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Are the Bears on Kamerion Wimbley Watch?

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The Bears will probably be paying close attention today, to see if the Oakland Raiders release outside linebacker Kamerion Wimbley.

According to The Sideline View, Wimbley is due a significant roster bonus today at 4 p.m. EST, so the Raiders may release him to avoid paying it.

Wimbley, who signed a five-year, $48 million contract in August 2011, was also scheduled to make a base salary of $11 million in 2012.

If he's released, the Bears could be one of the teams interested.

Strike that: the Bears SHOULD be one of the teams interested.

Anyone with a vested interest in the Bears surely recalls the 2010 preseason game, when Wimbley sacked Jay Cutler four times in the first half.

Wimbley is mostly viewed as an outside linebacker in the 3-4 scheme. But, he's an intriguing athlete, at 6 foot 4, 255 pounds. He could play strongside linebacker, where the Bears have a vacancy, and he could also play right defensive end, opposite Julius Peppers.

In other words, Wimbley could be a jack of all trades type of player for the Bears.

Not including Israel Idonije's one-year contract, the Bears have $12.9 million in salary cap space.

The question, of course, will be how much the Bears would be willing to pay.

Wimbley is 28 years old, and he has 22 1/2 sacks in the last three seasons. But his last double-digit sack season (11) was in 2006, when he was a rookie for the Cleveland Browns.

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a max of $7M a year is what the Bears would pay him... That's the most they factored for Mincey. at least under the current year, maybe a backloaded deal could average out to more but honestly Wimbley's market will probably take them out of consideration. Hope I'm wrong, the Bears are one piece away with the Defense, then could go OT, WR, CB in the draft. Otherwise a young end has got to be our first pick


"Not including Israel Idonije's one-year contract, the Bears have $12.9 million in salary cap space."

See that seems like a normal cap number. That said he is going to the Pats, or the Eagles may try to find a way to get him. Oh and who knows what the Skins will do, Cowboys as well.

Raiders have to pay him 6.5 million this year, and he will get another 7 or more a year from some other team. Anyway throw in Izzy's contract and draft picks and they can't afford him without making cuts. So who are you cutting? It would make more sense if the Bears ran a 3-4 or a defense that featured a pass rushing Sam.

I know one thing about this guy, he is one of the very very very very very rare players that can get past the Bears superb offensive line. I am so happy with the offensive line, don't change a thing Emery. This year they gel for sure, I can feel it in my bones.

Nicely played Creighton. Much in the way our defense makes merely pedestrian QBs look like Pro Bowlers, our offensive line makes marginal to average DEs or LBs look like QB crushers...The fascination with Wimbley goes back to the preseason game a couple of years ago where he got that really athletic interception on us right before halftime, and ran it back like 85 yards...I am pretty sure it was a preseason game, because I think it was Hanie who threw the INT...He wouldn't hurt to have on the roster, but he will cost a lot when you consider the 6.5 the Raiders have to pay and the 7-8 mil some other team will have to give him.

All in all, despite not getting any OL or decent CBs, Emery has done a good job with his first week of free agency. The Marshall trade was excellent, and all of the signings make sense (except Tim Jennings, but hey, I just don't like the guy as a player). We missed on Mincey, who was really just a younger version of Idonije as far as an average talent at DE who could do ok with a star on the other side, and then moved to sign Izzy as an insurance policy in case we don't get someone in the draft. The price for the free agent safeties was getting a little crazy, so they brought back Steltz to back up both spots or push Wright.

The only one I wish they would have done was bring back Corey Graham instead of Jennings. I don't think Jennings can get it done, and at least Graham can play the nickel spot, and should at least be able to compete for the spot opposite Tillman. In my opinion, you can't put an undersized CB into a press bail system. He can't do anything in a trail position except try and make the tackle once the guy catches the ball. How many times did he get smoked off the line, and have to try and knock the guy out of bounds 20 yards downfield? If they let the CBs jam, I think he would be more effective, but once he gets into the trail, he's done as far as plays on the ball, and it puts even more pressure on Wright and Conte behind him to get over faster.

Does he have another move or two in him for free agency? Probably not anything earth-shattering, but that's what I thought before the Marshall deal. I would still make the call to the Giants to see whether a Briggs for Osi deal could work, but likely they wouldn't go for that. Pass rusher vs. coverage LB...not even close as far as value.

