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Bears to host Chicago native Kelvin Hayden on visit

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The Bears will host free-agent cornerback Kelvin Hayden, his agent Fletcher Smith confirmed early Wednesday morning.

ESPN first reported the visit.

Hayden, who attended Hubbard High School in Chicago, played at Joliet Junior College before transferring to the University of Illinois. A second-round pick of the Indianapolis Colts in 2005, Hayden had his best season in 2007, when he started all 16 games and intercepted three passes and forced two fumbles.

But his most memorable play came against the Bears, when he returned an interception 56 yards for a touchdown in the Super Bowl.

Hayden, who turns 29 in July, hasn't played an entire season since 2007. Last season, he played eight games for the Atlanta Falcons, picking off two passes.

Hayden is 6 foot, and nearly 200 pounds. He was a former teammate in Indianapolis with Tim Jennings, who just signed a two-year contract with the Bears just before free agency started Tuesday afternoon.

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If Chicago signs cornerback Kelvin Hayden, it will be for depth only, and Hayden should be an upgrade over Zack Bowman, the player he will be replacing on the depth chart. The main reason I think he'll be depth only is because of his durability problems, if healthy, there is a chance he could push Tim Jennings, but I doubt it, Jennings is a good fit in Chicago's defensive scheme. You also gotta throw in nickleback DJ Moore's name into the hat, he could push for more playing time this upcoming season at cornerback. Myself, I'd still like to see the Bears draft another corner, maybe in the 2nd or 3rd round? I still like Iowa States Leonard Johnson.

How about the Brandon Marshall trade, I never seen that move coming. This move could prove to be a major steal, two 3rd rounders for a Pro-Bowl receiver! Marshall comes with some baggage, but, if Chicago can get his head on straight, this guys gonna be a beast for the Bears on offense, throw in Cutler and Forte, and Da Bears might have one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL!

The Brandon Marshall trade tells us one thing, Chicago probably isn't gonna go receiver in the first round of the upcoming draft. I'd like to see the Bears draft either Stanford guard David DeCastro, if he slips to them at #19, or Illinois defensive end Whitney Mercilus to pair with Peppers, should be interesting GO BEARS!!

If he's healthy, he should be a bargain because of his recent time off. We could get a solid player that knows the scheme, and in my opinion is a better option than Jennings, mostly because he is tall enough to ride the big kid rides. Jennings is a physical corner who never gets his hands on receivers at the line. Part of that is scheme, but when his best attribute is being physical, why is he a good fit for a press-bail system like the Bears play? Tillman is the same way when you really look at it. He is very physical and disruptive, but the Bears don't play a jam scheme at the line. Hayden is a press-bail corner that does well in zone, so he is a better fit for what we actually do. Jennings is not capable of catching up when the receiver beats him, and he is too short to be good in a trail position. Not a good re-signing by the Bears in my opinion. I would rather have brought back Corey Graham to compete for a starting job

Aaron Ross and Tracy Porter are both good fits as well for what we do. We need help for Tillman, and also his potential replacement in a couple of years. Drafting a player that can develop for a year and get a little playing time would be ideal, but Hayden is not a bad transition strategy.

The reason they like physical corners is because the Bears corners play a shorter zone so they can be there to play the run. T2 corners have to ba able to play the run and Jennings and Tillman do that well enough. Bears did a lot more deep coverage last year than normal playing a lot of single high, mostly to cover up the gaping hole that is the Safety position.

He's a cheap Gamble, he can push Jennings if he stays healthy, at worst he play on special teams.

They may bring back Graham who could challenge for the nickle position. They don't have many DB's on the roster, so it's going to be more than one guy who gets signed at the position. Not a big deal right now. You need a lot of corners to deal with GB.

Looks like Williams is a Bill, his Fiance just showed up at 1 Bill drive. He is still in Buffalo.

Something is telling me the Bears have less money to spend than people thought. Mostly do to all their holes. Hmmm who said that would be a problem in Free Agency.

Also could Kelvin Hayden get a look at safety? Lovie likes to bounce his DB's around.

Just read Campbell got 3.5 mil. McCown is back, Weems got signed, and I think we will see some more Bargin hunting, maybe another mid level contract. They are looking at Herrera which I think is a joke. Looks like Tice does not care if you got talent as long as he likes you. Intresting enough he plays RG. What does that tell you about that position? If they sign him I am going to end up getting a little sick about it.

Great information! I love your blog! You always post interesting things!

I think the Bears should pass on this one.Cap money could be better spent elsewhere.The draft should also offer some good possibilities. i also think taller defensive backs have shown the advantage of those extra inches this last season.

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