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Seahawks lock up Marshawn Lynch and Bears surely take note

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Marshawn Lynch, a two-time Pro Bowl running back, has signed a four-year contract reportedly worth $31 million.

The deal includes $18 million in guarantees, according to the website Pro Football Talk. Monday was the deadline for club's to use the franchise tag.

The Seahawks announced the signing Sunday evening.

The agent for Bears Pro Bowl running back Matt Forte certainly took notice. Surely, the Bears did as well.

So how does this contract impact negotiations between the Bears and Forte's agent? It probably helps Forte's agent. If those numbers hold up, that's significant money.

At present, the Bears have committed $7.7 million to Forte for the 2012 season. They have until July 16 to sign him to a long-term deal.

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Why would this help Forte's agent? $31Million for 4 years is a little less than $8 million a year, which is pretty much in line with this year's franchise tag amount per year. I think the Bears would love to go with that amount of money per year. IMO, it seems Forte's side wants significantly more than $8Million a year.


Marshawn Lynch, the 12th pick of the 2007 draft for Buffalo, seems to have gotten a 4 year contract for $31 million with $18 mil guaranteed from the Seahawks. He was acquired for a 4th and 5th pick. He is a few months younger than Forte and had 1,200 yards and 12 TD's this year.

Here's the immediate reaction from Buffalo fan Ryan on the yahoo message board of the story:

" This is a terrible signing. You can find about 30-40 RBs that if you give them 250+ carries will break the century mark. There is nothing special about last season for Marshawn other than he finally got to carry the ball over 250 times. He still only averaged 4.2 a carry and his longest run was under 30. He's a durable, reliable RB, but he's not worthy of nearly 8 million a season!!!! He has terrible hands out of the backfield, isn't that good of a blocker, so essentially the Seahawks have set the standard that if you are a mediocre RB, you get a fat paycheck?

This is exactly why this team hasn't been relevant for a very long time. It took my team getting rid of him, and bringing in a new GM to realize you dont' build your team from the skill positions. Fantasy geeks love skill positions, but you win football games on the line of O and D. This is just 7.75 mil a year that they can't put into an offensive line. "

Seattle can afford to overpay people, seeing as they have the richest owner in the NFL in Microsoft's Paul Allen. But they may feel he's worth it because he was a high number 1draft pick and played behind a very poor, injured O-line and still did well.

And I don' t really trust Seattle's HC Pete Carroll's judgement as he is quick to make massive changes to his roster and a lot of people think he gave up on Jeremy Bates too soon.

But get this, they say Lynch goes into "Beast mode" because unlike Forte, he CAN run up the middle, move the pile, break tackles and SCORE! What he did against the Saints in the playoffs was a thing of beauty. He is a BEAST. A word that does not come to mind when you think of Matt Forte.

But Ryan from Buffalo is right. It's just plain football stupid to overpay the position and especially on a player like Forte with his limited abilities.

The Bears can't afford to keep wasting money like this when it's so badly needed at other positions.

Can the Bears rescind the offer before Forte signs it yet? Oh, how I wish it were so!
Unless there is actually a team that will make a trade for him. And with all the crazy things teams are doing nowadays, who knows? But you can't trust the Bears to do the right thing.

Lovie Smith and his handpicked GM don't seem to have a clue, and maybe even Tice doesn't even realize, that under the Shanahan Offense that Bates and Cutler are installing, you don't NEED a big money superstar RB (which Forte is not, but he'll get paid like one) they can take nobodies off the street, plug them in and get at least 1,000 yards!

Cutler and Bates must take it for granted that Emery, Smith,and Tice know this about this new Offense. Obviously, there is a SERIOUS lack of communication going on.

But with all the blunders this team keeps making is it any surprise?

I told you all a long time ago that the Bears needed to be told what to do and last year Jerry Angelo came right out and said it straight to the sports media in some statements like, "If you have ideas, tell us what to do!" In his frustration he actually admitted it! They can't see the forest for the trees.

