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Should the Bears take a look at CB Cortland Finnegan?

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ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that the Tennessee Titans will not place the franchise tag on former Pro Bowl cornerback Cortland Finnegan, an unrestricted free agent.

The 5-10, 188-pound Finnegan, 28, is an aggressive corner who memorably fought with Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson in a 2010 game. Johnson has had some huge games against Finnegan and the Titans -- 11 catches for 207 yards and a TD in 2008; 10 for 149 yards and two TDs in 2009.

But Finnegan gets his shots in. He intercepted a pass intended for Johnson and returned it 99 yards for a TD in 2008. And in two games since their brawl, Johnson has eight catches for 79 yards and a touchdown against Finnegan. The Titans won both games.

An upgrade at cornerback isn't considered a priority for the Bears -- veteran Charles Tillman made the Pro Bowl last season and Tim Jennings, though imperfect, fits Lovie Smith's defensive style. But it's certainly still on the list. It's worth noting that the best available cornerback in free agency could be Brandon Carr of the Kansas City Chiefs -- Phil Emery's old team. The Chiefs signed former Raiders cornerback Stanford Routt last month.

The Chiefs can still use the franchise tag on Carr, thought they aren't expected to. They might have to use it on free agent wide receiver Dwayne Bowe. That decision could impact the Bears and Emery even more than anything they do with Carr.

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Ummm yes, how would looking at any player be bad. Jennings is a free agent and wants a substantial raise.

I keep reading articles that seem to refer to Jennings, Izzy and others still being on the team. They are not, they are Free Agents and don't have contracts with the Bears anymore. Reporters and I am not saying you Mark but many reports seem to assume Izzy, Jennings, Gahram and other will not only be back but are free and don't cost the team money. They seem to assume the draft picks are also free. They are not.

The Bears are 30 million under the cap after rolling over 7 million and cutting a couple of players. YET I see writers talking about Signing or tagging Forte, signing Vincent Jackson, brining back all the other guys, paying for the draft picks and maybe getting a Ben Grubbs or even a Finnagan. Simple math tells you they don;t have that kind of money. People have 3-4 big name FA's comming to the Bears. "Oh the Bears are going to get Jackson, Avril, and Grimms. Oh and sign Forte, then we just bring back the other guys, Da Bears." Yeah like they are going to do 50 million in acquisitions. "Lets get Mario Williams while we are at it too."

Forte 7.7 min
Jackson 10 mil min
Draft 5 mil
That's almost 23 mil right there. Out of Just under 30 million.
You got no number 2 corner and no number 2 DE. Of course they can play rookie Draft picks but it's not like you can expect 4-5 rookies to make big impacts in year one. Most rookiess don't. With all the issues they have with not only depth but 5-6 guys who started games last year are no longer here. Getting Jennings and Izzy back is gonna be around 6-8 million for those two. That's your cap and then some.

You also got Forte threatening to sit if he is tagged. Personally I say if you need the money cut Barber and Spencer. I wonder if the Bears will put a transition tag on Bell?

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