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Bears bring back McCown -- for shot at No. 3 QB spot

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Here's another sign the Bears' fortunes have improved since last season: Josh McCown, who started at quarterback in the Bears' regular-season finale against the Vikings in the Metrodome -- and led them to a victory -- will battle for the No. 3 spot on the roster in 2012.

The Bears signed McCown to a one-year contract Wednesday, a day after signing veteran Jason Campbell to a three-year contract as a backup for Jay Cutler. With Caleb Hanie out of the picture, Nathan Enderle, the Bears' fifth-round draft pick last season, is the fourth quarterback on the roster and likely will have to beat out McCown for the No. 3 job.

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This is the one move I'm not a big fan of. Not that I think McCown doesn't deserve to be a backup, but with Jason Campbell signed this most likely means the end of Nathan Enderle and a wasted draft pick. Unless Enderle is really that terrible, we might as well keep him and see if he can develop into something. Of course, that would mean Lovie developing a player which hasn't happened once, but I can always dream.

I think he deserved another shot. As a third quarterback competing with Campbell, they should both bet better, and we are only talking about a one- year deal here.

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