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Matt Forte feels "disrespected" by Bears signing of Michael Bush

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Pro Bowl running back Matt Forte wasn't too thrilled about the Bears once again signing another player at his position.

On Thursday, the Bears announced the signing of Michael Bush to a four-year deal, one that's worth $14 million, including $7 million guaranteed.

"There's only so many times a man that has done everything he's been asked to do can be disrespected!" Forte wrote on his verified Twitter account. "Guess the good guys do finish last."

It's unclear exactly what sort of contract Forte is seeking. Currently, he has a one-year, $7.7 million franchise tender in front of him. But, based on recent signings, Forte may be seeking a contract that averages at least $8 million a year. Former general manager Jerry Angelo was resistant to handing Forte a market-level contract, and his replacement, Phil Emery, apparently has taken a similar mindset.

Yet, the Bears have invested heavily at the position, paying plenty to secure backups. The previous three (Kevin Jones, Chester Taylor and Marion Barber) collected $13.3 million for four combined seasons.

What did the Bears get?

A combined 38 games -- with just two starts -- and 260 carries for 798 yards and nine touchdowns. That's an average of 3.06 yards per carry.

Former Bears tight end Greg Olsen, who had his issues with Angelo, defended Forte.

"Why keep paying backups big [money] every [year]? Crazy!" Olsen wrote. "Matt deserves better."

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" "There's only so many times a man that has done everything he's been asked to do can be disrespected!" Forte wrote on his verified Twitter account." "

Yes, giving Forte a tender of $7.7 million was VERY disrespectful. I am officially requesting that the Bears withdraw the tender offer immediately and give Matt Forte his release making him a Free Agent.

It's the right thing to do so "good guy" Forte doesn't "finish last"!




"Disrespected" With 7 Million (+) Dollars.. Seriously?

*And If The "Olsen" Mentioned, Is indeed Greg Olsen?.. (Besides Dropping Consecutive Passes, And Another Loss On His Carolina Schedule).. This Team, Is No Longer Any Of His Concern.


Why do people feel the need to capitalize every word in their comments?

I wouldn't mind a trade with the Browns for one of there 1st round picks and a second rounder for Forte.

Wow, way to stick up for your players. How can he not feel offended. Forte has been the Bears' ENTIRE offense and all he wants is job security and the chance to get paid like he should.

He outperformed his rookie contract by miles, and now he hits free agency and he gets tagged. The tag is one thing knowing that he could very well get injured and never make a dime on top of that 7 mil.

BUT, on top of that, the bears then pay 14 mil to another starting caliber RB when they won't lock you up? Bend over Forte, cause you got screwed.

If you work your butt off for years at your company and make half of what you make elsewhere, with the sense that you could be fired at any point, wouldn't you be a little upset?

Sorry Matt, but you're greatly overestimating how good you are. Three mediocre seasons, half of a great one, and then getting injured does not entitle you to a blockbuster deal. You should be pretty happy with that 7 million.

Why didn't he have this problem with Barber? You know Barber is getting cut after this, so Bush will replace him. Big deal, a little competition never hurt anyone, now if they could actually get some competition for the O-Line that would be a first.

I do find it funny that the Bears are on year three of looking for a backup running back. I am with the Bears on this he does not score enough TD's to warrent the blockbuster deal he wants.

Intresting enough I keep reading that Lovie really likes Stephen Hill. I wish he could find some offensive linemen he really likes, but I will take Hill. Offensive makeover.

Because of his contract demands, injury history, mileage, how the NFL views running backs today and how valuable draft picks are this close to the draft I don't think the Bears will get a 1st for Forte, let alone a 1st and 2nd. This signing is protection for in case Forte decides not to sign the franchise tender. Forte did out produce his rookie deal but he isn't getting the money he is demanding now.

What is really bad about this whole thing is Forte is a specialist...He only works well in between the 10s...He is not good at short yardage, and he flat out bombs in goal line situations. That is not an elite back. He is a very good back in the open field, but he runs too upright to get the tough yards. That is why we brought in veteran running backs with proven success (Taylor, Barber) to play in short yardage. Why should we pay Forte big money when he has to come off the field when it matters most? When we need the tough yard. we have to turn to someone other than 22...