I would grade Emery as a solid B so far, as he hasn't overpaid for anyone for the most part, and has significantly upgraded our wide receiver corps, special teams, and retained some of our key free agents. He did not get us any OL, but Nicks, Grubbs, and now Mathis are going to be pretty pricey, and none of the tackles outside of Winston are anything to write home about, and Winston is a RT.

Hey you know don't get me wrong, he is a very good LB, no question. But he really belongs in a 3-4. He is closer to 240 than he is 255, so he is not an 4-3 end. The guy has been great as a Sam, he is no Von Miller but who is? A team like the Pats who could use him at both the Sam and ROLB is probably the best fit for him. How often do you see the sam in Bears defense rush the passer, heck he is usually not even on the field on 3rd downs..

As for the O-Line, I honestly didn't think they would do anything there in Free Agency not a lot on the market, a couple of big name interior guys and that was it. I would not pay 9 mil for any guard, that's crazy to me. What worries my was missing out on getting some d-line upgrades. I can't argue they don't need them, which means they will need to address it in the draft. And like you pointed out DB's again another year of DB drafting. The more things change the more they stay the same. Which means O-Line may get put on hold again. Which just makes me feel like Angelo is still here.

Just getting rid of Omiyale ws enough to make me happy, how he was on an nfl roster this long is beyond me. I thought the Marshall trade was good but I could do without drama. I think Marshall could do without the Drama to. Did anyone else sign Gahram? If not I am sure they will bring him back.

You know what saved Jennings last year? QB's over throwing the ball, I saw him get smoked on many a play and I mean really smoked. One of the reasons Jennings and Tillman don't give upa lot of TD's is because teams are attacking softer spots on the field. Like Safety. Jennigns does some things well but he does get beat a lot.

I don't see that he did much for Special teams, if you don't Gahram back and Knox does not play again, you didn;t upgrade anything there. Toub will do what he does, I never worry about special teams with him around. I would give him a wait and see C so far. If the Marshall thing blows over and everything is cool, then a B or B+. But signing and trading for Known talent is one thing the draft is another. So we will see. Heck Angelo got the team Cutler for less than the Redskins just paid for a draft pick. It's going to come down to the draft. I get the feeling it's going to be End, Corner, Gurad in that order.

You know Tice loves his guys and they really impress him at practice. Here is the problem with that. Lovie runs a soft practice. The pro is it helps keep guys from breaking down to soon in the season. The Con is, it's a lot harder to identify talent when everyone is going at half speed and nobody is hitting. That's why they struggle to put guys in the right positions or to identify talent. I am sure guys like Webb and Omiyale look good when Peppers is going at half speed and is not allowed to blow them up. Or Bowman looks good when he doesn't have to tackle or jam or make contact. Remember when Lovie made him the number one over Tillman? I always here it from Tice and Lovie among others, "he looks great in practice." It's easy to have better foot work when your not panicked, going at half speed, light contact and the 290-300 pound end is not trying kill you or hurt your QB. It's another thing to do it in a game. I am sure Jay will do what he does to make them look better and the Bears will run a limited offense with lots of short drops, but that won't make the line better. Marshall is going to break a 100 receptions easy this year, a lot of that will be dump off passes.

You know it's hard to identify what a guy is good at in practice, when you can;t actually see what he can do at practice.

The line might not be as bad as we all think. Consider these things:

1. Mad Mike is no longer the coordinator, so Cutler won't have to be protected for five minutes every time he tries to pass.

2. Gabe Carimi looked pretty good until he got hurt.

3. Garza played much better at center than we expected.

4. Chris Williams started playing pretty well at left guard til he got hurt. A first round pick is too high for a guard, but at least it seems we might have left guard covered with Williams.

5. Lance Louis and Chris Spencer also played decent at the guard positions. Louis is not a tackle and looked lost at times there, but it's not his fault that he was forced to play out-of-position.

So, J'Marcus Webb at left tackle is the only glaring problem. (Please, people in Chicago, tell me the rumor I heard that they're considering moving Chris Williams to left tackle is false. Please!?) Granted, left tackle is the most important position on the line when you're passing, but if they could get just an average or slightly above average player there, combined with the above they should be in at least decent shape. I don't think the line will be anywhere near as bad as it's been the last two seasons.

