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GM Phil Emery: Negotiations with Matt Forte ''ongoing''

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Bears general manager Phil Emery said his is currently in negotiations with the agent for Matt Forte on a long-term contract and is hopeful the two sides can reach an agreement before the 2012 season.

''We feel good that we've talked and we'll continue to talk,'' Emery said Friday. ''Obviously we want Matt to be a Bear for a long term. We're excited about him in 2011 and beyond.''

Emery would not address the possibility that Forte might hold out because he is unhappy with the franchise tag, which will guarantee hi $7.7 million for the 2011 season.

''Looking forward to Matt being here in 2011 and beyond and we're working towards that resolution,'' Emery said.

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I don't mean to sound rude but I think the writer of this article should do a spell check and date check before putting something online like this. I found multiple typos on here kinda unprofessional. Just saying....

To whom it may concern....I am writing to warn true Bear fans that there is an imposter posing as me on the other newspapers site. I was Tripper34 for the longest time but had a run in with a couple of clowns posing as Bear fans called wesuckchitown and vprichodko and they got me banned from that site. Now some imposter is using my name. I have spoken to this said site but nothing has been done. All I can say is, beware and GO BEARS!!

I can see Matt Forte sitting out the mini camps & pre-season, but if a deal isn't made by week one of the regular season, Forte will still be out there lining up behind Cutler, thats just the kind of player he is. I think a deal is there on the table for both sides, its just a matter of what side will give in first, I also think Chicago brought in former Raider Michael Bush as a way to get Forte to bite last week. Eventually, one side is gonna have to give. The good is a few of the other backs around the league have signed, so at least both sides have something to go off of. Matt Forte got the tag so he couldn't sign elsewhere, its pretty obvious Chicago still wants him. Hopefully a deal is done by training camp. Chicago needs to pay him, not every fan agrees, but, the same fans who cry about Forte not getting a lot of touchdowns, are the same fans who cry about Chicago's offensive line. Just an opinion now GO BEARS!!

Well goodness imagine that. So how is that karma thing working out for you. So those two guys got you banned, did they? Hmmm that's very intresting.

You know what's even more intresting? Watching you two nit wits Tripper34 and DayTripper argue over witch one of you is Creighton. "Creighton you stop pretending to be me." "No your Creighton and you stop pretending to be me."

Nice little show you two are putting on over there. Maybe if your really good, I'll actually grace that blog with a post from the real me. Funny thing so many people over claiming to be me or not be me. Or people asking for the real Creighton to post.

Did not know I was so popular at a blog I don't post on. Lucky for me a very good friend of mine does. I do love my updates, my personal favorite. "Ok Creighton hahaha, you got me, very funny, now please let me have my name back."

Now go back to the trib where you belong with the other special ed bloggers, after all you do say over there how much you hate this site. Hmmmm could it be this site or is there a blogger here that upsets you?

The Bears totally suck

It's been a few days since the beginning of FA and it's quiet.

It's kind of hard to praise Lovie's handpicked GM Emery for getting Brandon Marshall since that was a no-brainer move and I called for it myself in the past few weeks.

But I thought if Manning was going to Miami, they would never let Marshall go.

This is what I meant when I said Emery would need to be super lucky in order to remain GM. This is the kind of craziness that got us Cutler. Two premium blue chip players kicked out of bed for eating crackers!

I didn't watch all the media involving the latest moves but I saw Charles Tillman congratulated LOVIE SMITH for making the trade to get Marshall, not Emery! LOL

Then Emery says Lovie is the exact right coach needed to manage Marshall.
And you think Lovie's job is in trouble???

But what about Darryl Drake, the WR's coach? Isn't he the one who'll be dealing with Marshall more? I get the impression Drake is a hot-head who can't develop WR's. Is that the guy you want dealing with Marshall's fragile ego? I hope Drake leaves Marshall alone or else there could be trouble down the road.

With the trade for Marshall, it seems Bates/Tice and Cutler are getting Lovie to do some of what they want. This is also part of Lovie's style. Lovie gave Mike Martz pretty much everything Martz asked for. I hope Lovie does the same now with Bates /Tice/Cutler as he did for Martz.

It was great the Bears got Marshall but in typical Bears fashion they then just stopped. Besides a few minor players on Special Teams and a backup QB, they just stopped. They still needed other upgrades at WR and on the O-line, but did nothing.

And this Forte madness continues.

The Bears could have used the $7 million raise in pay they want to give Forte and used that to get Mario Williams instead. But it seems that being crippled by Forte's tag made Lovie gag at the cost to get Williams.


I shake my head when I read other teams message boards and when they lose their starting RB's and they say "Don't worry, RB's are easy to replace!". They understand! They get it!

Forte cost us Mario Williams. If you could only have one, who would you rather have on your team, Mario Williams or Forte?

Right. My point exactly.

Getting Jason Campbell was a semi-major move. With his stats he should be a starter somewhere. But it's only a one year deal and I expect him to be gone next season. I wonder if the Bears are thinking they might lose Jay Cutler in Free Agency and Campbell is Plan B, just in case.

And then I read about Rex Grossman (probably re-signing for the minimum as I think he did last year) being signed to pretty much be a backup to RG3. And the fans there say "It's okay, he's just going to be a backup. And he knows the system."

Uh, that's what I said!

But I meant he should be a backup in Chicago. Grossman would cost $800,000 -$1 mil, not the $3.5 mil Campbell's getting and he'd already have at least 3 years experience in the Offensive scheme.

Campbell will be gone next year and doesn't know the Offense.

So, it looks like it's just Brandon Marshall for one big move.

I guess we were one player away from the Superbowl and I didn't know it.


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