If it weren't for Jay Cutler and the NFL being of such poor quality, the Bears would be going 4-12, 6-10 every year. And the house cleaning that still needs to be done would have been done already by now.

Kyle Orton was not going to take you to the promised land.

Oh, and here's another kick in the head! Because the Shanahan Offense can take average low paid RB's and get a thousand yards, Forte (being average enough) will get his 1,000. But the Bears will be tricked into thinking it was because Forte is so good. The Bears won't give anybody else a chance unless Forte gets hurt or holds out. So, not understanding that it was the scheme that was the reason for the success and not the player, the Bears will foolishly pay $8-10 million to Forte, when they could be paying Bell $1 mil !

Even under the Martz offense, Barber and Bell and others did very well when Forte got hurt.

I just saw a mock draft showing RB Trent Richardson going at the 16th pick. I would rather go all out and do what it takes to draft the man called the "next Adrian Peterson" , who IS a BEAST, IF we MUST have a star RB than overpay a non-star RB $8-10 million.

At least THEN we'd have some good old fashioned SMASHMOUTH FOOTBALL to watch.

And Forte ain't gonna be smashing nothin' for sure!

Except the Bears budget!


You combine Lynch's deal with Arian Foster, and you find Forte and Rice somewhere in the middle. Foster got $20M+ in guaranteed money, and Lynch got $18M.

I would tell Forte he is worth $8.25M per year over 4 years ($33M total money), with $18M in guaranteed money. Put $12M of the $18M in a signing bonus, and a roster bonus of $2M each year for years 2-4. His number would not be terrible with $3M per year in signing bonus proration, a $2M roster bonus, and a salary of $3.25M per year. It would be a balanced deal, and if he is still performing, he gets a $2M bonus every year for being on the team.

This should make things easy for Emery and Stein to get him signed, and if they do it right, we can have our free agency situation resolved before we get to next week, and know exactly how much cap room we have left for the free agent pursuits on the docket.

When last we saw Forte, he was asking for 5 years which was the big problem. I would not give him much more than Lynch who scores more. Lynch had something going for him that Forte did not in his contract talks, he scores. 12 Rushing TD's this year to Forte's 3 td's. You can love Forte's yards from scrimmage, they are really good numbers. He can run around all he want's to but he just does not score enough to warrent a major 4-5 year 35-40 million dollar contract.

By the way I have been saying since last year how big of a contract he wanted and it looks like I was right.

Anyway Steve Johnson is now off the market, Pierre Garcon turned down a 5 year 35 million dollar contract, what the heck is he thinking? Avril has been tagged, Finley is signed, Bowe has been tagged, and I believe Welker has been tagged, not sure just yet. I was hoping Bowe would make it to free agency, the tagged him last minute.

So is Lovie stepping off a plane and running to Jacksons house? He did that for Peppers, so if he cares about this team he should be doing that for Jackson right?


Get off that darned computer and clean up the basement for goodness sake! We have company coming over tonite!

Lord in heaven what is a mother to do with such a boy? Empty pizza boxes and coke cans all over it looks like a tornado came thru here.

Oh and your welfare check came in today honey.

Dude - have you ever watched a football game (let alone played one?)

Amazing how the Sun Times will accept, then publish blather like this.


get real and ryan obviously dont know squat lynch's longest run was for 47 and a touchdown and 2 other runs over me a favor ryan....check his yards after contact stats and find me a back with more power than him....not to mention his 67 yard playoff winning TD....i got news for u....seattles oline sux...for him to average 4.2 a carry after all the hits he took at line of scrimmage is rediculous....he didnt break 75 yards the first 7 games! ryan isnt very good at year...beastmode outrushes forte 1400 and 15 tds while forte gets 1200 and the way ryan bears suck....9 losses in a row? yer worse than a jets fan

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