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CEO Ted Phillips said Bears have made "strong offer" to Matt Forte

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Bears president and CEO Ted Phillips told the Sun-Times Monday evening that the club has made Pro Bowl running back Matt Forte a "strong offer" and the they're hopeful he'll accept it.

"I think not only do we appreciate him and have told him so, but I think the offer we've made him shows that, too. Now, different people can disagree on the ultimate value," Phillips said. "But we feel we've made a strong offer to him, and are still hopeful he accepts it."

Forte expressed his frustration after the club signed Michael Bush to a four-year contract late last week. But, Phillips said the team needs a "complementary" back and reiterated that the Bears have no intention of trading or parting ways with Forte.

"Matt Forte is our No. 1 running back. He's been told that, and he knows that. We all know that. He's going to be a Bear for 2012, at least," Phillips said. "He knows he has a long-term offer on the table, and we hope, at some point and time, he chooses to accept that."

Asked about some trade rumors, Phillips said, "I'm not going to comment on rumors.

"But, they're all just rumors. Matt, who's been a big part of our team, we want him to be a big part of our team this year."

Phillips said Forte has been excellent for the club, both on and off the field.

"If he continues to play the way he has," Phillips said. "I hope he continues to play here a long time."

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Take the offer matt...stop all this crap!!!!

I wonder what "strong offer" means. If Forte accepts the offer , I hope he does not pull an Urlacher, and come back in a year or so asking for more.I wish contracts were much jarder to break. The way things have gone in the NFL, they seem to mean very little to either the players or the owners/managers.

Matt's real future is in New England where he will be truly wanted and not be JAG on a roster!

Gary - remember that one man's "crap" may be another man's treasure. Obviously, Matt should be in New England where he is truly wanted and can at least compete in a super bowl from time to time.


Isn't there enough going on in Boston already? Why are you on this blog?

Why don't you go back to your Tom Brady man crush and complaining about Bobby Valentine.

Yes the overwhelming cry for Matt Forte from New England fans is like a force of nature unto itself. Or unto you cause not a lot going on about it.

Plus we all know how much Bill B loves Running Backs. Look at all the guys he has gone after or all the high picks he has spent in the drafts on them. I am sure Bill is just lining up to give a first round pick for Forte and pay him a ton of money. That sounds so much like New England.

But tell you what, seeing how poorly your offensive line performed against the Giants, we will trade you some of our brilliant linmen for your draft picks. Now you can't have Omiyale cause he was already snatched up, are guys are pratically flying off the shelf. So tell you what we will send you the best LT ever J Webb Wonder Wall, Laser Lance Louis a guard so talented he can excell at any position the line, why Mike Tice has compared him to Larry Allen. Tice like to under play the boys a bit he is totally better just ask some of our fans and reporters. Then their is Garza, that's right Rockin Roberto Garza the vet who brings his Mojo to the center position. The United states based the M1 Abrams tank off of Garza and he has his own line of power doughnuts. So how about you send Mankins and this years first second and third round picks? You know what we will also trade you Knox for Welkeh! That way Chicago fans can learn to start dropping their r's and acting retarded. You remember Welkah right? That reciever all your fans wanted to kill after the Super Bowl.

Cause you guys always appreciate your players. Anyway you pass this onto Bill sense all New England fans think they are tight with Bill B, except when they are complaining about him. But pass it on and are boys will be sure to show Brady what real protection looks like. After all we don't want that pretty face getting messed up, you all might lose your man crush on him and we wouldn;t want all the men in New England crying themselves to sleep on all their big soft pillows which all seem to have the nickname Brady. Is it true he has his own blow up doll? It is isn't it? You guys drink to much on the east coast. Quick whats' New England speak for your done? Welkeh! Ahhhh to soon? He almost had it.

Does anyone know what the offer was? I think Matt will finish this year and then head a couple hours north of Chicago to fill the biggest hole that the Pack have.

In your dreams Matt is going to be a Bear for life

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