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Pro Bowl DE Mario Williams to sign with Bills

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Pro Bowl defensive end Mario Williams was worth dreaming about for the Bears. But it wasn't to be.

The Bears chances of pairing Williams with Julius Peppers to form a potentially devastating defensive line were slim once it became apparent that too many teams were willing to break the bank to sign the 6-foot-7 Williams.

And sure enough, the Buffalo Bills overwhelmed Williams with an offer that reportedly will make Williams the highest paid defensive player in the NFL -- in the range of six years, $96 million with $51 million guaranteed, according to the Buffalo News.

Williams had planned to visit other teams after leaving Buffalo. But the Bills were determined to not let that happen. And it did not.

The Bears still have $25 million remaining under the salary cap, sources have indicated. But it doesn't look like they'll be splurging on a defensive end. The only question is whether they'll re-sign Israel Idonije or try for a potential upgrade in free agency or the draft. With Williams out of the picture, that's all there is left.

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25 million under the Cap? That does not sound right at all since those same league sources had them 25 million under the cap going into free agency and I believe they have spent some of that money.

I also read 16 million under the cap but that also did not seem right but then again nfl contracts can be tricky when it comes to actual cap hits.

Marshall is 9 million but I think the cap hit is 6 million.

4.2 million on Backup QB's



Davis is around a million I think

Bell is around 1.2 million.

It would seem the cap number would be closer to 10 million not including Jennings or Weems. But again the cap hit on a player is hard to read without seeing the actual contract. It makes sense if they don't include Marshall, maybe they think he will be suspended.

I told you Williams was never coming here, I really thought Seattle, I have no clue why he picked Buffalo. I can't imagine Seattle was far off with money, then again he is one of those outdoor types and I know he likes a quiet life. Maybe a small Market in upstate NY appealed to Williams. He did choose to visit them first and stayed awhile, most players are not going ot go there first. So he got a 100 million dollar contract to be on the east coast, he lives in North or South Carolina, so it's not far from home. He has all that good fishing, deer, and Bear hunting he loves to do, it's a short hop to Canada for more fishing and hunting, and if his fiance wants to hit the big city for the weekend it's right there. Seems to me he went to the place that he would be most comfortable living. He didn't go to win title that's for sure. The good news is teams like the Bears, Houston, Cowboys, Pats, Skins, Giants and Jets are all paying for him to be there, god knows Buffalo can't afford to sustain itself at least not with a 120 million dollar cap.

I still wish the league would cut a couple of these money sponges out. Jags, Bucs, Bills. I mean does Florida really need 3 teams, they can't even sell out one game between the three of them? Go back to three divisions, and drop a couple of the losers and send the third to LA. It would increase the overall quality of teams around the league. You wouldn't see all these teams losing players, and you wouldn't see all these teams struggling to build an offense and a defense at the same time.

Anyway it's all a process, and the processors who process the process, will move forward with the processed information so they can begin the process of understanding what has been processed in order to move forward, by progressing through the process.

Also according my sources on the Bears, the Bears new that while in Buffalo, Mario Williams would be in Buffalo and while going through the process of interviewing with the Bills he would speak to them and listen to them speak, then he would process the information. It's all just a process, and we the Bears were not part of that process but at the same time we were part of that process, in a way, maybe.

I would have loved seeing Mario Williams opposite Julius Peppers. But, I'll take Jay Cutler putting up 3,500-4,000 passing yards because of the Brandon Marshall trade. That is, IF Cutler can actually stay healthy this season, and IF Marshall can get his head on straight. If so, you have Cutler who already has a great rapport with Earl Bennett, having another receiver (Marshall) that he has a great rapport with. This could be the makings of a great passing attack.

As far as Mario Williams, you gotta wonder, was he really worth $96 million, especially with the fact he's been banged up the last 2 seasons? Will he be able to give the Bills 16 games? In a nutshell, do you make a player who has been banged up the last two seasons the highest paid defender in the league? No.

Chicago has brought Isarel Idonije back for another season, they could bring in another player to man the defensive end position today by the name of Kamerion Wimbley, that is if the Raiders decide to cut him? If not, adding another pass rusher to pair with J-Pep may be need #1, especially with the fact Idonije only got a 1 year deal. The Bears took care of their receiver problem with the Marshall trade, now a DE is need #1, if Chicago can't sign someone via free agency, Chicago will have to draft Illinois Whitney Mercilus, they may even have to trade up to do so, should be interesting GO BEARS!!

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