Interestingly, Emery doesn't like the comparison of Jeffery to Mike Williams of the Seattle Seahawks.

"I saw Mike Williams. He's not as athletic as Alshon. I see them on different levels. Mike was more of an inside receiver," Emery said.

Emery added that he pushed Jeffery in a private meeting about his weight, and he was impressed with his "strong" answers. Jeffery insisted that his weight wasn't any different in 2011 than 2010.

"He's very confident, underneath all that quietness," Emery said. "He doesn't lack athletic confidence."

So why does Emery think Jeffery went from a Biletnikoff finalist to a modest final season?

"Quarterback changed," Emery said. "I do think he got frustrated. I won't deny that. I saw frustration on tape."

But, Emery also noted that South Carolina ran the ball markedly more.

"This was the highest rated player on our board," Emery said. "We still feel we needed to add to the receiver group."

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Congrat's Alshon.......Make South Carolina proud!!!!!!!

Who were the other two WR's? Mark Bradley and Juaquin Iglesias? This draft is a joke. Either Emery is as big a moron as Angelo, or Lovie has him sitting on his lap with his hand up his back side pulling all the strings. I though when Angelo left the practice of drafing guys 2-3 rounds early would have gone with him. I guess I am wrong. At least the new FB can help Jay up off the turf when he is blindsided. But as long as Lovie, Tice, and Emery likes our offensive will the rest of the NFC North.

Alshon's production went down in 2011 for two reasons: First, the ups and downs, and ultimate dismissal, of QB Stephen Garcia. When Garcia was hot, he was great. When he wasn't, he was horrendous. Replacement QB Connor Shaw and Jeffery never quite got into the rhythm that Garcia and Jeffery had in 2010. The other problem for the Gamecocks in 2011 was the loss of Marcus Lattimore halfway through the season. Having the dual threat of Lattimore in the backfield and Alshon at WR always kept defenses guessing. Without a strong QB and an explosive back like Lattimore, Alshon's production declined. I still think Alshon is one of the best WR's I have seen. He is phenomenal at grabbing jump balls in the endzone, and if you put the ball anywhere near him, he will come down with it. He has a huge stride and can pick up a lot of extra yards. Alshon is similar to another former Gamecock, Sidney Rice, only bigger, faster and stronger. I think he will impress in Chicago.

Nice comparison, I think that's fare. However I would not say there is a big difference in measurables and Rice could jump out of a gym as well. Rice also needed a couple of years to adjust to the nfl.

But your reminder about Rice fits into a Bears draft pattern.

Rice Scar 2nd round pick 44
Jeffery Scar 2nd round pick 45

John Lynch Pick 3rd round pick 82 Pac-12
Chris Conte 3rd round pick 93 Pac-12 Bears said he reminded them of Lynch
Brandon Hardin 3rd round Pick 79 Pac-12 Reminds people of Conte

Aaron Hernandez 4th round pick 113
Evan Rodriguez 4th round pick 111 Is compared to Hernandez

Shea McClellin 1st round pick 19
The Obvious Mike Vrabel comparison
But given this of trying to mimic picks
Do the Bears think they got another KC player Drafted in the 1st round 20th overall who played LB and end, a player known for his high motor and games smarts.

Tamba Hali?

Finally my favorite copycat pick of the draft.
Malcolm Williams NE, CB TCU 7th round Pick 219 2011 draft
Greg McCoy McCoy CB TCU 7th round Pick 220 2012 draft.

I know KC liked to Copy what NE did. But are the Bears now going ot be doing the same thing Vrabel, Hernandez, Williams.

The Rice and Lynch picks I just find funny. I know Scouts and GM's like to compare players when scouting. But is this taking things a bit far? I don't really think this means much but it is strange. Then again maybe it does mean something, Maybe the Patriots are a pod team, and the pod team is trying to take over the league. Invasion franchise snatchers. Does Bill B really seem human to anyone, couldn;t he be the evil leader of a strange pod people? Zero emotion man, just like the Body snatchers.

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