He can be indignant all he wants, but Ray Rice is in the exact same situation, and has been quietly going about his business. Traditionally, the Bears do not react well to public complaining, and I feel like this would be no different. I think they will expect him to play under the tender, and if he doesn't, we have an acceptable backup option in Bush now.

Forte has a right to be upset, but he also has to realize that this is a business first and foremost, and with the number of touches he has piled up in 4 years, he is headed down the Eddie George road, where his body will likely not hold up under that workload for too much longer. And when Eddie went downhill, it happened in a hurry. And he was a lot stronger than Forte is, albeit not as fast.

I am fine with the Bears approach to Forte's deal. Either he takes the long term deal they are offering, or he plays under the franchise tag. If they need to, they can listen to offers for him from other teams, but I don't think they will get a first round offer from anyone, except perhaps Cleveland for the 22 pick, but more than likely they will get offers for second rounders plus a late round pick. Remember, Marshall Faulk went for a 2nd and a 5th in his prime to the Rams. Forte is nowhere near that good.

The Bears are going to build around their best weapon on offense, which is Cutler. A running back by committee approach will work with Marshall on the outside, so they aren't under any pressure to pay Forte. Besides, Cutler's deal is coming up in a year, and the offensive line needs a lot of work in addition to the skill positions around him. Bush and Bell would get it done if Forte holds out, and we can always keep Barber around until we know for sure Forte is coming into camp.

Again, a smart move by the Bears, and they aren't the only ones making these moves. Running backs are not getting a lot of action in free agency, so it's not like there is a huge market for them. Bush was the best free agent, and he only got $14M over 4 years to be a backup.

So if the Bears get mad and rescind the franchise tag, would Forte still count as a departed free agent, where we could get a compensatory pick for him if someone signs him in next year's draft? I don't recall this happening before, so I wasn't sure.

Somebody call a veterinarian and inform Get Real that he should be the Bears GM. He seems to have all of the inside information - and know everyghing about every one ... not to mention his impressive contacts in the Wikipedia research dept.

That said, we don't know how much Matt is looking for. I have a problem with Matt's complaining. Especially when he isn't more transparent about his salary requirements.

It's okay for him to keep that quiet - just so long as he keeps quiet about it.

That's something he's not doing. It looks to me like KBell will not be back with the team unless Matt decides to hold out for a 9-10 mil salary that he will never get - with any franchise.

Am I actually agreeing with Get Real? Hmmmnn

I can sympathize with Forte because the Bears would have been pretty pathetic offensively the last few years had he not been playing. They were bad enough with him.Signing Bush can certainly be viewed by Forte as a slap on the wrist, if not a slap in the face, but a good back-up could work positively for both Forte and the Bears. Forte has had problems when short-yardage gains are needed in critical situations, which has been Bush's strong point.I hope the Bears and Forte reach an agreement quickly because a disgruntled player can certainly mess up the clubhouse chemistry.

He needs to get over it and help this team become an elite team in the nfl. I think they wilkl go dar in the playoffs this year and in my blog ive explained why as well as a nice bet u can take to make some coin

Disrespected huh?

How about how he has disrespected the Chicago fans by expecting them to fall on their swords and back his potential holdout over getting everyone in house and signed on time? He then expects the Bears to put all their eggs in one basket (named Forte) and give him 100% of the leverage? Bet we'd see his prima donna side then.

Forte has ruined any good reputation he had in this city, becoming another loudmouth like Briggs. I get that he outplayed his contract--but he refused to sign early, rolled the dice and now he is an injured player coming back from rehabbing an injury. To tie their money up with a potentially crippled player to the tune of Purple Jesus' contract (and you know Forte wants what Peterson got) would be to play Russian roulette with the future of the team.

The defense, especially Urlacher, is not getting younger--that window is closing. Hester is in his prime and Forte, if he is smart, signs a short-term contract and proves he is worth a long term extension--or bolts via free agency if he is not locked up in time. But to whine to the press insults the fans who come out Sunday after Sunday, in crappy weather to cheer for this guy and to pay ticket, parking & concession prices that are outrageous and which pay his salary.

Hey Forte--try working a *real* job sometime, you know--where your boss can fire you for no reason and you are paid enough to make it (barely) to your next paycheck, where you make just enough money that the things you would like to get are "not in the budget" this week or any week soon. THEN you will know what real worry is--and maybe then you will appreciate what you have.

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