Living in Oakland and being a Raider fan, I got to see a lot of Wimbley. He has monster games where he's unstoppable rushing the passer, but no better than average v. the run. And sometimes he disappears, though this seems to be a Raider problem.

So, he'd be a good sign if they don't overpay for him. If other teams go gaga, forget it. But if they could get him cheap enough not to mess with their salary cap, I say go for it.

1. True

2. Not worried about his talent, I am worried about it being a reoccurring injury which they tend to be.

3. Garza was the second lowest rated starting center in football according to PFF, and I did not think he played well myself.

4. A first round pick is not to much for a guard if he is an elite guard. I would not personally say he played well. Had yet another injury.

5. Louis had his typical mystery injury before losing his starting job to Spencer. Then took over at RT after Omiyale stank, and then Louis stank. Spencer started off well but his play went down him after the first three games he played, which has been the knock on him.

6. Webb is one of the two worst tackles in football. However he did not give up 50 sacks by himself. You don't get rated the worst O-Line in football just because of one guy that's a team effort. It could have been a lot worse Jay was doing an amazing job of escaping pressure.

Totally agree with No. 6. I'm not saying they're a good line or even above average, but if they can get an average left tackle and stay healthy, the addition of Brandon Marshall and the change from Martz to Tice should be enough to vastly improve the offense. Cutler showed that even with the lousy receivers he had last season, a psycho for coordinator calling plays that he couldn't audible out of, and not much help from the line, he could still work wonders. Imagine what he could do with Marshall and a decent left tackle.

I forgot a couple of things in my last post:

3. Don't agree. Garza was a Pro Bowl alternate, which means his fellow players though he played well. I give that more weight than some rating service. And from what I saw when I watched him, he played OK, but there are things a center does that fans don't know about and can't tell by watching. I'll defer to the players on this one.

4. Williams did not give up any sacks the last few games before he got hurt and run-blocked pretty well.

And speaking of run-blocking, it should be noted that the line actually run-blocked well, it's just that their pass-blocking totally sucked. But a good part of that was a combination of Martz and receivers who couldn't get open. I still think that with a sane coordinator and a go-to receiver, if they get a decent left tackle the line will be a lot better.

That's an intresting theory you have there, and I an sure when Sean read it winced in a little bit of pain for you, cause he knew what was coming. He knew what most of us know and he knew what waas going to happen.

You see I have tried my hardest to educate fans who come to this site on football but sometimes they don;t listen. So now I have to point out the flaws in your argument and I am generally not very nice about doing that.

First Garza was a pro bowl alternate. Very true, how far down the list was he? Not that it matters, cause the real flaw is that you not only think the Pro bowl means something, but you also believe the Players vote for the pro bowlers. Which would be totally wrong. The fans vote for the pro bowlers., the players vote for the All Pros, which Garza did not get a single vote. So much for your argument on player opinions of his play. You not knowing this speaks volumes about what you know about football. This is basic knowledge and you should know this.

Lets move on to run blocking. The run blocking was good you say? Says who? The Bears? Well the Bears also thought Webb did a good job and have made such claims as Omiyale is doing a great job. I will go ahead and take my own word for it. Now you think the line did a good job because Matt Forte had a big year. Most people will tell you that's not the case. In fact most people will tell what I alrteady know, they were worse at run blocking than they were pass blocking. You see when Matt Forte went down do you know what catagory he was leading the league in? Missed tackles. A great number of which occured behind the line of scrimage. To further this anyone that watched the games saw Forte bounce everything outside. Why did he do this? Well he did this because the holes that were suppose to be there, were not actually there so he was forced to bounce the play outside, understand? The Bears also ran a large amount of screens. Why did htey do this? Because they could not run block, that's what bad running teams do, they run a lot of screens.

Lets move onto your claim of Williams not giving upa sack in some games. So what, Webb didn't give up a sack every game. That means nothing. First off you should know that even really bad guards don't give up a lot of sacks. But lets get to Williams actual play. Williams did an average job of run blocking this is true, but that is not his main job, he is a guard his main job is run blocking and anyone who watched a game can tell you he can't anchor. I would say he is about as bad as Herrera at run blocking and he was just cut from the god awful Vikings line.

