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Dollars and Sense: Brandon Marshall vs. Vincent Jackson

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On Tuesday, the Bears picked up the the final three years of the extension Brandon Marshall signed with the Miami Dolphins during the 2010 offseason.

What remains is $27.5 million. That means the average per year is $9.16 million. Meanwhile, Vincent Jackson signed a five-year, $55.5 million contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That means the average is $11.1 million.

But here's a look at the production of the two players. Jackson is a year older, and he's played one more NFL season. But, Marshall has out-produced him in catches and yards.

In 92 career games, Jackson has 272 catches for 4,754 yards with 37 touchdowns. He's been selected to two Pro Bowls.

In 91 career games, Marshall has 494 catches for 6,247 yards with 34 touchdowns. He's been selected to three Pro Bowls.

That means Marshall has 222 more catches and 1,493 more yards than Jackson. That's quite a bit.

So is Jackson worth nearly $2 million more per season than Marshall? And, what is the value of two third-round picks?

Please weigh in.

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Marshall is a better fit than Jackson because of the experience with Cutler in Denver. The fact that he makes $2 million less is a bonus.
Two third round picks can be valuable down the road, especially with a draft 'guru', in Emery. However, have to address the biggest need for the Bears this offseason.
Great first big splash by the new GM.

Great pickup. A friend of mine was advocating for two years that the Bears get Marshall, but once he went to Miami, I told him it was not happening. But he didn't give up and neither did the Bears, apparently.

Now they just have to get some offensive linemen, starting with a left tackle. And I wouldn't mind Carl Nicks either.

Marshall is the more versatile receiver, and does a lot of his work in between the hashes, where Jackson plays on the boundaries a little more. Not to say he can't play inside, but he hasn't spent as much time over the middle thus far in his career.

If Marshall had been a free agent, he would be the most sought after player at his position, including Jackson, Bowe, and Wallace. He would be getting the $11-12 mil per year deal.

Great move for the Bears, and one I did not expect at all. I thought we would be bargain shopping, not finding a Pro Bowl receiver for $2 mil per year under the market rate.

So will they have to extend him after this season? I think playing with Cutler will be enough to satisfy him this season, but after that, I think he will want a new deal, especially when Garcon almost got as much as Marshall's deal is worth.

I still think we have a lot of work to do, but getting our #1 WR without breaking our cap is a huge credit to Emery. 2 third rounders is not that big of a deal, especially since we had 2 this year. We can still get a DE, WR, and OL in the first two days of the draft, or mix in a CB instead of one of the above. Not a bad start to the offseason at all.

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