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Sean Payton disappointed in himself

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PALM BEACH, Fla. -- New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton, who attended Naperville Central and Eastern Illinois, spoke candidly about his role in his team's bounty scandal Tuesday morning at the NFL Owners meeting.

"You're disappointed in yourself that it got to this point then then I think we're trained as coaches to begin preparation right away," Payton said. "I find myself reflecting on it. You go through a lot of emotions."

Payton was suspended a year for his role in the bounty scandal, and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the coach has until April 2 to file an appeal.

Payton hasn't decided whether he will or not.

"I'm trying to get through all of that very quickly and then I think by the end of this month we'll make the decision on that," he said.

As for rumors that he's asked Bill Parcells to coach the Saints, Payton said he speaks to his mentor every offseason.

"We'll be considering all options," Payton said.

As for his future, Payton said he certainly would return to the Saints for the 2013 season.

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Lets not kid ourselves here, the New Orleans Saints probably aren't the only NFL team with the whole "bounty" thing going on behind closed doors, they're just the team that got caught. Somebody had to be made an example of, this could not be allowed to go on, someone was gonna get seriously hurt or have their career cut short if this bounty thing was allowed to keep going on. I guarantee there are other clubs out there doing this. Its gonna be interesting to see what players from New Orleans get fined for this, it will probably be a lot of backup linebackers and defensive backs, the type of headhunters Payton and crew could send in to knock somebody out, and then also afford to lose on any given sunday.

The fact Sean Payton, a very high profile coach got the boot for an entire season, and the loss of 2 second round draft picks, should be enough to scare the other teams out there doing the bounty thing. The loss of a head coach and 2 second round draft picks is a steep price to pay. With the pressure being put on NFL teams to win now, its no surprise you have things like "Spygate" (New England) and the "Bounty Scandal" (New Orleans) going on, at least up in Detroit a guy named Suh will hurt you and try and cover it up in broad daylight as over agression. Oh well GO BEARS!!

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