Lets go back to Garza. Garza is a below average pass blocker as a center, but where struggled much like Williams is in run blocking, again Forte bouncing everything outside because certain people were not capable of making holes for him. Now you said most people don't watch what a center does or know what what a center does. To bad for you I actually do, and I also understand the Martz offense. You see Garza calls out the protection for the play which he gets from Jay in the huddle when Jay is given the play, which is often late by the way. Now here is the problem with that. Now here is a little problem with that, the Bears don't alter their protection it's a set play. He does not have to do anything. And like most of the line these sst protections still managed to confuse him and the other players. See they never new what to do when Jay made a hot read. Which is one of the reasons they gave up so many sacks, hits and hurries. Which leads me to Chris Williams again, you seem to think that not giving up a sack means you blocked well. That's not actually the case, it's not about giving up the sacks, it's about not getting beat by the man in front of you. All to often they were regularly beaten, Jay did a lot of work to keep plays alive and he bailed out the line time and time again. Which is one reason I have a lot of respect for guy. Yo uwill notice when Jay went down the line suddenly seemed a lot worse. They didn't actually get worse, set plays after all. No it's just Jay had gotten really good at dealing with the pressure and when he was gone the line was fully exposed.

Let me further this point, for a short time everyone was talking about how good the line looked here on this blog. Except for me, and you can go back and check this, I said it was Jay and Forte making the line look good. But nobody listened. What happened to the line when they went down?

Now if you watched the line you know the two things they did well were run screens and pull. That's what this line did well.

Is that enough information on the line for you or would you like me to actually get really detailed?

zzzOne thing I would like to add is you don't have to take my word for it. But you may want to listen to Tice. They want to do away with the 5-7 step drops, move Cutler away from the pocket and simplify things for the line. Also the Bears already brought in Herrera for a look, one of the worst guards in football. These things tell you a lot. Got to move the QB cause you can't give him a pocket, got to get rid of the deep drops cause they can't protect deep drops, which many teams actually can believe it or not. And he wants to simplify things cause they can't handle complex protection like a good line can. And basically they are going to move Cutler around because the line can't protect him. Would you like to talk about the 7-8 man protections they used to try and protect a very mobile QB who is great at buying time with his feet? You need 7-8 guys to protect a QB who is great at buying time, and he is still getting killed. Oh no Wrigley, that line is horrid.

You don't have to listen to me, PFF, NY Protection Index,, or all the others that called out the offensive line including former players like Troy Aikmen. You may however want to listen to a few of Cutlers recent interviews in which he suggested he would like offensive line help and you may want to listen to Tice. Cause a QB and an offensive line coach don't usually call out their lines.

I have to go now, I am tired, cranky and have yet to sleep after working all night. I hate working midnights. On a bright note, I did get to watch "The girl with the dragon tattoo" at 8 am. That's an excellent movie and I recomend it. Although it is very dark. It has some rough scenes in it, but that chick is a legit bad ### in the movie. Kind of hot in a strange way too. Believe if you see her your going to be like Creighton is crazy, which mostly true but by the end of the film your gonna be like everyone else going, yeah she is kinda hot.

Well, we agree on the movie. My wife and I saw it a month or so ago at the theater and both liked it. I like really dark stuff, so no prob there. Saw the actress on TV. Where did all her piercings go? Or were they just fake ones for the movie?

You're wrong about Pro Bowl v. All Pro. The players, coaches, and fans all vote for the Pro Bowl, and each group's vote is weighted 1/3. So it's mostly players and coaches, only 1/3 fans. Reporters (AP) vote for All Pro players. That said, I go more by what I see. I didn't think Garza was great, but he blocked better than I expected at center. I know that Martz didn't allow audibles, a major defect in his system as far as I'm concerned.

I think everyone but you thinks that Chris Williams played pretty well at left guard til her got hurt. Again, nothing great, but good enough.

I'm not saying that the line was great or even good, and I totally agree that Cutler made it look better than it was, which I said all season. (Actually, during the season I would probably have made you sound like an optimist re the line.) But if they replace Webb with someone decent, I think they'll be good enough. Remember, Pittsburgh won a Super Bowl with a lousy offensive line. And I'm not saying that I wouldn't like to replace everyone except Carimi and MAYBE Louis at guard. But that's not possible, so you improve your weakest link, which is Webb. If they do that, I think their line will be good enough if they stay healthy.

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